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GadSpotrip off

Avoid dealing with GadSpot. They have extremely poor customer service and will not work to resolve problems. They forgot to put a hard drive in a DVR I purchased and because I didnt notice the missing drive within 24 hours, they refused to provide one. Great prices for chinese crap.

GadSpotSo bad, as a chinese fraud chinese

The buyer : GadSpot
Contact : David chen
Who is TW, and migrted to U.S.A many year.

The company order $70,000 .00 from us on Oct of 2007. Our payment terms is 10% deposit, and 70% to wire us when the cargo is arrived to LA. But when i asked him to pay us, David chen told me " the cargo is in my warehouse already". Today, we still don't receive the payment yet. He told me" he will leave tw and go to U.S.A soon , you ask my company in USA to pay you." We know he is boss of GadSpot.

We haven't any way to got the payment. The forward can't do nothing. We try many times to negotiated with David . But he delay time time, he once promise to pay us, and to return us the cargo agina, but at last, he told me directly he will go to u.s.a.

So bad, as a chinese, to fraud chinese. Possibly he will continue to cheat others .

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    Scott Jul 30, 2008
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    Did you receive the payment eventually?

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  • La
    Larry Consumer Jul 31, 2008

    I actually asked GadSpot about it, and one of the representatives leaked some info to me. It seems like JingGong has caused a pretty big issue manufacturing the cameras and the power adapters. The power adapters were melting and smoking after a few hours of usage. So of course, they are not too happy about it. Not sure what happened between the 2 companies, but I guess nothing was resolved or JingGong wouldn't post this complaint.

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  • Sh
    Shindongpa aka Tan Feb 17, 2009

    Is Mr. JingGong a chinese or Korean national??? Well, anyway got also a sad experience dealing with Ch and Ko... This people are know to be frodulent in business such as Copywrite violators, producing fake items, piracy etc. you name it. So, people out there be careful dealing with Ch and Ko crooks...

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  • Hu
    HuFlung Dunng May 29, 2009

    I no get my jingGong dingdong rubber thingy. I send moneys and no dingdong. Why no you send me dingdong?
    I pay and pay more but no jingGong dingydong.
    I wok berry hawd make air soft gun all day all I need at end of day is my jingGong dingdong.
    Me so rone ree wit out my dingdong.

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