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back on November 11 2008 I ordered item t0267 "automotive wireless back up video", as a gift, the unit do not work, I called Gadget Universe and was told to send it back for a refund. at the time I placed my order (online) I was told that it would be free three day shipping, I received the unit THREE WEEKS LATER and was charged $14.95 for the free shipping. one month after I returned the item I called Gadget Universe and ask about my refund I was told that they we're sorry for the delay, but that I would be receiving a check in three to five days,
after another month I called them back to ask about my refund at this time I was told that they never received the returned item ? that's after I was told a month earlier that they had it in there possession. they have lost the item and now are refusing to refund my money. I am looking for the tracking number, I hope I can find it after three months. ( it's not their fault if I can't find it)
if you choose to do business with Gadget Universe get it in writing if they offer you anything free, if you talk to anyone get their name and keep a record, are you too my be their next victim of fraud.
I personally will never do any business with Gadget Universe again.
this is not the first time that I have had a problem with this company, the first time I had to return an item I had a very similar experience with the slow slow slow refund, but I did get my refund after two months. fool me ones shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. this has been a $122.65 lesson, shame on me for believing that Gadget Universe would be a reputable company. I just hope that someone can learn from my mistake.

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    KendrickMeek305 May 24, 2010
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    This company sux big time. (dba Gadget Universe and also Gravity Defyer)

    If you call the 800 number, you get sent to a on-the-cheap Indian call center where most of the workers have accents so thick you can't understand them. They only take orders and read from very very short scripts.

    If you ask anything else they tell you to call customer service #. They don't GIVE you the customer service #. They don't TRANSFER you to customer service. No, no. That's not in the script. They just politely tell you to eff off and call elsewhere.

    If you work the phone menu system, you'll find a choice for customer service. If you choose it, you get thrown into 1960's elevator music and no one ever ever answers. Choose ANY phone menu system choice (other than "I wanna buy something") and you get the exact same thing.

    If this is how they run their customer service, you can be durn sure their products are crapola too.

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Resolved Gadget UniverseTerrible place

I tried to purchase Gravity-defyer shoes online from Gadget Universe. I purchased the shoes Jan 30, 2009. My order number is W00000080000, I also paid to have them UPS on a three day shipping. After the first week I called the customer service to be told they were changing to a new computer system and the shoes should be shipping that day.

The next week no shoes and customer service says they just had inventory so the shoes are shipping today. This went on for two more weeks. The shoes I purchased were on closeout special and the total cost of my order was $86.90. When the shoes finally arrived a month late I had been charged the full price of $146.00, they were also the wrong size. I ordered 11.5 the invoice said 11.5 but I received 8.5.

The company took one month to ship, they shipped the wrong product and they overcharged me. In the whole process they failed the entire transaction.

I called customer service, they apologized, they said they would ship me a new ups level in 6-8 business days, then ship me new shoes after they receive the wrong shoes. Also they would try right away to fix the overcharge.

I went to the UPS Store right away and shipped the shoes back. The overcharge was fixed the next day. Today 03/01/09 I see my bank account has been charged $146.95 again. I have never seen a company make so many mistakes. This is why shopping on the internet is difficult unless it's amazon. I will be contacting customer service tomorrow morning, if this isn't fixed ASAP then I call my Attorney General.

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    really_curious Jun 17, 2009

    They are a scam outfit. I ordered ONE pair, they sent two and charged me the sale price for one and the regular price for the other. I have been trying to get a refund since February and get nothing but the runaround... plus the ones I kept are junk. Poor quality, no cusioning at all in the front and the springs are a joke. Stay away from them!

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