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These people ask you to bring in $80 (in checks or credit cards accepted) for who knows what. No real job asks you to give them any money. They are promising to pay $18 a hour for an assistant manager position that does not even exist. They hired everyone on the spot that comes in for the interview and tell them that their training begins the following friday. They also tell them to bring $300 for books for the classes they have to take. IS THIS A JOB OFFER OR A SCHOOL??? Once the "training" is done and they have your money they tell you that you did not pass, or you weren't what they were looking for. Now you are out $380, no job, and wondering "What the heck just happened?" These people have no informaion online about their company, and the lady who interviews goes by Mrs. Aliu...what employer doesnt tell you their whole name? That is even how it is printed on her business card, which by the way says The Diamond Dynasty on it NOT GA Development. A litty fishy I would say. I hope that they are shut down soon. They are playing way too many people and they need to be stopped!

  • Lo
    LOL Feb 26, 2009

    CONCERNED, why don't you move with your life. How do you really know anything about these guys if you never even went to the first class..Why did you even accept the job...sounds like your pretty ignorant to me..You could of just not came in duuuuhhhh!

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  • Co
    concerned2009 Feb 26, 2009

    Well from the sounds of work at this place. Ill just say one thing, the only time people get really defensive about something is when they know what they are doing is wrong. If you are a real business and what you are doing is legit, stop trying to defend yourselves because your making yourselves look stupid. If you were doing anything wrong you wouldn't care that people were writing stuff about you, you would just move and say who cares but that is obviously not the case!

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