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Future FitnessTOTAL SCAM

Future Fitness is a total rip off. They got me to come in to take their tour in December and see about their "$1 down, $10 a month", which only ends up being for the first 3 months, then you have to pay $44 a month after that FOR 33 MONTHS!! I notified Matt, the assistant manager who was also the sales person that day, that it was supposed to be a gift from my mother for Christmas. After his speech was over, I realized that this was definitly not what I thought it would be and was too much for me to even suggest to my mother. He was so pushy and made me feel so uncomfortable that I just said I would have to talk it over with her and we would be back the next day. Stupid me, I let him convince me into "starting the paperwork so when I came back with my mother the process would be short and sweet". I spoke with Matt and another man from their company shortly after my tour and notified them both that I was not interested in their facility. I had never recieved a copy of the contract when I left because it was never fully completed pending my mother's visit so I was never aware of their cancellation procedures. They both made it seem like my oral disaggreement was sufficient enough to cancel the whole process. I never heard anything from them after that. It is now March, and not only are they saying that nothing was ever cancelled and the contract is very much in effect, but I owe them almost $60 and the only way to get out of this would be to pay them $160. I NEVER ONCE USED THE FACILITY!! I went to the site to see them in person, waited for an hour for any help, and was basically told there is nothing they can do without paying them SOMETHING! The assistant manager really conned me into filling out just enough information on the contract that they could try to say that it is legal so I would feel forced into something, and the more research I do, the more I am realizing I am, by far, not the only person they have done/are doing this to. I suggest no one even goes on their tour unless they are prepared to pay thousands on a gym!

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    dotsun May 23, 2012


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Future FitnessPoor Service

When I first started it was a nice gym with good equipment. That was 5 years ago. The equipment is not cleaned or maintained properly. The staff is useless. There is a member there that myself and other members have had issues with. This member monopolizes machines for 2 to 3 hrs, one particular machine, is the only one of its type in the gym, but despite the complaints, no rules are put in place to be fair to others. The member uses the machine for 2 or as long as 4 hrs and they do not put any limit on this machine. People like this you find in most places, because there lives are so pathetic, the only thing they have to look forward to as far as a social life is coming to the gym. People like this have no life but the 'gym friends' they think they have. I blame the owners and management for ingoring the complaints and no putting time limits on machines to try and be fair to all members. The machine are not kept up and are not cleaned properly. Even when you do try and cancel and they ask you why, they do not take any actions to correct the issues.
DO NOT JOIN THIS GYM. They RIP YOU OFF!!! They will try to charge you for 3 months once you try to cancel and they insist you come in, but the contract states you can send your cancellation by registered mail.

Future FitnessAwful company

Please do not join Future Fitness.

My husband and I have been members of the Cherry Hill facility for about a year and a half. I am a morning person and would hit the gym on Saturday and Sunday mornings. When I would show, 7ish on Sat, 8ish on Sun, much of the equipment would either be broken or not turned on. I would mention it to the front desk but never seemed to improve. We finally decided it was not worth the membership and it was time to end this relationship. I called the end of December, knowing full well I would have to give 90 days notice. I learned I could not quit via the phone and no one is available on the weekend, only till 6pm M-F. I left a msg stating I would need an appt. and would like to quit before Dec. ended. I never received a call back. I left 3 more msgs and finally received a call back 4 weeks later. Not only would they not end date the contract from my initial request, they claimed no msg. was ever left and just about called me a liar.

Do not join...they fill your head with empty promises and these wonderful things which never come to fruition and when you try to call them on it, they have zero Customer Service. Remember, they will take your money anytime, but just try to complain or quit and it's as if you never existed.

Future FitnessHigh pressure/ frivolous tactics

I won't complain about their pricing - which is too much for what they offer - compared to other clubs.

I won't complain about the decor, which is modern aircraft-hangar.

What i would like to complain about, is their high pressure sales tactics and frivolous rules.

They give you only one visit to see the club and actually sign up (which by the way requires you read approx a 2000 word contract - bring your reading glasses??)

What reputable business would do that? If the product/service is good, it'll be good an hour, day, week or month from now.

And it gets even worse (here comes the frivolous part). We visited at noon; were overwhelmed by the high prices. We were never told that we had to decide at that visit. So we left to mull it over at lunch. Came back a few hours later. And the price went up $200.