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I sent in a camera for repair, the only thing it was doing at the time was not downloading pic's to my pc and got warm to touch . I thought this would be a simple fix..Keep in mind this camera work great for several weeks after all this happened. I sent the camera in for repair and was told 6 weeks later that they couldn't get the part from mainland china so they were going to offer me a refurbished camera for $80...I can buy a new one for $80 not refurbished. So I told them to send my camera back and I would use as is...Well you guessed it when the camera got back it wouldn't work period. Wouldn't come on
nada.. I called them and ask what gives, the operator there hung up on me got rude and said if you think youre getting a new camera youre crazy.. I just wanted mine fixed, didn't say anything about a new camera, all I can say they make good disposable cameras!!!

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    garyrdubin Apr 27, 2016

    They received my camera for repair on 3/21 and it is now 4/27. They told me 2-3 weeks. When I called to check on it just now the phone just rang and rang, no answer or answering machine. It is after 6 so hope they just close at night but shocked not even message board.

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    Christine Robinson(fa#0147) Aug 04, 2016

    I have been working at Fuji for almost 25 years when I was wrongfully termination without
    Any benefits. I have a 16 year old son and nearly lost my home to foreclosure and a car was wrongly reposses just to mention a few. They will not return any phone call and I do have a complaint with DOL and EOC and no have gotten back in contact with me. sc Works have denied me unemployment now going on two years and no one is giving me any help. How do I get what belongs to me with this company if I was wrongly terminated and have proof of this action and no one will assist me. I work there faithly foe Almost 25 years and was terminated on a paid leave of absent.

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    fujifilm Aug 04, 2016

    I was told I had a new, permanent job at Fuji Film in Stamford, CT, through an agency. I filed the necessary paper work for benefits.

    Instead, on my first day, they told us they were putting us through some testing and that not all of us would necessarily last the week.

    They had us come up with testing scenarios for our positions as software testers. The next day I admitted some doubts about something I wrote down, but one of the leads there, Duncan, told me that what I wrote was good and to design one my tests, that we were to describe in fuller detail, on that point.

    I wrote up the full tests as instructed. Then they told us that at the end of that day or the next day that we would get phone calls asking us not to come back if we didn't pass. There was no phone call, but it was a most unpleasant evening for my wife and me.

    I came back the next day and they told us we still had to wait for their decision and had us wait in the lab room all day. Periodically, they would ask us to speak to different people--some of them asked us very basic computer questions. Others seemed to lack communication or personal skills, and it wasn't always clear what they wanted to ask.

    Finally, just a little before five pm, they had us go to speak with Duncan. Duncan informed me that I wouldn't be coming back. I asked him what was wrong with my report, and he wouldn't say. I asked him if he read it--he said he had, but he didn't seem to notice the bug I found in the test I ran.

    In any case, maybe I wasn't qualified for the position. If I wasn't, they shouldn't have hired me and fired me a few days later. If had some skills that made me valuable, they should have put me through training and three months probation. Finally, I never signed up to be a contestant on a reality show, and I certainly didn't receive that type of compensation.

    They put my wife and me through needless stress, toying with our lives as part of a cruel joke.

    Also, when I walked the halls there, it didn't seem like anyone was ever smiling and they provided coffee but no milk and only sugar sometimes. This may seem trivial, or maybe it's a sign of other more serious issues.

    Anthony Bourdain has written to check how clean a restaurant's kitchen is, check their bathroom--they are usually at matching levels. Perhaps looking at a company's breakroom is a telltale sign too.

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FujifilmBad service

I bought this digital camera for my wife's birthday through directfoto.co.uk

When she opened her present on the 22nd of august 2008 the LCD screen was cracked and faulty, rendering the ccamera useless. It had obviously been damaged in the post or been sent to us faulty straight from the headoffice.

Upon contacting directfot.com they told us we had to deal with fujifilm directly, which we did, and agreed to send the camera back for repair (complete with proof of warranty).

3 weeks later we received a letter from fujifilm asking us for £89.99 to repair the camera.

After calling the customer service (very rude), the only option we seem to have left is to lodge a complaint, which is impossible as there is no complaints procedure in place at fujifilm (I wonder why...)

We don't see why we have to pay nearly the full price of the camera again just to get it repaired when it was damaged when it was still in the care of fujifilm.

Please help.

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    Max15 Dec 15, 2009

    I sent my S3 pro to fuji to have the Free upgrade for the 18-200mm lens to work properly and they told me two weeks later (when I telephoned them) that parts were falling of the camera and would not do the upgrade untill I paid £145.00 to fix these 'falling off parts', it was fine when I posted it out to them. Fuji owners beware

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