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Friend FinderUnknown debit from my account

I have recently had an unknown payment debited from my account. When I looked into where the payment was coming from I discovered I was not the only one with this fraudulent activity happening to them. I followed some advice that instructed me to unsubscribe from the site which was strange as I had never signed up.
I have signed up to two different dating sites at different times but neither of them were the one listed on my bill. Are they connected? Does anyone else use eHarmony or This was the only way I could Imagine they could have taken the details.

  • Vi
    vitor Jan 29, 2009

    this is the 7th month that i see on my bank statement ''payment to friendfndrwd'' every month they charge diferent amounts

    if i subscrived it was only for one month and they keep charging me

    i dont ever know how to contact them can you help me to stop this and get my money back

    many thanks
    [email protected]

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  • Ra
    Raseeth Jan 30, 2009

    There are 2 of my credit cards are charged with arond 6 different transactions during the month of Jan 2009. I have raied an dispute with the banks.

    Raseeth Ali

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  • Wg
    w guffey Mar 19, 2010


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  • HMSQueen Mar 19, 2010

    Call your credit card company. A similar thing happened to me. With a credit card you are insured against fraud!


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  • Na
    nada77 Dec 20, 2010

    I recieved my 3mth bank statement and discovered a withdrawal of $19.53 aust $18.16 us done by using my debit card, I am shocked and very angry because i've never used the site or seen it, how did they get my details?

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  • Wi
    william (michael) cofffey May 30, 2012

    I had $148.00 deducred from my pat as you go titanium visa . It states it was deducted by friend finder, I have no idea how they got my info. I want this matter looked into and my money refunded asap. This is outlandish and should not be happening. please help, tell me what I should do or something.

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Friend FinderUnauthorised deductions

On eventually being able to access my "MBNA Europe" Credit Card Account ( # [protected] ), I find that numerous deductions have been made by 'FRIENDFNDRWD +[protected] ' since February 2008; details follow :-

Transaction Date Posting Date Amount, UK£
11/02/2009 12/02/2009 £ 15.46
11/01/2009 14/01/2009 £ 15.02
11/12 2008 12/12/2008 £ 15.74
11/11/2008 13/11/2008 £ 15.99
11/10/2008 13/10/2008 £ 14.19
11/09/2008 12/09/2008 £ 13.76
11/08/2008 12/08/2008 £ 12.59
20/07/2008 22/07/2008 £ 12.37
13/07/2008 16/06/2008 £ 10.24
06/02/2008 07/02/2008 £ 78.67

TOTAL, Unauthorised Deductions = UK£ 204.03

Trusting that this sum can be re-imbursed into my MNBA Europe Account, and awaiting any correspondence from you with considerable interest.

All future payments to FRIENDFNDRWD +[protected] must be stopped forthwith !!

I have tried to contact this site directly - they have no record of any of my E-mail Accounts: thereby confirming my opinion that all charges are completely false.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours sincerely,

Frank Neal
Westernmoor Road,
Lower Cimla,
Neath, SA11 1BZ,
West Glamorgan,

  • MAC Feb 15, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh, man -- did you really just post your credit card number on this website? Now anyone who wants to can also defraud you the same way you're claiming FRIENDFNDRWD did.

    What were you thinking?


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  • Co
    CommonSense Feb 15, 2009


    Since you're foolish enough to post your credit card number on an open website, you DESERVE to be ripped off by every scam that comes along

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  • JustSayNo Apr 05, 2009

    I can't believe you posted your credit card!!! Call and cancel this card ASAP!!!

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Friend FinderFraudulent billing

For the second month in a row they took money from my account. I too don't have a profile or e-mail that matched their users. Definitely are preying on those people that are not up on what is happening with their accounts.

  • paula Feb 07, 2009

    i agree with you all these dating sites are vampires.. and the people who are on them are dumb as well.. tell you why. i am going to be frank here. see it's the people that make these sites. if we did not pay. they would be out of business. but when you do pay you have to go through so man prompts. and then talk to bombay tech support. ( no pun intended) but its crazy!... then they match you with people who you are not looking for. i am having a issue with ashley madison. who is hyprocritical. one guy or someone reported me for something i did not do.. and the customer service have a personal vendatta against me because i contact the president of the site. she keeps deleting my account on purpose. now mind you lady are usally free on some of these wacked out dating sites. if you are not meeting losers. your meeting nutjobs with dr. phil and bipolar issues no thank you. i rather go the old fashion route. meet by chance heck. i think its a shame. that these sites make billions of dollars. each yr. its pathetic.!

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  • paula Feb 07, 2009

    oh friend finder is a joke... really.. not only that. why are people looking for.. ? nothing. most are loser anyway. and everyone wants something that may not exist. look at to much hollywood crap you ask me. people are people.. they breath, eat, work, have issues, like every other american . or non american. geesh. lets get real people it's sad and everyone has a Modis Operandi on these sites. vultures, creatures, what ever. and they make it bad for the ones that are good people. I like the song by the eurythemics .. :Everybody's looking for something?
    n'est pas?

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  • paula Feb 07, 2009

    oh honey please am i on a rant or what. yeah they will bill you if you do not stop it. for service you did not ask for. ... i think they should ban people showing nudes because if you send to a personal email fine. but not on a website. i had to throw that in there because. its not no one has seen one before.. you know what i mean.

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