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First Universal LendingHome loan modifcation

First Universal contacted us to help us with our home loan and sounded really convincing and told us that with in 6 months they could get our mortgage payment down from 1440.75 a month to 800.00 to 900.00 dollars a month. We were at that time struggling to make payment and our home was in trouble of foreclosure. We went with it. We payed them 500.00 through our bank under direct withdrawal for 8 months costing us 4000.00 dollars. Every time we called they gave us nothing. No paper trail, no progress, nothing. The only thing they gave us was a new representative. Which her name was Amanda Thompson. Her email address was [protected]@firstuniversallending. The only thing the did for us was got our finance company to postpone our foreclosure. After we were scammed out of four thousand dollars I cancelled all payments and called them up and said until we see that you done something to help us we will not pay them anything else. They said sorry than we can not help you until you make the next payment of 500.00 dollars. We said we are not making any more payments because you told us 6 months and you would have it done. It was going on 9 months then. Forget it. My name is Scotty

First Universal LendingUnauthorized Debit

I was contacted by First Universal Lending about a loan modification. They were very convincing and I was told it would take 3-4 months at the most to get my mortgage loan modified. Three to four months turned in to 10 months at $400.00 a month. When I cancelled their services they still took a bank debit from my account for a different amount of $299.99. When I talked to Wells Fargo about my loan modification, I was told they do not even work with First Universal Lending. This company should be investigated!!!

First Universal LendingRuined credit

First Universal Lending promises to lower your interest rates on your mortgage and credit cards, what they do is take your monthly payments, ruin your credit and don't return you phone calls.

They have never heard of the person that called you in the first place, and they don't refund your money.

They are nothing but con artist .We had a man named Donnie call us in April 2009 asking to help us with debt and mortgage modifications. We paid over 1000.00 in two payments, and everyone closed our accounts.Donnie of course did't work there so they said. Do not do business with this company.

  • Up
    upset mom II Nov 11, 2009

    Our son was called by First Universal and promised lower mortgage rates. He was told not to make anymore house payments, that they would take care of it. Each time he talked with them about late notices from his mortgage company, he was told not to be concerned with it, that he should continue to ignore these notices because his mortgage adjustment was still under review. They have made no contact with him except for the purpose of obtaining more personal information. After making $400 payments from March 09 through November 09, in which he made two payments of $400, he has received nothing, except a foreclosure notice form his mortgage company. He has until Dec. 1, 09 to settle with them---they have heard nothing from First Universal. This company is a total scam! Do not deal with them unless you intend to lose your house--this is our son's first house and because of First Universal, he is on the verge of losing it. Also, my husband who co-signed on the house, now has ruined credit. Before this rip off, he had been in good standing with his credit.

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First Universal LendingNo service rendored

When I first spoke with Greg Balmer of First Universal Lending he really convinced me that they could help me out of the situation I was in only to find out now that this practice was considered illegal after the November of 2008 and that this company also accepted payments of 449.00 a month from me from 11/16/2008 to 6/16/08 and they were also suppose to be working with my creditors as well and I found out that none of this had been worked on at all. The company waved 1 or 2 payments because of this and now I know why because they were not doing anything from the very beginning. This company is a total rip off and whoever owns it should be locked up for life along with all of the participants as well.

First Universal Lendingconstantly withdrawing from my account

first universal lending called me when i was looking on the web to see about Obama's stimulus money for home owners. they told me they would talk to my mortgage company about adding a modification clause to my existing mortgage. I told them to get back with me after I got back from vacation. They started taking money from my account before I got back from my vacation. I have never received any phone calls or services from them. My account has went negative because they continue to do so. I am currently working with a different company, Have heard nothing from first universal nor has my mortgage company which is also my bank. I want my money back Starting from April to Now!!!

  • Ba
    Bax Nov 24, 2009

    This company is very crooked and needs to pay!!

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First Universal LendingWhy I won't

To be clear; I have NEVER had contact with this company. As for my complaint and why I refuse is as follows;

--I was contacted by mass mail (never apreciated to begin with)
--the "next day priority express" envelope was postmarked
First Universal Lending
5030 Chanpion Blvd #200
boca Raton Fl [protected]-USA

--The adress at the bottom of the letter in the envelope read
First Universal Lending
3155 10th street
Deerfield Beach Fl 33442
PHONE [protected]

--I thought it odd that NO WEBSITE was listed
--I did a quick search online and discovered:
1) (only says under

has contact info as follows:
5100 PGA Boulevard
Palm Beach Gardens FL 33418
Phone: 866.544.8070

Phone: 866.544.8070
Also states for a full description of thier servicesgo to: (only says under

Now, with this much run around and confusion when I haven't even initiated contact with this company; I don't see were any rational person would. I am not saying they don't do some kind of legitimate business in lending. I am just saying the face they put out to the public is, in my humble opinion, sloppier than a fifty year old crack whore over due for her next fix. And keep in mind folks; that's the sell ya' face. Imagine what the morning after face could look like. Again, just my humble opinion.

First Universal LendingLoan Modification

I think it's amazing after reading all of these comments how many of these people have received modification and sent thank you letters. Out of 35, 000 clients last year, only 100 were unhappy. That is barely nothing compared to how many client we have had. As a modification specialist I feel insulted that people that I HAVE HELPED ARE NOT COMPLAINING BECAUSE AFTER I MODIFIED THEIR LOAN, THEY STOPPED MAKING PAYMENT AND FELL BEHIND ON THEIR MORTGAGE!!

The only person that has a lawsuit against himsef if the guy who created this websit. This website will not be around much longer. Here are the responses to these ridiculous allegations:

1. We can not spend all day talking to our clients, we MUST BE ON THE PHONE WITH YOUR LENDERS NEGOITATING!! If you leave us a message we will get back to you in order to provide a status update.

2. When we call you back and we state that your file is in review, what that means is, YOUR LENDER is reviewing your documentation, they're running it through their sytems, if the file comes back approved, then they go to THEIR INVESTORS and see what type of offer they can provide. Usually the first offer is a counter offer!!!

3. EVERY LENDER ASKS US TO UPDATE INFORMATION TO THE LENDER. They REQUIRE updated paystubs and bank statements. It's not that we NEVER Sent them that info, it's that the turn around time of 3-4 months requires them to need updated information. When you first applied for a purchase or a refinance they did the same thing, REMEMBER???

4. We charge a monthly fee because some modifications are completed within 2months. I completed a modification 3 weeks for a client that was with Citi Mortgage. Some modifications take 4 months or more. Every client has a differnt set of rules.

5. Bank change their guidelines all the time, we have to be consistantly in tune and on top of their revised guidelines. The government has put the affordabiltiy and stability plan into place that has created stricter guidelines for your lenders. Oddly enough, only 1% of clients have actually been approved for the GOVERNMENT PROGRAM! This is what I call, the government is action.

6. We are not drug addicts or people who can not get job!! Most of us our mortgage processors, underwriters, licensed mortgage brokers, and account exectutives. We only get paid if we MODIFY YOUR LOAN!! So why wouldn't we be working hard to make money? Some of us work over 60 hours a week. We try not to take the stress home, but alot of us feel terrible when we hear what some of our clients have gone through with the economical downfall, loss of jobs, death in families, or other struggles that have caused them to fall behind on their mortgage. Before I got to bed, I stay up trying to create a game plan for work the next day!!

Then I hear about this website from ungrateful clients that seem to think they know everything!! Go to your attoney general, call your lender directly, and once you get tired of the run around with them, then call First Universal Lending. I am sure you will need our help soon!!!

  • Ph
    Phil B May 01, 2009

    I am STILL reeling from the news you gave me today. I cannot believe it!! I even called Wells Fargo as you told me and I paid them already for the first month and gave them e-checks for the next 2 months to come out in May and June and then I go to my local WF office (the one that wouldn't deal with me) and sign the paperwork and it puts the house in MY name and with the 2% interest for the 5 years.

    I have called all my family and they are so relieved that I can stay in my home, we are all crying.

    I want to thank you so very, very much for all your help and encouragement through this trying time. It was bad enough losing my husband unexpectedly after all these years, and I am sure he is up there somewhere smiling down at me. Your advice to me must have been right on as they cooperated on the first try.

    Also, you have been just wonderful about calling me back, e-mailing me right back and most of all reassuring me when I was having panic attacks over my mortgage. You are an A-1 person in my book and tell your supervisor you need a raise.

    I have recommended your company to a friend of mine who is also trying to renegotiate her loan. I gave her the company name and phone number today (she is so happy for me). I am sorry to be gushing on and on about this, but I still cannot believe it.

    I had a fortune cookie Saturday night that said I would have good financial news coming. I just laughed and thought "sure".

    Again, Shannon, thank you for all your wonderful help and advice and caring. I could never have done this without you and First Universal. And, lastly, thank you William Murphy, for making me believe you could do it. Your company is a first class act!!!

    Phil B.

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  • Me
    medzook May 29, 2009

    first universal lending is a total scam. I wish i read these complaints before signing up with them. I paid them for 6 months for absolutely nothing. My property was on the verge to be forclosed and the so called agent that was in charge of my case, all of a sudden became unavailable.

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  • Il
    ill in IL Dec 30, 2009

    This company makes me physically ill...I've given them over $6, 000 to do a loan modification on my mortgage...heard all of their promises ... I'm now worse off than I was to start...even though I started w my lender in 4/09! Now the house is in foreclosure (and I have 3 kids!)...can't seem to get anyone to help...First Universial no longer answers their phone and their website is "under construction"! They also said they would renegotiate two other loans - the have done absolutely nothing! I had a modification offer from my mortgage company - but thanks to their non response - the mortgage company withdrew the offer...then First Universal tells me they have to completely refile...the mortgage company told me all they needed to do was ask for a referall or re-referral!!!

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Resolved First Universal LendingFraud

I had a contract with first Universal Lending from October 2008 to March 2009. They took $200 a month from my checking account from October 14th through February 14th. they did nothing for me until I started compaining four months later. They hen told me that legally they could not tell me to stop paying my mortgage, but if I didn't stop paying it then my lender would not do anything. Then they finally came back to me with a modification of $70 less a month. I am now probably just going to have to foreclose on my condo. I want my money back.
Shari Little

  • Ni
    Nicole B May 12, 2009

    They called and wanted to modefy my morgage. The fee would be 399.99 until they made the arrangements with my morgage company. They told me not to make the payment I was currently ready to make, because they would set it up to be paid at the end of the morgage.

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  • De
    Debbie L. Greene Jun 22, 2009

    I have paid up front 299.95 for 6 months and have nothing to show for if from First Universal Lending. No paperwork, just a phone call on Tuesdays at 5:00 pm to tell me that my paperwork is still under review. Do I have any other options.

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  • Do
    Don't Be Scammed Aug 12, 2009

    My husband and I signed with First Universal Lending after I was told TWICE that if at any point I was not satisfied I could get a 100% refund of my money. We paid them $399.00 and got nothing. We cancelled our contract and requested our refund when two months went by and we did not hear anything and could not get a return phone call. I was told our refund was denied because they did substancial work on my account, yet our lender had not heard from them. I want to file a class action lawsuit against them, anyone who is interested may contact me. The District Attorney's Office in Florida informed me this morning that they have this company under investigation for charging people up front for this service which is illegal in the state of Florida. Call me...I want to take this company down before they scam someone else.

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  • Ha
    hardon Aug 31, 2009

    Do not make good on their ads to help home owners is trouble. Invested 900.00 so far with no results.

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  • Tr
    Trouble in FL Sep 16, 2009

    My husband and I got scammed out of 6 months worth of payments to these people. They never returned phone calls. I would have to hunt them down like the dogs that they were and every month they would string us along for the $399. They did nothing to assist with out mortgage. In fact, our mortgage company did not even call FUL after given permission and stated FUL is not going to do anything special with regards to out mortgage. Furthermore, the mortgage company stated that we could do this ourselves with the mortgage company and the outcome would be the same. So after 6 months of being frustrated and nearly losing our home that is exactly what we had to do.

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  • Pf
    pfed Oct 16, 2009

    Started work with them back in Jan 09, they gauranteed results for loan modification.
    Here is the problem, for 800/month they did nothing. Every month they assigned a new rep.
    Again always having to repeat same info to them.
    bottom line is this company does not work, and wont bring a solution.
    9 months of payments and no results

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  • Da
    david munoz Dec 15, 2009

    hi my name is David Munoz, I can not believe that this company is allow to be in's been almost 30 days since I've hear from them NO MORE PAYMENTS Mother F>>>>>>>>>>

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  • Hw
    HWIII Mar 30, 2010

    Worst Company Ever, they will steal your money...
    Don't ever do any business with them. They stole money from me without me signing a contract. They went into my bank account and took $1, 500 over four months. I did not have a contract with them. In 2009 they called me to do a loan modification, the paperwork was sent over the fax machine the next day. But I decided to hold off on the loan modification. I never sent the paperwork in, and I called them to let them know that I would not be participating in the program. The first month they took 500.00 the next they took another 500.00 out of my account. A month passed without them taking any money, but the next month they took another 500.00. I went to my bank for help, they helped me retrive 500.00 back. Iam still fighting for my 1000.00 that they stole from me. DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH First Universal Lending (EVER) !!!


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  • Complainer52 Feb 21, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company is a scam, never use them. They called me first off and I was very hesitant to use them because of all the scams. I researched found a website that had some info of a fraudulent case against them. They said it wasn't them it was another company, stupid me all the while I believed them. I started the loan mod with them, then to top it off I gave them 1400.00 in a cashiers check, very hesitant, I even threatened bodily harm if they didn't come thru. It's been almost a year and I still have no loan modification. I am though currently working with the bank and they are dragging me along bad.

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Resolved First Universal LendingAwful company

First Universal is unscrupulous, totally without character, rude, misleading and unethical. I was told they would reduce credit card, car loan rates, and they would get my loan modified in 30-90 days. I told them I was current on all debts, they said that didn't matter. Then I get a call saying they couldn't help because Countrywide was helping people who are not current. My loan is about to adjust to an adjustable rate and I'm trying to forego any problems in making my payments. Okay I get a call from someone saying it would take up to six months to get my loan modified. But if I were delinquent that would get faster action. I said I am not going to miss payments and have that show up on my credit report. I called back and said I didn't want them doing anything for me. I get a call from someone else on 3-5-09 asking what they could do, I said nothing, I proceeded to tell him exactly what happened, he said I must have misunderstood in a condescending way, because no one at their company would tell me to miss payments. I am not stupid and I know exactly what he said. The first person I spoke with said in around about way to miss a payment. She said, I'm not telling you to miss a payment but if you were delinquent...The fact is they would continue to draw out this process to get paid. I am so appalled with this sham of a company I could scream. I do not have money to pay them for nothing, and that is exactly what they gave me!!!

  • Lo
    Lori S May 13, 2009

    My husband received call from First Univeral Lending telling us exactly the same thing they told you!!! They wanted money from either credit card or checking account and stated would take 60-90 days and payments would be lowered by $450 a month. "Gary" stated cannot legally tell us not to make a payment, but would be better if we were delinquent on mortgage payments to make loan go through faster. Told "Gary" we are with Wells Fargo Mortgage ~ "Gary" stated they WORK with Wells Fargo Mortgage.

    My husband just called Wells Fargo Mortgage ~ SCAM !!!


    Lori S.

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Resolved First Universal LendingThe don't listen!

My husband and I thought a professional could negotiate better with our mortgage company to reduce our interest rate and extend the mortgage time - in order to lower our payments.

After charging us $199, I have had nothing but emails from these folks - usually a different person each time. The same email over and over.
They want pay stubs - we live on social security. They want a letter telling them how destitute we are - I can't write such a letter because we are not destitute - just smart enough to take advantage of lower interest rates. I've told them over and over what our situtation is and just get another form letter asking for the same stuff.

We called our mortgage company - and guess what! They want the same information!

I've just cancelled with First Universal Lending and asked for a refund. We'll try to deal with the mortgage company - and if no good comes of it, we'll just refinance with a MUCH lower rate!

Frustrated Client of First Universal Lending

  • Sc
    Scam Buster Feb 16, 2009

    This company is a complete fraud, and is only in business to prey on low income homeowners and provide them with a false sense of security, and convince these low income homeowners that they can assist them with lowering their mortgage payments. First Universal Lending then convinces homeowners to stop paying their mortgage even if they can, and some of these cases lead to foreclosure for a homeowner that was never in trouble until they spoke to First Universal Lending and followed along with their plight to steal from the poor, and make some Attorney rich. This company is a fraud and will try to make up any excuse to justify all of their complaints on the internet, do not believe them. These are the same people that forced Subprime mortgages on homeowners, and now are trying to defraud homeowners again.

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  • Teresa Feb 16, 2009

    Wow, not sure why anyone would actually stop paying their Mortgage if they can afford to pay it, but I agree with you. You have to do your homework and investigate companys by going to or just Google the banks and companies to see if they have any outstanding complaints.

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  • Br
    Brian Loud Apr 23, 2009

    I wish I would have saw this first, They are just a bunch of vultures praying on the bones of the poor, How can they sleep at night

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  • Ch
    cherease Jun 02, 2009

    first universal lendind is full of ____. Not only do they not return there phone calls but, we have paid them for four months and they did not help us at all. I had to call our mortgage three time myself to find out what was going on. I was told by our mortgage company that we where denide, so they gave us another rep and charged us for a month when nothing was being done. I could have done all this myself without the lies and the hassle and could have put that money toward our mortgage cherease

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  • Ha
    Harold Jun 22, 2009

    We paid First Universal Lending an up front fee in March 2017 only to find out later that this practice is not legal in the state of Florida. We requested our money back the next day and were denied. They did not give us the proper disclosures as mandated by the state's attorney general on all contracts. This company is in direct violation of the laws of the state of Florida and should be shut down and legal action should be brought to them by the attorney general's office and force them to return all stolen money back to the consumers plus interest. But they will probably file bankruptcy and screw everyone.

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  • Jl
    JLBrown Jul 08, 2009

    My brother was in the middle of a divorce when contacted by First Universal Mortgage to modify his existing home loan. He was to pay $400 per month until all negotiations were completed. When the 3rd payment was drafted from his checking account he became concerned that things were moving pretty slow. He was told by First Universal not to contact his lender, that they would take care of everything. When he could not get a response from First Universal, he did in deed contact his existing lender only to learn that First Universal had not contacted them at all. This was 90 days into the agreement. He asked for my help as I worked in the real estate industry for 12 years. In my communications with First Universal, they stated that they were waiting for documents from my brother. (these docs had been sent within the first 60 days ) . Believing that they must have lost them, we resent them. In the mean time, we updated information online with the existing lender. When the 4th draft was made (Totaling $1, 600) we were advised that First Universal had only submitted 2 of the 6 docs that were sent to them for review to be forwarded to the existing lender. It became apparent that they were “milking the dog” . Since they were to be paid until there was a conclusion, they purposely were dragging it out. The final communication with First Universal was to fire them, and demand was made for a refund of unused monies. We also request an itemization, a dateline of who and what was done in this case. We also advised them that contact would be made with the Florida Attorney Generals office to file a formal complaint, the response was surprising, “OH, WE ARE ON A FIRST NAME BASES WITH THE ATTORNEY GENERAL". This is not what you want to hear about a public servant. That request was back in May, as of this writing, July 8, 2017, nothing has been received, 20+ calls were not returned except for a return call from “Nick”. He seemed to know exactly who I was, and what I wanted, he said “oh you haven’t gotten that yet ? Hold on ….. He than pretended to transfer me to the person responsible for fulfilling my request of an itemization, only to reroute me back to his voice mail. “WHAT A CAT AND MOUSE GAME” We have file a complaint and have check who the owners expose them before they close these doors only to open another company under another name

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  • contact [email protected] if you want justice

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Resolved First Universal LendingScammers

Spoke with Doug Campion with First Universal and told him my situation. He explained to me that he could help me with my modification with knowing that I had already did a modification with Countrywide. Not once did he tell me that you had to wait 1 year to do it again. I had to find out on my own 1 day after signing the contract. Thank God I researched this company and canceled... Big Scam!!!

I contacted an attorney and he was the one that informed me I needed to wait 1 year since my modification.
Everyone, please do your research first.. You can modify your loan yourself... It might take a little leg work but will save you $$$ and you wont lose your home in the process!

  • Sp
    Spragling Nov 17, 2008

    I am so glad i read the complaints against this company. I noticed Wayne Lucas was in a hurry for me to sign paperwork.

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  • Ha
    Hammie Feb 20, 2009

    My husband and I were contacted by First Universal Lending who told us they could get our lender Countrywide to lower our mortgage. We repeatedly asked them if it made a difference that we had just had a modification done in October 2008. They told us it did not matter but now we have learned that we have wait a year before we can renegotiate. Thanks for websites such as this that help people like us.

    Valrico, Florida

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  • Di
    diewreck May 07, 2009

    Thnak you guys so much for your input, it was very valuable. I recently signed up with FUL I was due to make them a payment in the form of $410.00. Before I did so I decided to do some research on the company. I will be cancelling and changing my account information as soon as the banks open. Again thanks so much and I am truly sorry for your loss.

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Resolved First Universal Lending — Worst company ever

When we first started talking to first universal lending. they were very convincing that they could get our...