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First Health Part Dpayment

I talked to someone when I picked this co. For my Part D drug plan. I had them take my monthly payment out of my SS check. I even called back a month later when I received a late notice to verify that my payment was taken out of my check. This was verified. Several months passed and I receive a past due notice that payments haven't been made for several months. I don't want to lose my drug coverage, I tried calling the phone number for customer service and have been unable to get through after repeated attempts. Also it's listed as Coventry health now, when did this change take place. Very unhappy with this situation.

Sandra Walsh

  • Mi
    Mini Mouse May 18, 2018

    Received First Health Part D Formulary and practically all the meds are Tier 3 or 4. Translation: the generics I take, are now classified as preferred brand drugs and I have to pay $47.00 per month per drug item. Unbelievable!

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First Health Part Drip off

Do not use first health part d they bait and switch on coverage and their reps lie aand tell you that a drug is coverage is available but do not tell you of the caveates related to them i.e. only cover one dose per month on a two dose per month script, theyn put on the onus your back to get the physician to change it- food luck on that, and forget the complaint it is all on your back, they got their money screw you.

First Health Part DBait and Switch

For anyone who might have a policy through First Life and Health Insurance Company, beware, they seem to be playing a bait and switch game. I have them for prescription coverage, had to lock in for a full year, I had purchased a policy with a zero deductible. Sat. I went to pick up a prescription just to find out that the terms had changed and I now have a deductible, not to big ($150) but it is the principal that they can change the terms without notification. I want to give them as much bad press as possible. When I called the insurance company I was told that I should have recieved a notice of change the end of Dec. even though I bought the policy the first of Dec. I asked for a supervisor and was given another 800 number so I called and left a message. I recieved a call back this morning from a company who is not even affiliated with First Health and the representative was quite confused. I then called First Health back and was reffered to someone to file a grievance, the person informed me that I "should" have been informed of the changes to my policy so there was nothing they could do.

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    MoronsAtWork Feb 08, 2010
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    Verified customer

    That's why people don't use insurance companies you've never heard the name of. There's a reason why people pay a little more for car insurance, or dental insurance or like you, health insurance. There's a lot of "shady" companies about - just want your $$ and don't care about you as a person. Pay the extra 30$ a month and go with an insurance company that is frequently used - then I can guarantee you, you never run into this situation you're currently dealing with, again.

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  • Eb
    E Beth Apr 16, 2010
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    First Health Life & Health, also called AdvantraRx, was my Part D insurer last year. They, without notice, changed my generic medication to a tier 3, and charged me $75. They paid no part of this Rx. Under my plan, I could have gotten the name brand for $55. It was much easier for me to tolerate the name brand. There was no explanation for this, and they have not responded to my complaint. They had required that I switch to the generic when it came out, and I had to work at becoming able to tolerate it. Then they make it more expensive to take!

    I have changed insurers, and have now refilled this RX for the generic price of $20.

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  • Im
    imaperson Mar 03, 2011

    The practice of allowing automatic renewals should be abolished. I now "owe" $90 to First Health Part D because they "automagically" renewed my wife's policy WITHOUT NOTIFICATION OR PERMISSION from us, and PROVIDED VERY POOR SERVICE when we signed up originally. After 5 months of begging them to send me a coupon book, I sent them the whole year payment out of frustration. Now they decided to screw me for my effort by "automagically" "renew" our policy. I called Medicare about it and they were no help at all.

    Write Congress and tell them to stop allowing automatic renewal of Part D plans -- this is nothing but robbing old folks.

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  • Me
    meanmrmustard Oct 05, 2011
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    Verified customer

    yeah i dont want or need this at all. i have not got a prescription in over three years i have no need or use of this but i am apparently FORCED to have prescription drug coverage so that my money can be given to someone else unbeleivable !!! my bill is over 700.00 for something i didnt even know i had didnt ask for and dont want

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  • Ma
    Madeleine100 Dec 23, 2013

    My partner was also played by First Health, so beware. He purchased a plan in June before leaving the country since he would be gone in September when he turned 65. Upon returning they had raised his $25 per month plan to $53 in the month of September when it was to start. Another words they doubled the price before it had even begun. If that is not fraudulent scamming I don't know what is. This company should be fined and put out of business. On top of all this he has a $4 dollar a month drug cost that we pay ourselves, and so he would not even get a drug plan except that we are are told we have to do this for some day in the future.

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First Health Part DBeware

Seniors beware! Prescription Drug Plans, Double Check Premium and Company Name

I'm wondering why "First Health Part D" changed me over

to "Anthem Blue Cross". and instead of the premium being

$18.30 it has increased to $28.90?

Wow, maybe First Health Part D needs a "Bailout" too.

Go figure, [protected])I called "First Health Part D" at

[protected]. I took their phone number right out of

my Medicare book: "Medicare & You 2009" book, page 123a.


They, "First Health Part D" even answered the phone as

"First Health Part D" and I ask them to send me all

their information on Medicare Part D Drug Plan. I spoke

to Jennifer and she gave me a confermation number and

said I should receive everything within ten days.

I also called some other companies from the Medicare book

and I selected what I figure to be the best plan for me.

Which turned out to be First Health Part D.

In a few days I received "First Health Part D" information

and I filled out their application and mailed all four

pages in their supplied company envelop.

Several days later (watch the names here now)I receive a

letter form:

"Anthem Blue Cross" (first time I heard of them)

P.O. Box 9282

Oxnard, CA [protected]

Phone number [protected]

In this letter it states in part that: "Medicare has

approved your enrollment in Blue Cross Medicarerx network

pharmacies to fill your prescriptions." and that the monthly

premium for your plan is $28.90.

Next(12-22-08) I called their phone number [protected], and

I get Cynthia. Who by the way was very nice to me, because it

seemed all she could say was "I'm sorry". After I ask a couple

of time(to no avail) why they switch me from "First Health Part

D" to "Anthem Blue Cross". I began explaining why exactly I chose

"First Health Part D" was mostly because of the monthly premium

being so low ($18.30) and the Annual Deductible was only $175

with a low copay.

I gave her all the information on her company right out of

their "Summary Of Benefits" book. Everything that was stated

in the "Medicare & You 2009" book about "First Health Part D" and

it didn't jive with the letter I received form "Anthem Blue

Cross" letter sent to me. Also that they didn't have the

courtesy to just call or write me and tell me why they were

going to increase the monthly premium above what they told

Medicare and what it shows in their Summary Of Benefits book.

None of that bothered her, she kept giving me the "I'm sorry"

bit so I tried one more step to get her attention, by telling

her it looks to me like it's the old "bait and switch game".

Then she informed me that I could pick another company.

I Informed her that I was going to report them to Medicare

regarding the switching of companies and the increase in

premium and all that had taken place.

Before I did contact Medicare I made one more phone call to

"First Health Part D" at [protected]. Just to see if I was

screwed-up. Heres how that phone conversation went:

- I gave my name and my zip code when ask for.

- The lady wanted my date of birth and phone number. I gave it.

- Then I stated to her that thats all the information I'm going

to give until you give me what my monthly premium and annually

deductable is going to be.

Your absolutely right... she gave me back word for word and dollar

sign for dollar sign right out of their "Summary Of Benefits Book"

and the "Medicare & You 2009" book page 123a. I thanked her and

hung up.

Then I called Medicare at [protected], from their menu I punched

in the number for "Paying Premium"(I'm sorry I did not make note of

it). I got a gentleman by the name of "Mr. Taylor" (I did not get

Mr. Taylor' last name, and to this day I am really kicking myself

because I did not get his full name.) Never in all my life have I

"ever" spoke to any person, in any Dept. of government on any kind

of business that talked to me as nice as Mr. Taylor did! and I told

him so at the end of our conversation. BTW, he filled a compliant

to Medicare regarding these matters for me.

Don't kid youself, there is good out there. I just wish the

California DMV would take some mini lessons from Mr. Taylor. If

only I had gotten his last name!

Mr. Taylor help me get setup with another company that I think may

be a better deal than I was going to get. That company is:


phone number [protected]

page 123d of the Medicare & You 2009 book.

also with a low monthly premium and no copay which is very, very

good for me. Now I can buy some more fishing bait and go fishing

more often.

In light of all the above here is a small summation of what

I think happen.

- I ordered my Medicare Drug Plan from "First Health Part D".

- "First Health Part D" for what ever reason switched my

coverage to Anthem Blue Cross.(for all I know they could

be the same company and I could careless. For sure... it

was no big deal because they were not about to take the time

to explain it to me. Remember, I had to call them.

- My monthly premium was increased from $18.30 to $28.90.

- No one bothered to call are write me, to explain the reason

for the switching of companies and the increase premium.

No big deal you say. When there is no more Medicare we'll see

what your saying then. Plus it's my money too.

If you have hung in there to this point I "Thank you for your time".


Oh, hang in there I just got an Update for you:

Today [protected]) I received a letter from both

First Health Part D and Anthem Blue Cross.

First Health Part D tells me that I am now enrolled in First

Health Part D Prescription Drug Plan, that it is approved by

Medicare. In Anthem's Blue Cross letter it's tells me that

this letter is to confirm my disenrollment form Blue

Cross Mdeicarerx.

I'm so glad that I got out of this mess, can you imagine that

I should have had a real problem and needed their help! God

forbid. Most likely I would have gotten two different answers

on each problem! Not to mention that I most likely would have

been billed, then get a credit. Naw, I'd get billed twice!

  • Mo
    Mozela Hamilton Dec 30, 2011

    I Mozela Hamilton recieved a flex bill coupon booklet, I did not apply for any First Health Part D Prescription Dug Plan. I feel that I am not obligated to pay anything. I am an elderly lady that is being taken advantage of. I will file a complaint with state board of health and the BBB.

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  • Lo
    lorendi Feb 04, 2012
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    Verified customer is a great resource for comparing health/drug insurance plans. Try it. One enters their prescription list and an annual estimate is given. This is much more meaningful than just the monthly premium and deductible.

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  • Al
    Alfred H Davis Jr. Apr 08, 2014
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    I just started a new year number 3 and definitely the last. I have Post Herpetic Neuralgia and have to take 4 Hydrocodon per day for the nerve pain. Up until this year I had no copay now it's 11.00 but that's not bad enough I got my script filled on 3/3/2014 and went to get it refilled on 3/3/2014 at that time I was informed that the insurance would not pay until 4/8/2014.

    Upon contacting the insurance I was informed that they allowed the prescription to be filled a few days early here and there in the last six months and would not authorize the refill until THEY got those days back. I complained and talked to a supervisor explained the situation and he told me to have the pharmacy contact him. I asked to be sure I would not be going around in a circle if he would fix the problem, he said he would. I called the pharmacy and asked them to re contact the insurance and it would be authorized. They did and it was not.

    I had to go 5 days without the meds in great pain due to this decision. Keep in mind that this is a new year and I only get my prescriptions when they say I can so any mistakes or early authorizations is on them.

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  • To
    too tired Jun 10, 2014
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    Alfred, I know what you are going thru. I too have been on opiods for more than 10 years and just last month I took my newly written, by my long time doctor, and for the same meds, to the same pharmacy that I've been using for years, ONE day early, pharmacist went to fill but called me and told me that 1st Health would NOT pay for it unless we waited another day. What an inconvienence ! Another trip, and wasted time for me, and the pharmacist. ONE day! A couple of weeks later I called 1st Health to find out more, and after 40 minutes on the phone, including talking to at least 4 different persons, one who hangs up on me, I finally get the explanation about how in the past 4 mths. my script was filled 2-3 days early 3 or 4 times. I tried explaining how it is recommended to have a reserve supply of necessary medicines, water, and food, in case of any emergencies or unforeseen events, also known as "BE PREPARED". I also explained that sometimes a pill can be lost, washed away in pants pocket in washing machine, thrown up due to illness, or just plain mistakes. Well it seems 1st Health is more concerned about not paying for one days more supply of needed meds that they absolutely have to.

    is it any wonder why so many more people are turning to the cheapest and most easy to get drug on the streets these days, and also why suicides are up? Of course it's very easy to get the dangerous pyscotic drugs as well, the ones that INCREASE SUICIDE!
    God help all those suffering pain! 1st Health certainly WILL NOT

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  • To
    too tired Jun 10, 2014
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    Verified customer

    Another thing, if 1st Health is counting pills to the day, they should INFORM patients when it first happens, NOT after months go by and then make patients like Alfred go " COLD TURKEY" for 5 days with drugs that are NEVER supposed to be "SUDDENLY STOPPED" according to all the WARNINGS & INSTRUCTIONS !

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  • Ju
    Jumping Hoops Apr 01, 2016
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    Verified customer

    It's 3 weeks later and I am waiting on breathing meds! Was advised that perhaps I should go to the emergency room to get a breathing treatment until my doctor figures out what medicine that I should take that will be covered.

    Seriously? A life threatening drug not covered? You have got to be kidding me? Anyone who overdoses on heroin can have at their dispense free of charge the drug Narcon to revive them back to life. Even if they willingly choose to play Russian Roulette with their life! I, on the other hand, do whatever it is that I have to do to stay healthy, and get the 3 weeks of red tape and run around and jumping of hoops to get a prescription covered. Then if that is not bad enough, they said they ordered it through a mail order company and after waiting 10 days I called on the status only to find out...the lady did not even process the order.

    This is worse than having no drug coverage. Less of a headache if you have no coverage. Thanks but no thanks!
    Make your family members well aware if you are having troubles such as these so that in the even there is documentation if something should happen to you due to the fact they do not offer you a drug you can take to help your health situation.

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