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Fiosdead battery

Fios put in a "back-up" battery in our house. After < 2 yrs. it went dead and beeps 24/7. I "quiet button it" only lasts a few hrs . Called a rude person in a foreign country and was told unhook it.Oh, great- no TV! NEW BAT, sure/you charge 50.00 . It says rechargeable ????? I am checking out ATT and Comcast !!

Tell me what can I do to like you again!! Thax

  • Ja
    Janice Snyder Apr 28, 2009

    Have been trying since 2/09 to have a FIOS wire buried. The wire runs accross the Common Areas of Condiminium and is an accident waiting to happen. If I do not get this wire buried, I am turning over to legal department on 5/1/09.

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  • Ka
    Karabok May 19, 2010

    How does anyone think that Verizon Fios is good. The service is awful. I have been trying to get in touch with customer service and no one is answering me.

    Someone from Verizon please contact me.

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  • Bi
    bigdreamer Mar 16, 2011

    They are allowing 3rd party charges to the account. How does Store Front Riches and Boulvard LLC get on my account? The representatives say someone can get your number and start charging your account. It is an open credit card bill for any scam artist the charge you.

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  • Jo
    Joe11 Sep 17, 2011

    How does anyone think that Verizon Fios is good. The service is awful.

    I have been trying to get in touch with customer service and no one is answering me.

    Someone from Verizon please contact me.

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  • Al
    Alan Schroeder Nov 07, 2011

    Worst company I ever dealt with. Stay away from FIOS!! Verizon FIOS does everything in its power to increased monthly bills and overcharges for things it thinks it can get away with.

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FiosHalf ASSED soundalike

I am really disgusted with Fios' latest "half fast" commercial, which, sounds of course like HALF ASSED. I have a 7 year old who is now saying it and it is utterly ridiculous that a family opening Christmas presents is sitting around saying "half assed" ad nauseum, to promote your new service. Come on - you need to do better than help promote kids swearing - no matter what the silly little play on words is, it shouldn't sound like cussing. Grow up.

  • Ep
    Ephram23 Jan 03, 2015

    I totally agree with you; this commercial is utterly wrong. They're using a loophole to get away with saying a bad word, which is just stupid. They're using profanity as a way to promote their commercial which does not make them look good at all. This commercial should be removed.

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I love the fios tv and internet service itself, but the billing is so bad that it's not worth it. Every time I have called to make a service change to lower my bill they have raised it. Recently when asked to make changes to lower my bill they raised it over $100 per month and then said they could only credit me for 35$ of the $234 dollars they overcharged me. You are guaranteed to get had on your bill if you get fios so so stay clear!

FiosUnwanted virus protection harassment that was already (supposedly) removed!

When I signed up w/ Fios, I refused the virus protection plan because I had already purchased a plan w/ my computer; two virus protection programs can interfere w/ each other. Not a good idea. I spent an hour and a half in June, supposedly removing the Fios protection program; however, I find the icon on my desktop daily, and popups daily, that I have to put into the wastebasket. Only to find it again the next day!!! I want this off my computer or Fios is going to lose me as a customer! The faster speed is not worth the other items that I have given up when connected w/ optonline service. Now I do not have caller id on the tv when someone calls; a great service. Now, I do not have call waiting; goes directly to an answering service. Now I have two answering machines to deal with! Constant bombardment w/ solicitaions from Verizon; give me a break! And, the email service is so limited; no choice of color changes ( I have trouble reading things in red); cannot change the color scheme. No way to customize the text, including the signature. I am very close to giving up w/ Fios. I spent another 35 minutes this am holding the line; trying to get a person to help. I finally gave up. Let us see if this has any effect.

FiosOrder - Quote

I called in the day prior to my service installation date to make changes to my account. I had to call about 3-4 times before I could get a hold of someone to assist me; each call was about 1.5 hours long. I finally spoke representative and she wanted to save me as a soon to be customer so she provided me with a DVR credit and gave me a monthly service quote of 89.98… I asked her to confirm this information with me prior to ending our call and she help me keep my installation date which was the next day. When the technician came to my home the follow day… he was having issues installing the services so he call technical support and added the phone line service back to my account and he did not inform me of this change until he was leaving to go to his next appointment. If he just asked me what was going on with my account he would not have needed to make the unnecessary change he made. So, today I final had the opportunity to contact Verizon customer service about cancelling the phone service and I received a completely different monthly quote $110.97/ month for internet and tv service. When I requested the representative review the transaction from my conversation with the representatives on Friday July 3, 2017… all of a sudden there is no record of my call. When I requested a supervisor the young lady informed me no one was available and request to call back but I requested she transfer me to another representative to see if they could located a record of my conversation with the representative. I have spoke with 5 different people alone today and no one could assist with this dilemma. I finally spoke with another male for the last time to save my account before I have to switch to direct TV and we were able to identify the issue. The representative I spoke with on that day gave me a quote for services based on a 79.99 bundle they have for home phone and the internet not for internet and TV. The standard TV and internet bundle it 84.99 plus to DVR /Home DVR (5.99+19.99), due to the miss quote no one is stepping to the plate to accept the wrong and honor the original quote given before taxes. I am giving it 1 last try to see if a supervisor can fix this problem… I have recently moved and one of the reason I chose my new apartment was because they could get FIOS service; I know that is silly but its very, very true. I want to give them a chance but they defiantly have to work on how they service their customer and better documentation of information exchanged between customer and representative. I admit I was boarder line about to cancel my cell phone service with them due to this bad experience.

  • Me
    MEA Jul 23, 2008

    I signed up for the Verizon triple play bundle back in January 02 2017. I was promised a 19" Sharp LCD HDTV for purchasing the plan. To this date, I have not received the promotional TV and everytime I called I get a different story. Two weeks ago I was told that I was in campain 164 and that all TV's were shipped out, if I didn't receive it in two weeks to call back. I just called and had a customer service person tell me that that information was not in the system and that he had no idea as to when the TV was going to be delivered. He just kept saying soon but could not quarantee delivery. I'm just wondering if something can be done about Verizon's falce advertizing.


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  • Harsh Realities Jul 19, 2009

    WRITING: always interact in writing.

    Follow EACH phone conversation with a snail-mail summary of your conversation to the place you send your bills. Include your name, address, and account number.

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  • Co
    consumer53 Nov 08, 2013

    was searching for ways to lower my utility bills especially the TV, called Verizon to see how I could lower my monthly bill on my bundle. Somehow they talked me into FIOS Said it was cheaper $108.40/month instead of current $126. Promised all the same channels, (asked them three times) Now after signing up, discovered I am missing 10 channels. AND the cost is now $114/month because supposedly we told them we wanted the better box that displays the channels and TV guide (will have to check w my husband on that one) They said we could have the extra channels but it would cost us another $20/month. I kept insisting they lied to me but they stated they sent me an email w all the channels but I did not take the time to check it. I just assumed they were being honest on the phone. Have spoken to maybe 8 different people and they all say the same thing...$20 for the extra channels.
    No way, not one more penny to these big corporate thugs. Sorry I did not google them sooner to see the hundreds of complaints against them

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Spoke with constomer representive who stated clearly they would change our plan from phone and internet services to internet only with no additional charges for change in plan if we would not cancel their services. Few days passed and phone service was not disconnected. Spoke again with representive regarding service for phone was not cancelled as agreed. Again was clearly reassured they would change the plan and disconnect phone. Week went by and phone line still had not been cancelled. Called again this time representative states they will not change plan. This company obviously has dishonest representatives who will state a bold face lie just to try to keep one from cancelling the service.

Fiosrepair broke 4 days of appointments

My home phone worked but did not ring. After 4 calls (9 hours) I finally got someone to schedule a home appointment. They were supposed to come to my home on 3/25 before 1 pm. At 12 noon zi called and they had no record of anyone coming to my home. They re-scheduled me to wed 26th (same no-show). This happened again on thursday. Finally on friday, I spoke to someone who saw the pages and pages of my calls, got in touch with dispatch and I was put on the "hot list" this is a priority appointment level. Finally friday at 7pm. I was told that no one was coming. Saturday I could not reach any one. After 26 polite calls and 7 e-mails they showed up at my home on sunday at 10 am unannounced. The tech was polite and promptly replaced my ont fiber optic box on the outside and the service was restored. I obviously asked what was the real reason I was screwed around for 5 days. I was told confidentially, that they are short-staffed and the management refuses to pay overtime, so they just break appointments, as they did with me.
Now that I have service, im trying to find the correct e-mail address to send a formal complaint and a bill for my services. I lost 3 days pay, and it will positively come off the bill. I plan on filling out a form with the fcc after I finish this post, as well as a certified letter to as high a person in verizon, as I can find.
Unlike me in the past, I was an absolute gentleman all of the calls, never abusive or nasty. If anyone reading this has the right e-mail for this problem, pls contact me.

  • Cl
    Clementine Geter Oct 23, 2008

    I often stop by Hardees on my way to work for a biscuit. My favorite is Susage/Susage & Egg. This morning I had a $1.29 coupon for a Bacon/Egg/Cheese buscuit. When I opened my buscuit at my desk, I was appalled at the lack of BACON IN MY ORDER. There was all this egg, a buscuit with too much dough in the middle (I forgot to request inside/out) and one tiny piece (not even a strip) of bacon. This was very disappointing. It may be a while before I go to Hardees for breakfast again.

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  • Ni
    nita Dec 08, 2008

    I went to the website of Acai Berry Products website addr: and ordered the Natural Acai Berry Dietary Supplement "Risk free trial for $4.95 for shiping and handling. A week or so later there is a charge for $69.95 automatically taken from my debit card, I thought I was just signing up for a risk free trial as the website indicated. I called their customer service number 1-800-278-3620 and spoke to a rep by the name of Nick Wright who advised me when you sign up for the risk free trial it enrolls you as a preferred customer which they will send you products and bill your account $69.95 automatically whenever they send me the products. I explained to him, on the website it just say "Risk Free Trial" and when you enter your name, address and credit card info, it tells you you will be charged $4.95 for shipping an handling but it does not say you're going to be automatically charged for more products that they will send and enroll as a preferred customer. I was under the impression I was going to try this product out and if I liked it I will then order the product, Nick indicated that was not the case. Nick stated I needed to have read the Terms and Conditions which shows at the very bottom of the website, per Nick the information is indicated there. I asked for a refund because I have not received the product and I do not want it, Nick indicated he cannot give me a refund but he will cancel the membership as a preferred customer and will not bill me any further. I was not satisfied because I don't want the product, so I went to the bottom of the page on the website which is where the terms and conditions were located, and there is a link that says " Refund And Exchange Policy", when you click on that link it states, "To return a product for an exchange or refund you will need to obtain a Return Merchandize Authorization (RMA) number by contacting the billing department at 1-866-320-0038, chat live with a customer service representative or send an email to [email protected] I call the 866 number to let them know I'm geting ready to receive the products through mail and I want to return them for a refund as soon as I get them, please provide me with the RMA number so I can get my refund. I was told by a rep name Allen, I couldn't get a refund through them, but he stated he could give me another phone number to ask about a refund, the number that Allen was giving me was the 800 customer service number that I had originally called who stated they could not give me a refund. I decided to send an email to BBB so they can see that this company is providing Deceptive Advertising, they should put under "Risk Free Trial" free for 14 days, see Terms and Conditions. I'm not the only person this has happened to, just go to google and put in acai berry products or go to and put t in under search acai berry products and there is a whole list of complaints. Also you have to wait over 30 minutes to reach a customer service rep. Thank you for yor time. My email addr is: [email protected]

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  • Do
    Donna Jan 06, 2009

    I ordered the "free" trial of this product and the "free" 30 day supply of Colon xR and was ask to only pay shipping. It arrived and I have not used it, but my checking account was debited the shipping charges and an unexpected $78.00 and another $78.00 from the Colon xR (for nothing) and $78.00 from the Acai Berry. I looked online and found this is happening to lots of people and I really feel dumb. I went to the bank and they were able to contact Acai Berry and they said there were a certain number of days to return it and the information was on their website. I went home and searched the website and in my opinion the only way in the world to know it wouldn't be the free product would be to read the "Refund and Exchange Policy" at the bottom of the page. Why would anyone look at a Refund and Exchange Policy unless they had purchased a product and wanted a refund or exchange? I did not purchase a "free product", I paid shipping and had no idea I would have to cover the entire website to see if their were strings attached. If there were stipulations about the free offer it should have been clearly visible in the area that needs to be filled out for the free product. The way this offer was presented in their website seems to me to be fraudulent and/or misleading. When I returned home from the bank the Acai Berry person sent an email that said he will credit my account $20.00, I wrote back and told him I wanted all of my money back and would send the pills back (none were used). I haven't heard anything but did file unauthorized transfers at my bank for all three unauthorized transfers of money from my account and tomorrow I will be contacting the Attorney General of my state and the Attorney General for the state of Florida. I did a little research and found the same person owns both companies and his name is Nicholas Molina and is from Miami, Florida. Next I will contact the better business bureau for both states and the Consumers affairs division for Florida. Oh, and the Attorney General and better business bureau for Nampa, Id. SO FAR that is all I've thought of. I am elderly and this made my banking account overdrawn and I am really mad!

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  • De
    DEB Jan 27, 2009

    I too have been scammed by this company or person. They just sent me #60 that I never ordered. I have tried the phone number 1-800-278-3620 and now it has been disconnected or an answering machine says you cannot reach this number from your area. I have also tried calling the billing dept 1-866-320-0038 only to have the phone busy all the time. If anyone has any information on how to contact them please email me at [email protected] Thanks

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  • Je
    Jerry Jan 29, 2009

    Dial the following 1-866-376-4078 this is the number that seems to work and you get correct person. Get thier name, thier employee number, where they are located, and a confirmation number. Also get an email confirming it was removed and you will not be charged again.

    Take the rest of the pills because they are not going to take them back

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  • Na
    Natavis Oct 03, 2009

    I was driving home form work and my car was shaking and began to smoke. On my way there is a service center so I pulled in. The associates suggested that I leave the vehicle because further driving will damage it. I left my vehicle and the diagnoses was that I needed an engine. Ok I have a warranty. Well the service center immediatley started bashing the warranty company saying that they are no good. Anyway I was the middle man with the warranty company and the service center, when I shouldn't have been. It was a lot of back in forth and no progress. Finally the associate said that his mechanic was fed up and that I needed to take my car to a dealership. Ok, I know have a $400 dollar charge. Why do I have to pay when there was no work completed? The associate said don't worry about, he said I will only pay a service charge of about $100 dollars. I got to the store to pay and the supervisor tells me that I have to pay for the head gasket, what!! Why would I pay for a head gasket that does not make my car work and anyway your mechanic gave up on my vehicle. The supervisor then says that he didn't give up he didn't have the tools. What!! you are a service center why don't you have tools? Anyway I tell him that I did not authorize for that to be done. He wipes it out and I pay just a service fee. The next day my vehicle is to be picked up and taken to a dealership. Pep Boys calls me and says that we are not realeasing the vehicle because I owe money for the head gasket. I said I don't believe this, so I pay anyway so that my car can leave the property, and to find out I don't even have a new gasket. What I had to pay for was for them taking off the gasket and putting back on the old one and that cost me $400 dollars. Again I only paid to release my vehicle. Now I decided to fill out the survey to share with the company my experience. Well guess what the associate called my cell phone to tell me that because of my rating of the service he won't get his commission of $600 dollars. What why exactly are you telling me this what happened to my money that I payed? What I don't like is that the store can call you, I thought this information was anonymous well at least to the particular store. I do understand the surveys are to make the company better, but who would want to do it if they are going to get a personal phone call from the company they are rating. I am very dissapointed and will never use Pep Boys again.

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  • Ca
    Carole Ann Stewart Jan 30, 2010

    I am an un-happy consumer that puechased a 12 pack of Diet Pepsie from a Family Express Gas Station. When I picked up the 12 pack to carry it out of the store, the packaging fell apart at the supposed carry handle and all the cans fell out and more than one hit my foot. The packaging the totally insufficient for carrying. Please contact me @ 219-871-9114 or 0967 West 1000 North, LaPorte, IN 463509. Thanks, your response will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Ra
    Ray C Sep 03, 2010

    I took my class A coach to the camping world in Little Rock AK. I told them I was having problems with my rear left side leveling jack, that my dash battery light was coming on but not staying on, and I had an exahust leak. The service people did nothing to repair anything except made a adjustment to the jack. Yes they checked my altenator and said the battery was find and the altenator was good. They told me they could do nothing about the exahust leak. Maybe an hour later and a cost of 494.80 cents . I was very upset, but because I just traveled some 400 hundred miles I was to damn tired to make a point about it all. Thanks for nothing. Ray C Lancaster, Cal

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  • Al
    Almost good as fedex Sep 04, 2018

    Ups received a package 9400116901115251405911 and another package. From Kalamazoo Mich. my shipment it still in Detroit. FedEx was able to get a heavy generator from New York to Lennon Michigan received yesterday. Where's the to 5lb packages that you didn't even have to cross a state line to get to me. Pure incompitance. You should be ashamed

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