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Pictorial evidence against horse dealers Robert and Lorraine Aichele owners of Family Equine of Central NewYork.

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    Shelley D. Camacho Jun 11, 2008

    I have added a lot of VIDEOS of McGoo when he was delivered to me on my MySpace website as well as a tape recorded telephone conversation I had with Bob Aichele on June 25th, 2007. Lorraine- you may like to hear how BOB lovingly described you. There are also videos of Bob and Lorraine when they were at my farm. Guess they never saw the security cameras. They were either too busy lying or too busy beating the ### out of McGoo. There are also videotapes and pictures that the Aicheles former employees and customers have sent me posted.

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    Shelley D. Camacho Jun 11, 2008


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    Shelley D. Camacho Jun 25, 2008



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    Shelley D. Camacho Jul 03, 2008

    Evidence against the Aicheles at

    ***Today, July 3, 2008, is 1 year to the date that Robert Aichele delivered McGoo to me in grossly neglected condition (cuts, abrasions, swollen knees, neglected feet, etc). Today, McGoo had his annual PE Wellness Exam by my Vet.
    Now that the bloody cuts and abrasions on the insides of his knees have healed, my Vet noticed numerous straight scars consistent with a prior surgery probably done to correct his poor confirmation and would have been done as a foal. She showed me where the screws would be if consistent with all of the straight scarring. She has scheduled McGoo for a digital Xray on July 31, st that will confirm whether he had a previous surgery and the digital Xrasy will show the screws in place. He has gained exactly 200 lbs in the past year and weighs 940 lbs (740lbs day of arrival). She said due to his knee deformity and poor confirmation, McGoo cannot ever have a heavy rider on him and that my weight of 115 lbs is perfect for him and will not damage his legs. After showing her a picture of Lorraine riding McGoo, she stated he should never have been ridden with such a heavy weight on his back, especially when he was underweight and dehydrated. I showed her the slide show the Aicheles have posted which certainly confirms animal abuse to include a picture of a horse they have up for sale at the moment AQHA Watch Josie Bar. "Josie" JUST turned 3 on May 10, 2005 and is also about 200 lbs underweight as McGoo was last year YET Lorraine is riding her and they are using her as a camp and lesson horse and more evidence of animal abuse. They even admit they bought her from a drought state - Illiniois (probably CJ Oakwood). The other mare they have up for sale and ridden by Lorraine for over 1 year- Trixie- failed her frontal Flexion exam and the Aicheles reduced her price by $1, 000. This is a lame horse they are selling - stating on Horsetopia NOT SOUND. Yet on their website, they don't mention that at all and state that she can compete, rope, barrel race, basically do it ALL... A HORSE THAT FAILED HER FLEXION EXAM.

    ****Here is the write up from todays exam. It will be posted on my Myspace page next week. On July 31st or a few days after, McGoo's digital Xrays and results will be posted, as well.

    History: Bought from internet last year. At arrival was in poor condition- feet neglected-underweight- had swollen knees at purchase etc. Shelley changed diet and care and he has thrived. Noted confirmation of knock knees and toe out.
    Bilateral carpus valgus, probrably from birth with the left leg worse than the right. Scars on distal medial aspect of radius bones bilaterally from previous trauma or possible from previous surgery to correct carpal valgus.
    10% reduced range of motion of right knee, 20% reduced range of motion of left knee. Both hocks have slightly curbed appearance.
    Well fed and healthy coat. Content and calm. Despite the crooked leg confirmation is not lame.
    Radiographs of knees to be performed to look for evidence of prior surgery or osteoarthritis associated with scars. Most of the issues in his legs are in his upper limbs and it is unlikely that corrective shoeing will change these.
    Due to the untimely passing of ...Shelley has switched farriers and Esco Buff will be taking over the work.
    BTW Esco Buff is WORLD renouned and as expensive as hell but my horses are worth it.
    So here is my update 1 year later.
    Happy Anniversary

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Family EquineFalse advertising

To add another comment to anyone considering buying a horse from family equine - when you ask for a kid safe anyone can ride horse don't expect to get one. I swear the mare I bought must have been drugged because after I got her she turned into a completely different horse. She is not and I dont foresee her ever being a kid safe anyone can ride horse. I have worked with her now for a year and a half and although I've made some progress I can never trust her. She will rear, buck and bolt. Although I am somewhat attached to her and have put in numerous hours working with her she basically has another 6 months to improve or I will have no alternative but to get rid of her. People should be honest when selling someone a horse - I couldn't even imagine putting a child on her nor would I ever take a child for a ride with me on her as you never know when she's going to decide to rear, buck, spin and bolt. Future advice for anyone looking for a horse - look elsewhere than family equine because they are not honest about the type of horses they are selling. I was specific to them when I said I wanted a KID SAFE ANYONE CAN RIDE HORSE!!!

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    Shelley D. Camacho Jan 11, 2008

    Family Equine's new shipment of horses will be arriving after January 20, 2008. Their website advertisement BRAGS:

    "Robert will be traveling to the West to get a load of good ranch horses that have all have been working in the feedlots! Ready after the 20th of January. These horses come from CJ Oakwood.

    C.J. Oakwood is their good old boy. He is a Livestock Auctioneer in Illinois and owns and operates CJ Cattle Company. Family Equine buys former worked to death feedlot horses from CJ and then offers them for resale in New York. They also truck horses to C.J. to unload the horses they can't sell. "You know, "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine."

    C.J. is an avid supporter of HORSE SLAUGHTER and wigged out when hearings were being held and finally, the last remaining horse slaughterhouse was closed down for good this past summer in Dekalb, Illinois.

    Here are a few of CJ's rantings and ravings I found on the internet so potential customers of Family Equine can get a gist of the "characters" of the people and business associates that they surround themselves with.
    Heres CJ's website:

    Copied from the-

    "Horse slaughter ban would be a blow to production agriculture"

    C.J. Oakwood wrote on Feb 13, 2007 9:50 AM:

    " Our politicians have not a clue what is going to happen to the equine industry and the welfare of horses IF WE BAN THE PROCESSING OF HORSE MEAT FOR EXPORT. .
    The ANIMAL / TREE HUGGERS in this country need to find another planet to live on before they ruin this one.
    FOR ALL THOSE " HORSE HUGGERS"... what are you going to do with these animals if we cannot dispose of them???
    I PERSONALLY THINK WE SHOULD HAVE HORSE MEAT AVAILABLE AT THE IGA! If anyone thinks hitting a deer with your vehicle is a bad deal.....try hitting a horse that has been turned loose by its will probably belt on! "

    Updated: Jun 17, 2007 - 01:29:45 am CDT
    Daily Chronicle Online Dekalb Illionois

    In Our View: Message to Judge and Cavel Inc.: Enough is enough

    CJ OAKWOOD wrote on Jun 20, 2007 4:17 PM:

    " "Why is Belgium telling United States judges what they should do in regards to American laws? Judge Kapala accepted a letter from Belgium that attempts to sway his decision in favor of horse slaughter. I think we need to let Belgium know that we Americans will not stand for any country dictating to us which of our laws is constitutional or not" KEEP PROCESSING HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

    Cow-Calf Weekly Mailbag December 31, 2004

    Apparently Rep. John Sweeney (R-NY) and Sen. John Ensign, DVM (R-NE) don't have a clue ("Horse Slaughter Ban Poses Broad implications"). How did Ensign get through vet school?

    I will SUPPORT NCBA 100% on FIGHTING this piece of legislative FECAL MATERIAL ! I hope R-CALF gets on the wagon, too.
    The next thing these NUTS will try to do is stop the harvesting of beef, pork and chicken!
    CattleCo Data Systems
    Oakwood, IL

    I don't know of any REPUTABLE Equine business who would associate with or buy horses for resale from someone who writes nasty ### like this. Selling horses for slaughter are his meal ticket. He could care less if they are sent to slaughter and in the violent manner in which these horses are killed (in Mexico they stab them to death with a dagger).

    If anyone buys a horse that came from CJ OAKWOOD, they are in essence keeping him in the horse auction/ slaughter business. Please consider to NOT buy horses that are sold at auction. If you feel you are saving a horse, you are doing just that.... saving ONE. But if you STOP buying horses that are sold at Auction, you will be saving thousands or more in the end.

    Legislation is in the works to pass into Law banning the transporting of horses outside of the United States for slaughter.

    This is GOOD. This Law will shut down the irreputable horse auctions once in for all . Once that happens, irresponsible horse owners won't be able to dispose of their unwanted healthy, sick, lame, disabled, elderly, pregnant, horses and foals at the most disgusting and disgraceful auctions in the US just to make a buck. They will be forced to spend the $50 to have their horses humanely euthanized- rather than stabbed to death in Mexico or Stun-Gunned in Canada.

    Before buying a horse from a Horse Dealer and not a well-known reputable Equine establishment, ask where the horses came from. Feedlot horses have been worked into the ground. They work 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, for years on end. They walk on concrete in many situations, drag semi trailer truck tires, work in rain, sleet, snow, and windy dust bowls. They start their day at 3 am moving 1000s of head of cattle and herding them into the trucks bound for slaughter. Their frustrated "cowboys" spur and whip them to keep moving the cattle. They are rammed by cattle, fall down, and after a hard days work- put in a stand stall for a few hours. They are not groomed or brushed out, feet picked, or loved .... once the horses finally give out from all of the hard work.... they are sent to auction.


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    Mary Anne Jan 11, 2008

    I looked at horses a year ago or so at the Family Equine and was not impressed with their facilities. I wish I would have brought my camera. There was so much junk lying around their property. They seemed to have too many horses and cattle on their property for the land they owned. The horses and cattle were kept in small dirt paddocks / pens and there was no grass for them to graze on. I felt they didn't provide adequate shelter for the horses they had. The barn was not big enough to bring all of the horses in if there was a storm. They may have built a new barn by now and cleaned up the place, I don't know. We looked at a couple of their horses and bought elsewhere.

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  • Al
    Almost Customer Feb 06, 2008

    No, they don't have adequate shelter for any of the livestock there. They are in the business to sell horses and don't want to waste precious pasture (very little) on a sales horse or shelter where they would have to clean up after them. We were going to look at one of their horses not too long ago. When we saw all of the junk lying around, and the way the livestock were kept, we thought we had the wrong address. We left and drove around, stopped and asked for directions, and sure enough, we were at the right house. We just left. The pictures they portray on their website are complete opposite of what we saw there. They have a nice arena, but that is all. We looked at their website recently and they took pictures of a horse in a graveyard right near their farm. They went and borrowed the graveyard property to take pictures because they don't have any of their own. If they had a nice farm, they would have taken pictures on their own property. We thought they were a big to-do horse sales business based on their website and pictures they took purposely keeping out the junk lying around. Total opposite.

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  • No
    Noreen Barden Feb 26, 2008

    I also purchased a "beginner" safe horse from Family Equine. And I also believe the horse was drugged when I went to their farm and rode him.
    Needless to say, I bought the horse, took him to my barn and tried to ride him twice. Both times he took off with me and threw me off causing considerable damage (cracked ribs, numerous bruises). Now I gave him two chances...then I consulted a few people who own horses and have ridden extensively. I had three different, very experienced, people ride this horse and all of them said the same thing. "This is NOT a beginner safe horse" and in fact all of them had trouble controlling him.
    I never got any satisfaction from the Aicheles. Was told "well, you can trade him in on another horse". My feeling was fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I did finally find someone who was willing to buy this horse from me at a considerable monetary loss. But when they bought him, they knew everything about him that I knew. I could never knowingly sell a horse to someone without divulging the whole truth. These are animals that can cause significant damage to a rider especially an inexperienced one.
    At the time, I thought that I was just inexperienced and easily taken in by dishonest people. I wish I knew that others were taken in as well as I would have pursued a lawsuit against them. I still have problems with my back from being thrown from that horse.

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  • Do
    Dodie S. Apr 18, 2008

    The Aicheles didn't borrow the graveyard property to take pictures of their horses - they trespassed. Big difference. They have desecrated a sacred place where people are buried . They have the nerve to post bible scripture on their website as well as God Bless.
    The Aicheles of Family Equine have been warned in the past about riding their horses in the cemetary due to the horses tearing up the grounds and leaving manure behind. They show such a lack of respect to the people who are buried there to include the people who visit their loved ones only to be stepping around horse balls. Photographs have been sent to the Town of Groton and I hope they get fined or better yet, charged with trespassing. Photographs don't lie so lets see them squirm out of this one.

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    Deb Ginn Jun 03, 2016

    I recently listed a complaint on Family Equine about the experience I have had with my horse. Apparently they thought this was a hint that I wanted them to take the horse back - that was NEVER my intention. I only want to save someone from getting a horse that is sold as kid safe anyone can ride or shall we say DEAD BROKE. I don't know my horses history and I don't know what hell my horse went through before I got her and can only wonder why she feared anyone to touch her face or get in her stall. She was not like this when I looked at her. She was quiet, relaxed and appeared to be the kids safe anyone can ride horse. This was the horse I thought that I could share with my nieces and nephews but a few days after having her home everything changed. It took me a year to gain her trust and although she is not yet, nor probably ever will be a kid safe anyone can ride horse she is loved and well taken care of and I have too much respect for her or any animal to ever intentionally put them in the hands of anyone that does not cherish these beautiful creatures and everything they give to us.

    Here is a little excerpt from John Lyons that says it all about these wonderful animals. Everyone that is lucky enough and blessed to own a horse or any animal should read this and remember this:

    A Gift from God. Bright Zip isn't my horse. He's God's horse. He’s just on loan to me. Likewise, the horse in your barn isn't really yours. God just gave him to you to care for and love. Because our horses belong to God, you and I will have to give an account someday for how we've treated them, which isn't a bad thing.

    If you have something really valuable, a fragile family treasure for instance, would you give it to your child when he was three? Of course not. Would you give it to him at age 16, when he has trouble just keeping his room straight? Or at 22 when he finished college and you know he'll be moving around the country, packing and unpacking? Probably not. If it was something you really treasured, you'd wait until your child was settled and able to appreciate and take care of it. By the time you give it to him, you'd be sure that he could take care of it.

    The horse is to God like that family treasure is to you. Horses are important to God, so He put within each of us the knowledge of what is right and wrong to do with them, so that we could care for them well. We may not instinctively know how much to feed them or how often they need shoes; we have to learn the specifics. But we do know, for instance, when a trainer tells us he wants to tie the horse's head around to the stirrup for 10 hours, that isn't right. Or when someone wants to hit a horse with a 2 x 4 to "teach" him a lesson, something in your gut says that isn't acceptable. We have to learn to trust our instincts when it comes to how to treat our horses right.

    But does that mean we'll never make mistakes? No. God knew that, too. When he made the horse, He not only included traits like beauty and courage; He also included adaptability and forgiveness. As much as God cares for His horses, He cares even more for us. So much, that he gave His Son's life so that we may live.

    Back to the family heirloom, if you just wanted it to be safe, you'd put it in a vault. But because you wanted to share something of yourself, you gave it to your child. That's some of why God gave us horses. He wanted us to see how their beauty, courage and, especially forgiveness is a reflection of Himself. So, next time you have a decision to make regarding your horse, remember that God loved you enough to give you the horse, and He loves the horse enough to give you insight into how to treat him. God planned that we fully enjoy our relationship with our horses.

    God Bless,
    John Lyons

    Zechariah 1:8-11
    During the night I had a vision - and there before me was a man riding a horse! He was standing among the myrtle trees in a ravine. Behind him were red, brown and white horses. I asked, "What are these, my Lord?" The angel who was talking with me answered, "I will show you what they are." Then the man standing among the myrtle trees explained, "they are the ones the Lord has sent to go throughout the earth." And they reported to the angel of the Lord, who was standing among the myrtle trees, "We have gone throughout the earth and found the whole world at rest and in peace."

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