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Hey guys...check this out...
If you are serious about a fake id then you won't be disappointed.
This guy knows how to make a good fake id.
He didn't have a DL for my state so I scanned in a sample front and back and wow...




  • Ra
    Radical Chicken Oct 05, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I know someone who is directly associated with this website. Email for information [email protected]

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  • Be
    BEST ids Jan 13, 2011

    I make EXCELLENT quality id's!!
    Email me at: [email protected] for further details. Scan, Uv, holograms. EVERYTHING. I've been creating these quality ids for about 7 years I know all there is to know. Shoot me an email!

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  • Bo
    Boogle Jun 15, 2011

    Id-who.com is fake please do not order from them they are a rip off do not make a mistake of ordering from them.

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  • Jj
    JJones84 Sep 22, 2011
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    This guy is a scammer. DO NOT SEND HIM THE $150 or even $200 bucks. He will stop responding to emails immediately after he gets the money that you wired. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!!!

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  • Mo
    Mooris Kenny Nov 19, 2011

    i've been scammed twice but thanks heaven i found the real man : [email protected]
    he provide you within 5 days only via DHL.

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  • Ha
    Hansolo696974 Jul 09, 2013
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    If you want updated quality ids, hmu.. I do not scam.
    My ids can pass all tests and scan 100% of the time..
    If your interested hmu at [email protected]
    I check my email Dailey so hmu and il get back to you

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fake IDscam artists

Zidleys are SCAM ###s!
he took my money, $400 and later wanted another $600...
now he does not reply to any emails
he is a scam

  • Ty
    TylersNoveltyIDs Apr 26, 2009

    Our website is officially up!!

    Tylersnoveltyids. webs.com

    Check us out!

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  • Ju
    jukkdd Mar 07, 2014

    Hello everyone my is Julian I work for a company called TMF (Total frat movement) We now have a section listing real fake id vendors, I basically get paid to talk to vendors and order ids to confirm there legitimacy. I will be updating this as weeks go on but this is what we have experienced so far. So i will be posting this on diffrent forums.

    1.Noveltyids.cc- Site is mainly on silk road where you need to pay with bitcoins and is just confusing. They make IL fakes and there great the quality is a deff 8/10 there customer support is iffy because hes so busy i believe his names Ioracle they are confirmed legit. Two week delivery time as well.

    2.Open ID- This site wouldnt work with us at all, will tell you why There a confirmed scam site they offer all 50 States what is a red flag in itself. We still have to order to see, No ID confirmed scam. we ordered and never got an email back after we sent the money, Stay away and beware please dont fall for the scam.

    [email protected] This company used to be a site and there domain was shut down, for sending out fakes they got a little behind in there ordering, but the people did end up getting there ids. There now up to speed and offer 4 states we ordered a NJ fake and it was perfect scanned, holograms etc, delivery time was 8 days. Customer service is great as well (if anyone didnt get there id i would shoot them an email because they did get behind but they are up to date now. They offer great deals as well.

    4.Newids.com-Great ids, good customer service delivery time took 23 days, ids scan and have real state holograms. I believe it was started by two college kids, and there now trusted vendors on Silk road as well.

    [email protected] Ted really knows his ### Hes a very legit vendor and has been around for a long time, He makes OH we ordered an OH and got the id in 9 days. Hes a trusted vendor on silk road as well hes got like 99% good reviews and his ids are great. down right great vendor

    6.IDchiefph, [email protected], IDchiefeh anything with IDchief we didnt even need to waste are time or money its a scam IDchief was a real vendor out of China that was shut down and there was imposters EVERYWHERE when he was shut down do not buy the ### at all. IDchief is 100% gone you guys.

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  • Ri
    ricarddoow Apr 14, 2014

    Nathan1 aka [email protected] aka john kenney is a scammer who in his
    Hundreds posts calls everyone else a scammer but praises [email protected]
    Just check his post history an you will see im right.
    He also advertises / spams on websites like topix where he scammed alot of people.
    He is a f*****g african scammer who probably owns a fake id webste.
    Don't fall for his ###.
    And to be honest, im sure there are scams going on but most likely the
    Reviews here are posted by scammers who want to eliminate the competition.
    Cant make a claim without a proof, and so far i aint seeing any proofs.
    This nathan1. F****r is a african scammer, do not beleive anything he writes

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  • To
    tony starker Nov 11, 2014

    Can anybody recommend a reliable non scammer fake id liscence for Austalian drivers liscence

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fake ID — ripped off by fake id site!

I tried this site because it advertised realistic looking Australian drivers licenses. I am not looking to go...