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Please beware of this organization. The owner Donna is one crazy lady and smelly too. Lies to you pretends she cares about her animals yet she's worried about the money. She's always talking bad about everyone and everything. She has no soul and if she does, it's dark just like her heart. Dropped off our dog for her to sit over a holiday vacation, "gave her a donation " and when we picked up our dog she had a puncture wound on her cheek, which required us to take her to the vet the following day. Her face was swollen and full of puss. However Donna never mentioned anything and denied anything happened under her care. Please adopt from some other place.

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First off, lets discuss how rude Donna Halpern is to people. The only glimpse of kindness you get from her is if you show interest in adopting a pet. She requires a $250 "donation" to help with the vet bills and other pets in need. Of course you want to do this, no problem. Funny enough she takes the cash and just shoves it in her pocket. Her paperwork is very disorganized. She cant find the dogs records when you adopt the dog, everything is shoved into this small mini van.

I would never adopt another dog from this woman. She is so unprofessional and I guess as long as shes good to the animals, who cares right? If interested in adopting a pet, make sure you go to Paws 4 U or Jaimes Rescue. They care more about their animals then just pocketing the cash and the turn over. NEVER AGAIN!!!

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    Johnny Mayers 45 Nov 12, 2018

    This person appears to be mentally unstable. Seriously. If you try to adopt a pet definitely meetup in a public place. Beware of Fairy Tails Rescue, their cell is 305-596-9694.

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