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Extreme PC GearBad service


What a ripoff. Worst buying experience I've had in 10+ years of buying online. Wish I'd checked their rating here first.

I ordered a Hard Drive from them. It was advertised as IBM / Hitachi 400GB (HDS724040KLAT80) Ultra ATA/100 7200RPM w/8MB Buffer Hard Drive: 0A33409 / 0A30228 / 0A30230 (OEM, Factory Sealed)

They shipped me a similar, but not the exact drive. It's not compatible with my system.

Anyway, stuff happens. People make mistakes, no problem. I asked them to ship me the correct drive.

I opened an RMA saying I ordered an HDS72404KLAT80, and you shipped me a different drive (a HDT7250).

What happened next should be nothing short of illegal.

First up, they changed their website, removing the HDS72404KLAT80 model number from the product.

If you're reading this review within a week or so of September 11 2008, you can see the change they made here because Google still has the old one cached.




Look just under where it says Regular Price. One minute it's a HDS7240 drive, and then, oh no! What happened? No it isn't a HDS7240 at all! It's obviously morphed into a completely different drive!

Now, what would they have said to someone who wasn't technical enough to pull a copy of their page from the Google cache? Perhaps something like 'No, we didn't advertise the wrong product' - no returns? Maybe.

Underhanded. At best. Fraudulent? Perhaps.

They are demanding I pay shipping costs to return the drive that wasn't actually the drive I ordered and they want a 15% restocking fee to boot!

Needless to say, my credit card company has been informed.

And if they don't come pick up their drive, I'm going to smash it into a thousand pieces.

Maybe I'll make a video and put it on YouTube with their site in the background.

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    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    Extreme PC GearWrong shipping

    I strongly recommend against purchasing items from XPCGear.com, based on my current experience.

    I ordered a Toshiba MK1031GAS 100GB Laptop HDD. XPCGear sent me an invoice and an email confirming that the order was received, and in the process of being shipped. Three days later, I received a phone call from customer service, and the salesman informed me that the model had been discontinued. He said that he had another drive that would work as a direct replacement, and wanted to know if that disk would be okay. I asked him to confirm that the replacement disk would work in a Hewlett-Packard dv1000-series laptop. He PROMISED me that it would fit, and said that XPCGear fully guaranteed that the disk was a direct replacement for the MK1031GAS.

    Well, the replacement disk arrived, and (1) it is too small, and (2) it has male connectors instead of the needed female connectors. I immediately contacted XPCGear's RMA department, only to be informed that they could not help me over the phone, and that I would have to submit an RMA request online. So as soon as I disconnected the phone call, I submitted the online RMA request, explaining the situation as described above.

    XPCGear's response was a boilerplate email that said HDD's are not return-eligible items. In general, I have no problem with that concept, except for the fact that this disk was selected by the XPCGear salesperson. If I had selected the model, which then did not work, I would have no complaint, since it would be my fault. However, I trusted the salesperson who "guaranteed" that it would work, that XPCGear stands behind their products, and that it was a direct replacement. (The drive that was incorrectly shipped is Hitachi 120GB Model No. HTS541612J9AT00, MLC: DA1574, S/N: AVJJW99D).

    In summary, XPCGear first confirmed shipment of the Toshiba MK1031GAS drive. After a few days, they informed me that, not only had it not shipped, but that it was discontinued. (even though I had already received an invoice via email for its shipment). They said it was replaced by another HDD with 20GB more storage capacity. The drive does NOT work, and now XPCGear is refusing to exchange the drive for one that WILL work in my HP dv1000-series laptop.

    If XPCGear wants to enforce a "no-returns policy" on HDD, then they should not have guaranteed the performance of a different disk. Since they did just that, it is reasonable to expect that they rectify their error, and do so without making me pay for their mistake.

    Again, if I had ordered the wrong drive myself, I would accept the "no-return" policy without complaining. However, I did nothing wrong here, except make the apparent mistake to trust XPCGear salespeople's "guarantee."

    I am still hoping that XPCGear will help resolve this issue in a more business-appropriate manner. Hopefully, this posting is a step towards that goal.
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    Date: Wednesday, 17-Sep-08 11:36:58 CDT

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    Dear Valued Customer:

    Thank you for shopping at xPCgear.com! We just wanted to follow up and see how things were going with the hard drive you purchased with us. From our phone conversation, we hope everything worked out ok after you were able to remove HP's gender changer from the back of the hard drive. The

    IBM/Hitachi 120GB 5400RPM 8MB Cache 2.5" IDE / PATA Notebook Hard Drive: 0A28418 (OEM, Factory Sealed)

    you received from us should work just fine for you. Please give us an update and amend your complaint about your order.

    Thank you again and please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

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