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Exclusive Health ProductsNo product delivered

Product was ordered on 6/27/2011, Reciept # [protected] buy one get one free back relief elite, $53.00, reciept stated 1-3 weeks for delivery it is now been 6 weeks with no delivery, numerous calls, e-mails left all went un returned, ( This Guy is a Classic scammer), So many complaints on this sight all for almost the same issues, justice will and must be served on this ya hoo, Complaint filed also with the B.B.B and next with the attorney general's office for prossecution, if he don't prevail on his word.

  • Tp
    tparsons Jul 28, 2011

    I placed. An order on 6/27/2011 for a bottle of back relief elite buy on get one free was chafed 53.00. Via cred card to jeff brown, states order will ship in 1-3 weeks, since July 5 I have called in on the order line several times, e-mail mailed him numerous times via different e-mail mail address, He Jeff Brown does not return calls or e-mail mails. Its been almost 5 weeks and still no product or response from him (WHAT A SHABBY WAY TO TREAT THE CUSTOMER ) SCREW YOU AND TAKES YOUR MONEY...THANKS FOR NOTHING JEFF BROWN YOU NEES TO BE INVESTIGATED FOR FRAUD...complaint also filed with the B.B.B. las vegas /Ohio
    JAAPER, INDIANA 47546..

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Exclusive Health ProductsPhone Number For Ordering

I order products from Exclusive Health Products all the time. I use several of their products, including Ultimate AnxietyRelief, Back Relief Elite, Happy Happy, Weight Loss Elite, & Great Nights Sleep. I also order Arthritis Relief for my Mom.

I have never had a problem with ordering from them, and I have been ordering since 2006. All of the above products work very well for me and my immediate family (they all "borrow" a bottle from me when something is hurting them, or they can't sleep, or anxiety kicks in).
I have yet to find a better product to replace any of them, and I constantly shop around for better prices and new products elsewhere.

The only complaint that I have, and it's more of a request, really... is that Jeff provide us with a phone number to place an order. I have had my card #'s stolen many times this year and last, from my computer, not the company's site. Therefore, I cannot put my digits online for any order of any kind. I am forced to use phone ordering.

For those of you, who are skeptical about these products, all I can say is ... you are missing out on pills that could potentially change your life. They really do help with pain, discomfort, stiffness, inability to sleep, and even severe anxiety. I have been using them since 2006, and I will continue to use them, because I know THEY WORK.

Please keep making these wonderful products! But, please give me a phone number, so that I can keep ordering from you. Thank you Jeff!

  • Pa
    Patricia Dumas Nov 15, 2007

    I ordered Arthritis pain reliever on 10/31/07 and was charged on my credit card on 11/2/07. Today is 11/15/07 and still have not received it.

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  • Je
    Jeff Norberg Jul 22, 2008

    Ordered product from website on 05/09/08 and my credit card was charged, of course. Product never arrived and phone calls go unanswered - automated voice says all lines are busy - can't get to them on website, either. Seems it is only good for information and ordering.

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Exclusive Health ProductsOrder for Fibrogone

We ordered Fibrogone on 7 July, the same date the credit card was charged with the cost. After many, many emails and nearly three months, still no product. The main excuse is that it's held up in Customs - well I want to know for how long! After reading the complaints on this website, I am now very dubious. I must say that the product was doing some good while my partner was taking it, but with such a big gap in the treatment, any good it achieved has dissipated.

Exclusive Health ProductsHave not received product

I ordered my exclusive health products and have not received anything in return. But they have taken my money.

  • Ja
    Jack Apr 17, 2008

    Interesting that those who complain about marketing tactics are on a website with no less than six ads on the main page and more throughout. Any business that purports to be an advocate, whether a health business or a consumer protection site, may very well be, but only after profit. Spam is a scourge, but so are mail fliers, mosquitos, and bad drivers. Of all life's unavoidable daily annoyances, spam is the most avoidable and most easily discarded.

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  • Je
    Jerre Lowe Aug 26, 2008

    I didn't order this medicine . Ultimate
    Knee Relief. What do I do?

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  • Jo
    john sheldon Sep 01, 2008

    High there i ordered four bottles of tendonitis releaf/support on the 18/8/08 and have not recieved them yet. The transaction no is ref 23109466542000 could you please look into this for me and let me know what the problem is thank you. John sheldon

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  • Br
    brian clark Sep 20, 2008

    ordered goods on the7 sept they have not arrived after 2 weeks

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  • Re
    rebecca jackson Oct 07, 2008

    i have just received my tablets 15 days late after i paid for express delivery and now i cant get them because the post office are making me pay a customs fee of £12. after reading all these messages i think i'll just leave them at the post office and put it down to a bad purchase. i will ring my credit card company to see if im covered but don't think i will be. thank you.

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  • Ad
    adrian fernley May 03, 2011

    hi my name is adrian fernley from sydney australia...i ordered some tablets for my tennis elbow over a month ago and i haven, t received them...can you help me at all...with what is happening to the delivery

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  • Ad
    adrian fernley May 03, 2011

    just questioning delivery on my tennis elbow tablets

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  • Mr
    Mrs. Olive Buck Aug 10, 2011

    Placed order for Fantastic Relief Tablets in May registered complaint 1st July as order still not received
    even though the money had been taken from my bank account, registered another complaint August, to Health Products Jeff Brown, still nothing happening, is there anywhere else that I can register a complaint as Health Products are literally stealing money from people and therefore committing a crime. Living as I do in Australia and the company being based in Canada doesn't give me much hope of a result, would appreciate any advice.

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Exclusive Health ProductsClarifying a few things

Hi everyone,

My name is John, and I'm an office manager for Exclusive Health Products. I'd like to make a few points regarding the negative posts I've seen on this site.

First, the testimonials on our sites are all from real, verifiable customers. Obviously we can't divulge personal information but if ever legally required to do so, we could provide full names, address' and phone numbers for every testimonial on our sites. I compile them myself every month.

Second, the term "scam" is loosely thrown around on anonymous message boards. Shipping problems we encounter are usually a result of customs issues for international orders. This is rare, and we typically rectify these issues quickly. However, we have no control over individual customs stations holding and inspecting our packages. Domestic shipping problems are extremely rare and are always rectified immediately.

Skepticism is often natural when ordering herbal supplements, as is ordering online in general. Then when the product does not work for someone, it is immediately dismissed as a scam. I assure you our products work for thousands of people. In some cases, they do not, and those people take advantage of our money-back guarantee.

If you are dissuaded from trying one of our products after seeing a negative post on this site, keep in mind that most satisfied customers (although I have seen a few) have no reason to post on a complaint message board. Search any major corporate name on here and see how many hundreds of complaints there are. If we refused to use any company that has message board complaints in this day and age, we'd all sit home staring at the wall all day (unless we'd seen a complaint about the painting company.)

These are the facts. Every customer is important to us, and every testimonial is real. We offer an effective alternative to prescription medication, and our rate of refund return is under 4 percent. If you would like to try our products, please do so. If they don't work for you, we'll make it right.

Exclusive Health Products

  • Ab
    abana Apr 21, 2008

    well i ordered product from this web sight and the product was called fibro gone.it made me have triple the back pain and i was rushed to the quick care with chest pain a week later.i returned the product and never got my money .they just keep saying your refund was granted.well a bank statement does not lie.so now i have to print copies of everything for my attorney just because they do not want to give me a refund.i think this product is dangerous., my chest pains stopped the day i quit taking this product so beware please.if they are promising you a refund if it does not work they are lying to you.they give no refund.so now i am going to court

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  • Ka
    Kathy Gough Nov 18, 2008

    if Exclusive Health products have so much problems with shipping then why do YOU NOT ANSWER YOUR EMAILS when frustrated customers ask the whereabouts of their products.
    To not answer emails which are sent over and over to several of your addresses - how do you think people are going to react. You need to get a decent customer policy going.
    I've emailed constantly asking on the whereabouts of my Great Night Sleep and get a deafening response of Nothing.

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