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Elegantlyboundbooks.comDon't ever use this company

On March 16, 2012, my daughter placed an order for a Guest Book and Custom Card Box. We paid for our order in full ($115.50) on that date.

On June 7, 2012, my daughter emailed [protected] to check on the status of the order. On June 9, 2012, Kelly responded stating "Hi Brittney, I will have your order out in about a week, thanks so much for your patience, Kelly Cooke".

On June 26, 2012, my daughter emailed Kelly again. This time requesting confirmation of shipping. On July 2, 2012, Kelly finally responded stating "Hi Brittney, I'm so sorry for the delay, I am working on your order and I promise it will ship this week with tracking, thanks so much for your patience, Kelly Cooke"

On July 9, 2012, my daughter emailed Kelly for the third time, requesting confirmation of shipping and reminding Kelly that her website states that products will be shipped in 6-8 weeks. Kelly DID NOT RESPOND. My daughter left a voice mail to which Kelly DID NOT RESPOND.

On July 19, 2012, my daughter emailed Kelly for the fourth time, requesting the same things...confirmation of shipment of order. On July 19, 2012, I posted a negative comment on Elegantly Bound Books fb page which Kelly deleted within an hour. I reposted. On July 19, 2012, Kelly finally responded via email and stated "Hi Brittney, at this point, I don't feel that you will be happy with anything that I send. Accordingly I am going to issue you a refund, Kelly Cooke"

It is now July 25, 2012, and we have yet to receive a refund from this "company". I have written Kelly an email stating that I was writing this review on this site, contacting my credit card company, and will be writing negative comments on fb (my own, the "company" fb page, etc).

Elegantlyboundbooks.comMy advice is to just stay away from this online vendor

I am posting to share a very negative experience I had with Elegantly Bound Books by Kelly Cooke. I ordered a guest book from her on 5/17/2010, using only materials featured on her site, noting my wedding date of 9/4/2010 and pre-paying the full amount, as required. Although her website promises delivery in 3-5 weeks, I went 7 1/2 weeks without hearing anything from her. Finally, I emailed to ask about the status of my order, and was told only that there had been "a delay, " and that I would have my book "soon." Two weeks later, I still had heard nothing, so I emailed about my order again, reminding Kelly that, at that point, my wedding was only 5 weeks away. I was told be to "be patient, " and that I would have my order in 2 weeks. A week and a 1/2 goes by with no updates, so I emailed Kelly again and was told I would have my order in one week, and again was told to be patient. At this point, I informed Kelly that my wedding was only 1 month away, and that I really needed my book soon. She promised that I would have it by Aug. 7. Not surprisingly, this date came and went with no shipment, and no email from Kelly. I finally just had to get my money back, but was left with no time to order another custom guest book.

My advice is to just stay away from this online vendor--Apart from an initial "sorry for the delay, " she never apologized or explained why it was not possible to fill my order as promised.

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    ElegantlyBound Dec 16, 2010

    I’m Kelly with Elegantly Bound. I have only been doing this for almost 2 years. My business blew up over night and I had more orders then time to create. I have since changed the way I do business the amount of orders I take a day has to add up to the amount I can get out all on my own. I was just a 28 year old newly married woman before this fell into my lap and had no idea I would be able to start a business with my skills. I always wanted to do something creative, I didn’t know what. I had a few friends tell me they thought I could sell the type of book I created for my own wedding. I am self taught, learning all this by trial and error. I am very sorry about not being able to fill this order in time for her. I would have been able to get it to her in time, but she wanted her money back so that is what I did. I really upset that someone out there is angry with me and my business. But on the other hand I can learn from this. All I ever wanted to do was create items for brides that are one of a kind and unique to their events. Again I’m sorry.

    Kelly Cooke

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