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I was charged $99 for an electric Cigarette and when I called the company they were first argumentative then offered $40 credit then $19.95 credit, totaling $59.95 to which I replied I want it all back. Then they told me it was my brother who ordered. My brother does not have my credit info let alone my credit/debit card, I vehemently denied that, upon talking to my brother he also denied and was, like I did, going to call and deny. My credit profile is owned by me and me only. I told ECig I was going to call my bank and deny their claim and then they were then blaming my brother. This has been an emotional journey as I, like I said previously, absolutely, unequivocally do NOT smoke, never have and never will. So please help me settle this, (In my favor of course), Thank you in advance for any help you might offer.


I received an email about an electronic cigarette from for a starter for 4.95. I ordered it and never received it. Then I got charged 2 weeks later $99.99 for some "refills" which I have never received either. I called the company and cancelled the "account", and told them I never received any products nor did I authorize a $99.99 charge on my credit card. They said the money was non-refundable and they could cancel the account. They said they sent the product to me, but I have never received anything.

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    jester60 Apr 30, 2015

    I was SUCKERED in by a "FREE" trial from They Start out with a $4.95 charge for shipping. They indicate that it is a trial basis although the length of the trial is difficult to define. They do not indicate that you will be charged FULL PRICE for the starter kit only that you will received future products by "membership" once the trial period ends. The added charge for the starter kit is an additional $109. does not mention that the only way to cancel is by phone which will take MANY attempts and a LOT of time on hold. It sesms that they attempt to make it virtually impossible to contact them in an effort to run out the trial period so that they can charge full price. This is what happened to me. I called at least 6 times and waited on hold and left the optional message for a call back. I did not get called back until after 10 days and advising them that I notified my credit card carrier.

    Once I FINALLY got to speak with a customer service rep (outsourced) she went into the most pathetic hard sell I have ever experienced. Ultimately offering me a lowered lifetime price of $29/mo instead of $59. She refused to break from her script until I just kept repeating the same phrase, "Give me a cancellation confirmation number. Do you understand me?" After about 18 times I was granted a cancellation

    As far as the actual product it is by no means like a real cigarette. It is longer, thicker and WAY HEVIER, than any cigarette or cigar for that matter, than anything I have ever handled. The draw is kind of normal. They taste a bit like tobacco but smell like anti freeze. After the first few uses I was getting headaches and stopped using them completely.
    One last thing is the website has no function other than to start a membership. You can not contact them to purchase or cancel. They will only sell on a continuous basis. All in all it was the WORST purchase experience in my life.

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Ecigs — taken money without my permission

i took advantage of the one off special for an e-cig but since then e cigs have taken 73 pound from my account without permission