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Eastern ConnectionBunch of thieves

They will try to tell you that in order for your car to be picked up on time, you will have to pay Asap. Don't do it. they will tell you they only do electronic transfer from your account, LIARS. Check their web site, it says they that CC. They will not show up on the DATES they give you and not call you at all cause they already got your grand. they will then stop answering your call, tell you its your fault, tell you gas is expensive, tell you next week. A Eastern Connection is a bunch of thieves.

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    Mitoona Oct 08, 2009

    I signed a contract with a Eastern Connection to have my car picked up in South Carolina and delivered to California April 30 2017. Well on may 27 I cancelled the contract because my car was never picked up. After begging them for my money back the sent me a bogus refund check in July that couldn't be cashed. I see on the internet that they are still stealing money from people with a promise of service they never deliver just type in a eastern connection on the computer and you will find quite a few of us that is trying to get our money back.

    This company has been doing this for a number of years and is still in business. Can any one out there stop this internet scam from continuing.

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Eastern Connectionfraud

I contracted this company to transport my car on 8-1-2008 and i told them i was moving to tampa, fla and i needed my vehicle by [protected] every time i connected this company they have not given me a pick up date and i am in tampa now without my vehicle, They took money out of my checkibg account twice unauthorized and never apologized or gave me compensation. I got suspicious and now i disciver their all these complaints about this company. These people need to be arrested and put out of business. they are thieves and con artists,

Eastern ConnectionFailure to deliver transportation service and terrible customer service

Contracted with this company 10/20/06 for delivery of van from Florida to California. Was told it would arrive in 10-14 days. Multiple phone calls resulted in a multitude of excuses and we were told that per the contract, they are not responsible for delivery in a reasonable amount of time. TWO MONTHS LATER, STILL NO VAN!

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    Tracey Faill Jan 05, 2007

    This company A Eastern Connection is the worst! They were supposed to pick up a car on Jan 2nd 4 days later they never showed. Everytime I called they were nasty and rude and it was one lie after another. This company should be closed down. HORRIBLE COMPANY! It must be run by idiots!!!!!!

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    ramesh Jul 30, 2008

    Hi Every one,

    I am badly taken for a ride by the A Eastern connection company, They faxed me the docs on 6th of july
    and i faxed them back with authorisation to charge $980, I had to do this because they promised to pick the vehicle from california on 10th or 11th, july Which they never picked up, When i called them they where rude at me and told me that i should read the fine print, Which says 14 days, But now they are calling em for extra money foe Gas hike prices.

    I have agreed to pay $130 for gas when the driver delivers the car to me.On 17th they called me from a private number and said the truck is in SFO they should be coming to Fremont CA, By eveining, No one turned up, AGain when i called them they started shouting at me saying that I am pressurising them.

    No one turned up to pick my vehicle, Lat week on 25th july i called them saying when can i expect the driver to pickup they said weekend, No one showed up, I called them on monday, I answer i get is the driver met with a heart attach, I have to wait until he recovers, On tuesday i called them to return my money, They where not only rude they say they are waiting on medical reports of driver.

    I lost my mind hearing that and questioned them whats when the Greg guy comes on phone and talks trash at me.

    I have decided to inform the Newyork State attorney General and BBB, Also looking for people to join me to sue this company, So that they will never cheat any one like us.

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