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This person came to our door asking to purchase magazines or books to excel in school. Never received...

Dynasty SalesDynasty Sales scam - They are still at it

I just wanted to thank everyone for the heads up regarding Dynasty Sales. A very charming young lady by the name of Nadine came to my door in Westfield, IN (just north of Indy) selling children's books, religious stuff, etc. I was taken in by her charm and placed an order for $40 plus $15 shipping and handling. After she left I decided to check it out online. I don't know why I didn't do so while she was still here! Anyway, I read here that it was all a scam. I jumped in my car to see if I could track her down. I did, and then called the police. Meanwhile she was joined by her two 'co-workers'. They accused my of stalking Nadine and I explained to them that the police were on their way. They walked away, but the police came right then. The police officer talked to them and the result was that they did not have a permit to do soliciting in Westfield. He got my check back too!

So thanks again everyone for posting! Saved me $55 (and some embarrasment of having to tell my wife!!! )

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    Donna Ackel Oct 15, 2008
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    On 5/23/08 a young man by the name of David Samson came to my door selling books, tapes, and cd's to help raise money for him to go on a senior trip. He presented a brochure from which people could order a variety of books, magazines, cd's, etc.

    I did indeed purchase item #746 which was a set of Sing Along Songs that contained 4 cd's. I wrote him a check in the amount of $71.00 Ck. No. 3867. I have a written receipt and to date have never received any merchandise.

    Please advise whether there will ever be any merchandise coming.

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  • Bm
    bminge Jul 30, 2009

    Had Daniel Miller come to my door last Tuesday selling books. Said the local soccer team had take 1st place and was now going to Spain (I don't have kids in school so I didn't know either way about this). Told me his parents were paying his way but his Dad wanted him to help fund raise for the rest of the team. Told me where he lived and a distinctive tid bit about his home (which I thought I'd seen) and that maybe I've seen his father jogging with their golden retriever (also thought I'd seen). Fell hook line & sinker - he was smooth. I was leary to begin with so I should of followed my instinct. No such home in the neighborhood so I called the school to see if the soccer team was selling books. Nope!! I reported this to local law enforcement. Tried to send an email to mydynastysales.com but the email wouldn't go through (big suprise). Well I've learned my lesson. However if this would of happened to my mother or my kids who couldn't afford the $ which I spent - I would be really ticked off. Shame on you Dynasty Sales & Daniel Miller (if that's really your name).

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  • Ma
    marilyn dolezal Oct 02, 2009

    I ordered 5 educational book from a young lady who said she was from our neighborhood and discribed where she lived .She was going to the university and selling books to earn points to study in London. She said that most people who bought the books donated them to the children's hosp. She said that she had sold books to other neighbors so I talked with them and they had not bought any books form that individual I paid $40 for the books plus $15 for shipping and handling. I purchased them on july 28 2017. As of sept 22 I have received only one book. I have to receipts and my cancelled check. there were no phone numbers to call anyone so I wrote to the company and also to the company that sent tthe book MFS fulfillment center og phoenix p.o. box 83450. I have not received any response form them.

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  • Ma
    Marjorie McNae Oct 24, 2009

    On July 14, 2017, my husband and I were approached in our yard by 2 athletic young men who told us they lived in our Dugualla Heights community. They said they were home-schooled and that they were raising money to help less-fortunate young men go to a big soccer tournament in Slovakia. We purchased 2 sets of books and a tape for our grandchildren - each set cost $49.00. We were told their names and after asking them where they lived, they told us the area. Now, of course, I realize we were scammed.

    What can we do?

    Marj and Bill

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  • Su
    sucker101 Dec 23, 2009

    you people need to shut up and get real!!!

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  • Ex
    exdynastemployee9635 Jun 10, 2010

    the books are only one book for a total of 55.00 (49.00 plus 15.00 process and handling) but the owner ryan adkins teaches people to lie an d say it comes with 6 books 2 coloring books and a dvd! false!!!

    i'm actually surprised that you say you received your books and aor magazines. most people don't. especially cash orders. they use it to travel. yes, the people travel. 14 days per city. by the time your 120 day grace period is up they are LONG GONE! they won't get permits to sollicit because one it cost alot. 2. the towns do back ground checks. and of course they dont have the best rating in town. so they force us to go sell. if we get stopped my the police its always our fault. (we had to had done something wrong... thats where they are WRONG! we are doing a job that how we were trained to do.. another thing is that we dont really get paid. it boils down to room and board and food. we you want to woth draw your money off your books they make up every little receipt they ever paid including hotel food, solliciting tickets, etc etc. untill on paper it looks like they owe you nothing but indeed you owe them. if you dont make quota its HELL to pay... also they expect you to sale and stay positive but every time you go into the van blank meaning no sales you literally get cussed out by the drive or car handler. then you finally get to the hotel where you are staying around 10 o' clock that night. if you dont have quota you have to go to meeting and cussed out even more plus more. till about 1 or two in the morning. then you wake up at 9 go to meeting and do it all over again. how in the hell can anyone be positive like that!

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  • Ex
    exdynastemployee9635 Jun 10, 2010

    also you can contact them right now. they are staying at the extended stay in indianapolis. the owner ryan adkins room number is 239. the meeting room is 330. also the van driver andrew phylis number is 1-888-301-0019.

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  • Ex
    exdynastemployee9635 Jun 10, 2010

    also ryan maybe in room 205 at the extended stay in indianapolis. next to the laquints inn and waffle house and speed way.

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  • Su
    Susanna60 Jun 15, 2010

    OH, PLEASE PLEASE. By what you say it sounds like you KNEW going in that what you were being asked to do was and is either illegal and at the least unscrupulous. As long as each rep can collect 1 payment with which they do NOT intend to honor, the company has all they need. Because this happens over and over again in cities all across the country, they can make millions on just 1 sale per household.

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Resolved Dynasty Salesdid not receive product paid for

On November 10, 2008 two young men came to my door to sell magazines, books etc stating they were in a contest to win points for a trip and to learn communication skills. They carried what appeared to be legitimate identification and brochures of their products. I wrote a check for $49 and received a receipt for the purchase. The check cleared quickly. I have yet to receive the cook book I purchased.

I have read other complaints such as mine through website threads and want to know if anything can be done about this?

Thank you,
Jamie Simmer

  • De
    Death Bringer Sep 14, 2009

    I was approached at my house by two 20 yr olds "selling" magazines. They said they were local and were trying to earn a trip or some other nonsense. I gave them 118 bucks (like an idiot), and of course I have not gotten what I paid for. This is a TOTAL scam and they are based in Phoenix, AZ.
    I would like to find these people and beat them like they deserve. Anyone want to take a trip to Arizona with me? We can provide this company with the beatdown of a lifetime.

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Resolved Dynasty SalesAwful people

Young woman went door-to-door in our Freeport, Illinois subdivision. Claimed to have recently moved in to the neighborhood. Said her name was Penny and her parents were Mike and said she was a student raising money to study in England. Asked us to buy a block of children's magazines which would be sent to one or another children's hospital $55/block. Wanted us to buy two blocks for $110. We did not tumble but several of our neighbors did. We called the police. They caught up with her and unraveled her lies but did not arrest her because they found that Dynasty Sales really exists.

We argued 'theft by deception' but didn't get the police to buy it. So she is gone on to work their scam on others.

Dynasty SalesMisrepresentation of product

A young woman came to our door late in the summer stating that she was a neighbor from down the block and selling books before going off to college. With small children, we don't know all the older kids, but we also knew the house on the corner has college students. Trusting this individual, and always willing to spend a buck on books for our kids, my husband purchased $95 worth of books. They were supposed to be educational and include books and cd's. The books arrived this week and they are two search and find books worth no more than $10 apiece. What a scam.

  • Ma
    Marsha Jan 29, 2009

    I just got hit with the same scam. Am csanceling my checks now.

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Resolved Dynasty Sales — Scam and fraud!

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