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Resolved Dunn Russell And AssociatesMortgage Modification Fraud

After doing some research on this firm I decided to engage them at the end of June 2009 to handle my loan modification with CitiMortgage. It was my understanding that this was an ACTUAL law firm (meaning actual lawyers, and their clerks). I had to pay them the $2950 up front in order for service to start. Of course, I didn't have $3000 lying around, so they suggested that the money come from the next 3 mortgage payments that I would have made. I questioned this and was told by Mr David Allen that this is what they were telling all their clients AND that the mortgage company couldn't file any updates to my credit report because, under the FCRA, I was filing for a loan modification.

At this point I was feeling desperate because CitiMortgage was charging me an exorbitant mortgage rate, the payment DID'NT even include an escrow, and I had been borrowing on my personal credit just to make ends meet until that was running dry. My credit rating was already taking a hit because of a few missed payments here and there, as I was trying to make the mortgage payment a priority.

At any one time I NEVER got updates from Dunn Russell unless I called them several times. And even then I just got a runaround from one assigned 'processor' after another. I was told the loan mod would take no more than 90 days but by Nov 2009 (which was just at 90 days) the 'Trial Period' payment had at least just begun. This was to be a 3 month period of time afterwhich CitiMortgage would send me an offer of a permanent new rate.
After I made my 3rd payment (Feb 2010) I got mail from CitiMortgage that the original documentation for the loasn mod had never been received by them. (that is another story about the complete NON-efficiency of CitiMortgage). I called Dunn Russell to find out about this and was greeted by their bankrupcy voicemail.

Dunn Russell And AssociatesLOAN MODIFICATION

In Aug.2009 I hired these ###! I paid them $2995.50 They told me theywould be preforming a" Forensic Audit" they would restrusture my loan, they could extend it to 40 yrs and get a lower interest rate, they would have there attorney analyze my info and make sure I was eligable, because the dont accept cases they can not win.The next evening around 5:30pm I was told by Debbi Metcalf Dunn Russell's office in Orange Calif. She said they would take my case and I was looking at a 40yr. 3%-4% and payment would come down to 920.00 including escrow. I started getting the runaroundin sept. they wouldnt call or email they'd come up with excuse after excuse they switched SR. procesors four times and each of them would need me to refax my paperwork telling me it was incomplete, I told them I dont uderstand how that is possiable I have sent you the same papers 4 Freaking times. Be paitent this is a long process and takes time, I went into default, I faxed them the info they told me its ok . Next Im getting foreclosure papers Im coming unglued and want my moneyNo one would return my calls or my emails the next processor Robrt Tiva yes your home is being forclosed but in doesnt have a sell date, I told him I dont want it to get a [censored] sell date. My next processor is KimA. she plays her game with me and I call Steve dunn he has his turn playing the same game I call Brian the Attorney and yes now its his BS . Here is the Kick me in the teeth. on Feb. 9, 2010. Oscar D Torres Jr. my final Bullsh***er. Tells me the modification has been approved it will happen in a week or as soon as I fax him the updated doc. my lender needs he sent all the info. via email just follow the instrutions( Im thinking Oh my god is that the light at the end of the tunnel I was hoping for)? so I get all the doc. im taking them to work to fax on tuesday but I need to ask 1more question so I call and Hear"" You have reached the former office of Dunn russell..blah blah. Im saying oh god please .Have any of you received the notice in the mail they said they would be sending or know how to check if and when they filed. I am SO MAD!!! GOOD LUCK to everyone who as I Trusted these Azz*****.

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    can't believe it Feb 25, 2010

    I'm in the same boat but I was luck and might be able to save our home. I have not received any paper and don't know how to find out either. I wished someone who call the early show or good morning America and tell them the story and maybe they can help. I can't believe they can get away with this. I work in a business were bankrupts happen all the time and we get paper after paper on very step . You would not believe all the papers we get. I think after the paper, stamps of mailing and the envelopes and attorney fee they could of just paid there bills. I have looked over this internet and have found a lot of people trusted them with their homes. It very sad that this is what happen and the government LET IT. If they can't give our money back then the government should let us take that amount off our taxes the whole amount. Dunn & Russell should be arrested for scamming. If you find out anything please post it. I will check off and on to see. Good Luck don't feel bad your were one of proably millions they got.

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    Happy to Share Mar 07, 2010

    We had considered working with Dunn Russell in September of 2009. After a change of heart (and initial deposit of $500), it took me nearly a month and a half to get our money back. My name must have been listed as a client, as I have recently received a notification that the firm has declared bankruptcy. Fortunately, our deposit was small (and we got it back).

    Firms like Dunn Russell seem to attact clients based on the (perceived) promise of big reductions -- in our case, they suggested that we could save over $1000 a month in payments, and that they could deliver a modification to our APR to as little as 2%.

    My instinct was to contact the bank directly and work with them to modify the loan. The truth is that we didn't need a 2% APR on the mortgage -- getting it down to 4.25% would prove to be a big enough impact on our monthly expenses.

    I'm happy to report that our lender was able to accommodate our needs, and gave an extremely favorable modification -- good for the life of the loan.

    The guidelines and programs available to homeowners are changing everyday. Before you consider shelling out up to $3000 to get a modification, you may want to call your bank and see what they can offer you.

    Good luck!

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    Another Upset Client Jul 22, 2010

    Here's an email I received from a Steve "Petersen" @ Nationwide Loan Serivces (formally Dunn Russell & Associates) today - 7-22-10:

    Very upset!!

    (Named Left Off, My Name):

    Yesterday my 16 year old daughter flipped in her friend's car and skidded on the pavement at 35 mph for a few hundred feet. Today I had another family disaster that I won't go into. My daughter's health, thank God, is ok, and the other family emergency is being tended to.
    Don't worry - these aren't metaphors, analogies, fables, or anything of the like, rather they are hard core facts.

    Dealing with this, and every other problem going on in this Obama administration (that I had nothing to do with), I still have the wherewithal to deal with your lender and other lenders of NW clients.
    What I do not have time for is to kowtow to your every whim and demand and give you the keys to this company and throw you in the driver's seat.

    I've had it with your threats, demands, tactics, and bullying of me and the staff of this company.

    You will be treated the exact same as other clients and will not get any special privileges other than the ones everyone else gets.
    Your file is in review, PERIOD, END OF STATEMENT.

    Call you private investigator, your lawyer, your President Obama, or whoever if you don't like it, but quit demanding things from this office you're not going to get.

    I was told by both Sinead and Walter that you are a nice guy. I believed them. As a matter of fact I still believe them, but you sure did find yourself a way to get my craw and grind away at me. It's as though I did something personally offensive to you when I know I didn't.
    You want to know how many people work here? You're really dying to know? It's between 2 and 500, but I can't be specific.

    I tell you we're no longer in need of a lawyer doing background checks on your original loan documents and you ask me, "how do I know that"? Because I told you. How do you know anything? If you watch the news tonight and they tell you ten troops died in Iraq, how do you really know? Ooops - there I go with a comparison/analogy and you're a big Professional Purchasing Agent Straight Shooter or whatever it was you so greatly impressed me with in your deep, fascinating resume.

    Next - show me in your agreement with us where it says I have a responsibility to PROVE TO YOU how many people worked on your file. The flat out truth is it was between 2 and 500, I guarantee you.
    Show me in your agreement where it says we would have your mod completed in three months, four, five, six, etc. It doesn't. We're trying. We have to use up more payroll for every week it drags on. THAT COSTS MONEY - THINK...DO WE REALLY WANT TO SPEND MONEY WE DON'T NEED TO SPEND?

    Here's a question for you: What incentive do you think we have to drag out getting a mod for you? Think about it? Give up? Answer: None

    Next: show me in your service agreement where it says we will drop everything we're doing and give you a day by day, hour by hour, blow by blow update of everyone Sinead has spoken to and when. You could scan and email that part of your contract to me, but I won't hold my breath waiting for it.

    You want our address for the fifth time? 2416 W. Victory Blvd, Burbank, CA 91506. It sits on the boarder of Burbank/North Hollywood so that might be what you're talking about, otherwise I can't figure out what Walter told you.

    Mr. ****** - had I not nearly just lost my teenage daughter there may well have been a different tone to this email, but in the big scheme of things your complaints and demands, which I deem to not have merit, have pushed me over the edge.

    For the 3rd time, I am not going to call you until I have time - so don't waste your time writing me back telling me to call you.
    I am sorry the modification is not completed as yet. That is through no fault of Nationwide who are working for you.


    Steve Peterson
    Sr. Compliance Manager
    Nationwide Loan Services, Inc.
    (866) 291-6032 ext. 205

    Unreal! Someone needs to pay them a VISIT!

    They need to be held accountable!!

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