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Duct cleaningNo show on two occasions

contracted Spirit home services thru LivingSocial on October 23, 2014. First appointment was for Monday November 24, 2014 from 9 to 11 am. Received call from company on the day of the appointment at 10 am saying that there was a problem and needed to reschedule for December 3, 2014. On this day, the second appointment, received a call at 9:45 am (appointment was for 9 am) and was told they had some unknown problem, and they would have to reschedule again. I had to take time off from work twice for these appointments and the person on the phone could care less. Matter of fact, SOL.
They said they would get back to me about rescheduling. And the caller was rude. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE! However, LivingSocial did refund my money via paypal, so they were professional.

Resolved Duct cleaningbait and switch scam

Had a coupon for duct cleaning for 39.95. The tech. came into my home and stated he needed an additional 60.00 to cut holes into duct work to get access to the area he needed to clean. My husband spoke with him over the phone and we agreed to this additional price. Bring out total to 99.95. After he began cleaning the duct work he showed me by camera a build up of dirt and dust he was removing. A few minutes later he asked if we could sit down and talk. He stated he had four additional places he needed to access and there would be an additional charge of 570.00 dollars to do this work. I immediately told him to finish what he had started and get out to my house. I made copies of each item he had after a battle with him for a copy of my original estimate. He told me this is the way they are trained, to give customers this go around and then tell them of the addtional charges while into the work. I had to call the company in order to get a copy of the original estimate he gave me. This is not right. This is a typical bait and switch scam. This company then charged me 40.00 dollars to clean a 6 foot long dryer vent and there is still dust remaining. I don't understand why a company like this is still in business. They are just allowed to change there name and keep on scamming other customers. And they don't seem to care when you call the office. The girl on the phone agreed with me that it was not right but they don't do anything about it. I am going to call the magazine that gives out the coupons and let them know what happened and I also am contacting the Better Business Bureau and the NJ division of consumer affairs. KB

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    Vaness Mar 04, 2009

    I experienced the similar thing as well. Got a coupon for whole house air duct cleaning for $42.00. Called and scheduled the service, the guy came and peeked into the attic and said that my metal air duct is rusted "inside" and no point in cleaning them because it is a waste of money. He tried to persuade me to replace the metal air duct with fiberglass/plastic, and quoted me $3, 200!! Of course, I did not buy his "comment". The company is called U-Care Air Duct Cleaning. I then called Sears for the cleaning, and the service tech told me metal air duct is the best of its kind cos it last!!

    What a scam!! I hope people would not fall into this bait and trap scam!!

    San Diego, CA

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