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My name is Preeti... I'm a student... I'm from Mumbai... I had applied for work from home job... After 2 days the company named "DS Services"called me n asked me to fill 1500 forms in 10 days n they will pay me 30000 after submitting the forms.. They will take forms for correction n then they will pay 30000 after 7 days... The aggrement which they game me.. I found the same aggrement in Google... (with same signature and date) 100rs stamp paper aggrement... Which was totally fake n rest of the agreement papers were edited... Today it's been 12 days they called me n telling me that "I've signed an agreement n didn't do the work.. so I have to pay 5000".. After they called me they asked me "Aapki mom ko English aati hai kya*".. just to check whether we are smart family or no... This company is totally fraud.. Please take some legal actions.. There are many ppl facing the same problem but no one is ready to take action against it... Again n again they are calling me n saying they will raise a case against me soon... Notice will be sent to my place after 7 days n all... Pls raise a complaint... There are girls as well whose doing this kind of fake business... They are just cheating Poor's n good ppl... Please do something this is a real situation pls don't ignore...!!! Today we are facing n we don't want others to face this same kind of problems... Kind request pls...!

form filling (online)

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    Ameyd46 Dec 07, 2018

    Dont pay them any money they are fraud people...they arr only threatening us and demanding money from us...same thing has happened to me and my friend...my Friend in threat he paid 4900 at first but later on they started demanding for 12000 rs.. please dont pay them any money its a request to all of you...
    We are creating a whatsapp group where...all of us have to get together and face them in a crowd...cuz this cannot br handle by any one single person.. please joim our WhatsApp group by visiting this given link..

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DS Servicesonline form filing 1500 forms a big fraud to me

Hi myself Abhishek, I completed DS Services work within in 10 days. And asked to wait for QC report.. I was waiting for payment request however I got a message and email which shows my QC report is failed.. now they are forcing me to submit the penalty amount of rs 4900 to them .. this morning I received two Msgs, 3 calls and 1 email and threatening me to pay the amount as soon as possible otherwise legal actions and proceedings will be there... What should I do in this case and how can I overcome with this situation ??? Plzzz help ... My heart felt that this is something fraudulent before the completion of fraud however I completed the work just to avoid the penalty charges. Now they are stati g that my accuracy is not 90% which is wrong.. I cross checked each and every form of mine...

DS Servicesfraud company

I got call from Dg services for online form filling . They gives job for typing 1500 application in 10 days. Will spend 7 hrs daily and do.
They said sent me a address proof document and I sent him and then they made a aggreement on a non judiciary stamp of my name as second party and their own as second party. Then they sent me a user id or passworld and sent me a website link named workathomes .
and after i will check their reviews and i got it totally fraud. And i quited their work now they are sending me a legal notice to pay 5000 money .If i not pay the money they will take legal actions on me Please check this whole matter. They are try to scare the people for paying the money. So please tell what should i do now?