Dry Cleaners Complaints & Reviews

Dry CleanersCustomer Dissatisfaction

What a joke this place is! As the saying goes, "You get what you pay for", but in the case of the $1.99 Cleaners, you don't even get that!! At this price, I didn't expect a class act, but I also didn't expect them to burn a $125 Tommy Bahama shirt, break buttons on numerous Brooks Brother's dress shirts, return a custom dress shirt with a torn sleeve, and refuse to do anything when I finally asked them to replace a button. Both non-English speaking employees just pointed at a sign near the floor that says "Not responsible for damage." I could tolerate the stapling of their paper tracking #'s to my clothes, the extra creases in my clothes due to sloppy ironing, and the several times where they could not get the clothes clean, but refusing to take responsibility for the quality of their work is reason to NEVER return to this place.

Dry CleanersRuined my 3 white suites

I took 3 suits into Pro dry Cleaners that weren't dirty. I like to be fresh serving as a Stewardess for Quinn Chapel AME church, the oldest black church in the city. I went to pick them up on Friday, one suit looked as if it had been washed, and the colors were no longer White. They were grey. The asistant manager name is Amy. She was very rude. I ask her to look at my suits. She could not say they look good. But she was very nasty and she kept saying she did not see the items when they were brought in. When I droped them off I said to the girl at the counter please do not gray my suits. I have heard some terrible stories about Pro Clean. After going to them for over 25 years I've never taken my whites to them. But in these thimes trying to save, cost me dearly. I thought they'd stand behind their work. My advice about their sale coupons is take them to another cleaners. Its not over with I went back today and they are worse . I told them I'm not paying for this, In fact they owe me for destroying my suits. She said the manager is Jenny I'd have to come back again tomorrow, Sunday .Most cleaners accept the coupons. The grief is not worth it.

Dry CleanersRuined Clothes

I've been going to Village Cleaners, near the Clock Tower in Herndon, VA, for years and I have never had a problem. They were never friendly, but they got the job done and I was happy. This changed once they completely ruined my wife's dress. When I brought the ruined dress to their attention they said it wasn't their fault even though they managed to rip the dress and burn it. First they said it was my fault, then they blamed the dress designer, and finally they said that they are not responsible for destroyed articles of clothing. I'd highly recommend using a different cleaners.