Dry Clean Depot Complaints & Reviews

Dry Clean DepotRuined my dresses

Took an evening dress to be dry cleaned 2 months ago, came back to pick it up and the dress had snags (dress had been only worn once, receipt can prove that date of purchase was a short while before taken to the dry clean depot) and dress buckle was broken. Notified manager, manager stated he will see about getting snags fixed. Notified him if he can fix snags I will buy a new buckle. Did not receive a call back. Called Dry clean depot to check on status and was notified dress ready for pickup. Arrived there and dress was still damaged. Contacted manager and he stated that dress said "dry clean only" and that that he dry cleaned it. Manager is claiming that dress had snags because it was worn several times. Again, receipt proves otherwise. Manager will not provide reimbursement for dress but claims that dress should be taken back to place it was purchased. This is the second dress I have taken to this location and the exact same thing happened to the other dress and the same claims were made that its the manufacturing company's faults. Both dresses were only worn once. Dress cost is $80 and I'm asking to be reimbursed for it as the dress is no longer wearable.

  • Le
    le85 Apr 20, 2010

    I should have clarified in regards to my above complaint; that this was the complaint I sent to BBB. The customer responded rudly and would not refund me

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  • Dr
    Drycleansurvey Jul 27, 2010

    The dry cleaners know that they're responsible for your dress, they also know you have no proof that they damaged your dress. drycleansurvey helps customers like you to protect yourself from bad dry cleaners worldwide. Visit our website for a list of dry cleaning tips. it will save you time & money in the future. over 14 years experience in the dry cleaning industry.

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Dry Clean DepotTerrible service

I have been going to Dryclean Depot at the Farmington Hills Location in MI for about 2 months now. On my last trip I had given shirts for laundry. Out of the whole order, they have misplaced 6 of my shirts with someone else's and have yet to do anything to find my shirts! I have physically been there 3 times in the last two weeks with no luck in either customer service or getting any status on where my shirts are!

I have had NO follow-up from the Owner and the Manager (Taurean) claims that it is not his fault and will take

no blame and basically it is not his problem. Is this how customers are treated at Dryclean Depot?

The Owner, Mel Jackson, has yet to call me back. It has been a week since I have been told that he would

call me and give me a status on my shirts. What is it going to take to get my shirts back and a status as to

what the store owner is doing to get those shirts back to me! On my last trip there, there was another gentleman

who was in the same predicament that I am in. That had lost his shirts also. Is this the type of experience Dryclean

Depot is going to give?

I am extremely disappointed with the type of service I have been experiencing. I was very happy when I read about Dryclean Depot in the Hour Magazine and learned how competitive your company was in its pricing

but at this point I am extremely disappointed and would rather pay higher prices and get proper service and atleast have all my clothes. For your company they may just be "some shirts" but for me these are "my shirts" and I have paid good money for them and don't like to have them be lost. Some of the shirts are even

from India and cannot be replaced. I have never had this experience and it is extremely disheartening.

  • Da
    Dave Oct 31, 2008

    I agree! I've been using the store off an on for a year or so. At best, I've been treated with indifference by the staff. Recently I had a shirt lost. When it eventually was found, I dicovered that it had been burned by the iron! I'd advise others to go elsewhere.

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  • Li
    Lisa Nov 08, 2008

    Just tried them for the first time. Almost walked out because there was customer complaining about chemical spots on a suit jacket. Decided to try them. Brought in 10 items. Two days later went to pick them up and only got 5. Staff is very uncooperative. I have used the one on Woodward in Birmingham and the one on Telegraph and Square Lake. They are both great and the staff is very friendly and caring. Never come to Farmington Hills again.

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  • Li
    Liz Nov 29, 2008

    I tried them for the first time. My mistake of taking in 40 pieces! They lost -- 5 pieces! 4 of the pieces were mates to the other pieces I did have. For example, I had the pants, but not the suit jacket. I complained for two weeks via phone. I went in on three occassions. I wrote letters -- absolutely nothing! They state they have closed circuit t.v. that they can review to see if YOU really brought the clothes in -- this is B.S. I asked for a claims form to file a claim with insurer -- never got one and they refused to give me one! STAY AWAY!! If you must use Dry Clean Depot, use another location. I drive to Center Line location.

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  • Ca
    cashmier May 27, 2009

    they lost an 180$ shirt of mine and the little punk manager ask me if i still had the reciept...WHATTT!!! Are you kidding me? Find my shirt or give me my money. THE WORST DRY CLEANING SERVICE IN THE HISTORY OF WASING CLOTHES. why would i still have a reciept for a shirt from 2 years ago, and plus what would that prove...they dont know what kind of shirt it was...so i could say it was a 1, 000$ vercace shirt, but i was honest and he still tried to give me crap. THIS IS HOW SOME PEOPLE GET...

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  • El
    ELJ Jun 07, 2010

    After reading some of the comments above, I must
    admit that I had terrible service as well UNTIL the new
    management team took over. The new management took responsibility of the previous managements mistakes and now things seem to be operating smoothly. I would recommend Dryclean Depot/Farmington Hills location to my family and friends.

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  • Mi
    Miss Johnson Jul 13, 2012

    They lost my new shirt...We looked at their video, and low and behold, there she was putting my shirt in a 3rd bag so we have the proof!!! It's 3 weeks later, and they still want to continue looking for the shirt...Won't return my calls, as I explained to their mgr., I have waited 3 weeks my patience has run out therefore, they need to pay for the shirt. His answer we can't stop you from filing a claim if you don't wish to wait any longer. It's a summer shirt; should I wait until winter.. The lower price is not worth it for the HASSLE, GAS PRICES, INCONVENICE, and the way that they handle their error as though it’s your error, BEWARE!!!

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  • Ja
    Jame123 Oct 10, 2012

    Hey everyone don't ever go to this place.
    This is my second time that they spoiled my really expensive shirts and jackets.
    First of all they don't wash your clothes well and they don't even iron your shirt that good. They break most of the shirts buttons while washing and little holes on the shirts as well. My both shirts were around 170$. They even spoiled my PUMA jacket.

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  • Al
    AlliHamud Aug 23, 2015

    The same happened to me. DO NOT GO THERE. You will lose several buttons by the button cutter [employees who do not want to undo buttons] and the shirt swap for the wrong shirt that someone stole. A shirt is a shirt but thou shall not steal is written somewhere. NEVER EXPECT ANYTHING WHEN YOU GET ONE LOST.

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