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Drug RehabMisleading information led to financial loss

My son was in a hospital after an over dosage, I was surfing the net for a non bias information about rehab centres. I came across the web site which I thought is a public service with information about rehab centres across Canada

I called he number and left a message after few minutes someone called me from there and I told him my story. He asked me literally 3 questions about the substance my son used, his age and for how long where I was not able to answer the last question.

He then replied in confidence that he found exactly the right rehab for my son and gave me the name of a centre in Ontario while I lived in Calgary.
I asked about the reasons of a far away centre and he said that they would also take good care of his mental health better than anyone else and adviced me that a Councillor will call me from there .

A person from the facility called and he was very polite and convincing. Both him and DRS pushed me to send my son to them once he is discharged from the hospital and asked me to pay them CAD 37, 000 up front. I was not even given a way to think as they were calling one after another. I was all the time under the impression DRS was a non for profit public organization.

Stupidly, I borrowed the money and took an overdraft and sent it to them. I also flew my son to the facility a day after he was discharged.
After that I realized that I did not do any good investigation about what I was told. I found out that DRS wasnot government and that it was most probably a marketing company and that they had relations with such centres.

I found out that the facility they sent me to was only 3 months old and that all relapse statistics were irrelevant. My son called me from there complaining of the poor facility, it was not clean, bugs everywhere and that the nurses he met were all unregistered opposite to what they told us. He told me that many of the intended to be meetings are part of public supported meetings in churches and public bodies.

I called DRS to help but they washed their hands. I insisted on getting my son out of the facility after one night he spent there and hardly they did after creating funny and unreasonable excuses not to do it although my son was 33.

After a month, I still did not get my money back and it seems I will need legal actions to be taken against the facility in Toronto which I did not put its name as per my legal advisor.

I think DRS is a very dangerous site taking advantage of vulnerable stressed people. I already filed an anti fraud against them in Canada. I thought my story may help others not to use that site. Use instead a free government site for any information and make sure that it is a government one. DO NOT take decision under stress as what I did.

Drug RehabExtortion attempt

Orderly attempted to extort $10, 000 from celebrity and wealthy patients to not release photos. Got paid by one executive not to release photo and tell press...crazy.

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    OneHundredPercent Jul 31, 2013

    It's a scam.

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  • Belleville Dec 21, 2013

    In my opinion this place is unethical, unsafe for clients and filthy. I would definitely look for another rehab whether you are going there for yourself or you are looking to send a loved one. Its definitely not worth the money that you pay!!!

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