Dros Restaurant & Wine Cellar Complaints & Reviews

service complaint

At Dross this evening there was a special on, if you order a main meal you get a complimentary snails starter. Unfortunatly I am unable to eat snails and I explained this accordingly to the manager. I asked that I would pay in the difference for another started but he plainly refused. He did not even try to accommodate my request. I personally feel that this is very unprofessional and that some more trouble could have been done for a potential client. I, however accepted the fact that I will not get a complimetary starter (even though thay still brought an extra snails portions to the table which the other guests shared). We ordered our main meals. Not even 2 minutes went by I tried to put in a different order for my main. Unfortunately this request was also declined right away because apparently the waiter already placed the order. I have made this request a lot of times before in other restaurants (including another Dross restaurant) and they all seemd to be able to change my order, how could this be that Dross Silver Lakes simply cannot do this... I am very disappointed with my experience tonight and I hope that you try to improve your customer service and try to accommodate your customers more. Unfortunately you have lost a loyal client tonight.

I ordered 12 tots of amarula and the last one had a piece of glass inside.

I ordered 12 tots of Amarula on ice and my last tot had a piece of glass inside I called the last people on duty that were serving the bar and showed them as proof the saw it and apologized then offered a single tot free after I finished the single tot I requested to see the manager and told him my problem guess what he had to say all he said was " you can not tell me that problem when you about to go immediately after noticing the problem you should have asked for me because at the moment I don't have proof" well the cameras have all the proof and the two people who were left by the bar saw it and touched it that it was a glass I was never rude to them all I said is do you want me to leave my son behind and suffer from internal bleeding, next time please be careful they were very sorry but the manager was rude
This happened in Dros Midrand.
Please tell me is it far?
That guy is very arrogant and rude he does not care about people's life
Please contact me [protected] I'm willing to stand for everything I said.

Thank you.

bad service/food

on sunday 27/02/2011 we visits the Dros @ potchefstroom The aniverary was a bad experience
the music so loud that we ask to turn the volume off a bit
when we got our food the pork chops was onlyahalf cm thick and over done
the mix grill was cold and dry/the chicken we order was still vries inside
the manager try too compancade with a replacement but 9 out off 10 where finish with there meal the replace meal was still not ready. Then we decided to go home . The meal that was not deleverd was on the bill.We done pay it but we say GOODBYE DROS for ever and tell all our friends

Pathetic excuse for a restaurant

I moved to cape Town a year ago and decided to meet up with friends at The Dros in PE for supper. What should have been a night filled with catch-up, it was filled with numerous complaints about the food and wrong orders. now, when it comes to trainees i can understand that they will have the OCCASIONAL mess-up. but, for a table of 5... we had one forgotten order, one wrong order and a horrific concoction of very strong cocktails! we were not told that one of our orders were forgotten, we were sinply told by the waiter that it was going to take longer. half an hour later, the manager decided to tell us that the order was forgotten. when it arrived, it DEFINITELY was not worth waiting for!! the food is gross and the service is utterly appalling. i don't even know what keeps this restaurant chain around anymore. i was promised restaurant vouchers for each of my friends but i am now sitting waiting for that phone call from that manager for almost two months now. next time i would rather opt for Spur, as i know what kind of food and service i will be getting there...

  • En
    Englishman Sep 06, 2010

    There were only two waiters to service the whole restaurant, no bar tender. The food was simpley not good and overpriced - R29.95 for a kiddies toasted cheese sarmie that was rock hard with chips that were undercooked and greasy. The rest of the meals were below average to say the least. With one of our dinner mates commenting 'that it is the first time he is having chicken peri-peri without the peri-peri!'. The kiddies play room left alot to be desired with the only attraction being video games.

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  • Ru
    Rugger Sep 09, 2010

    On 16092009 a group of app. 14 people, aged between 23 and 26, including myself, went to Dros Cresta for a few drinks after watching a movie. We were informed by the 'less than interested' waitrons that we cannot sit outside unless we order food (note: a plate of chips is not considered food). They then informed us that we can sit by the bar, which may I add does not cater for a group of friends that wish to sit together rather than like grazing cattle, which is how we were treated. I imagine that Dros head-office did not intend for their name to be used in this way, but I do stand to correction. On average we all had 3 drinks each, costing no less than R16.00, which with the correct service could have lead to a substantial tip, but still this was of no interest to them. I will no longer recommend nor choose to eat or drink at this establishment any more, and urge others to consider same.

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  • Gu
    Gurmenaro Sep 23, 2010

    We had a Sunday lunch at the DROS and all four the food plates had hair in it. The food was also cold and we were warned by the waiter not to eat certain food from the menu. The prices were also rediculous and I must say it is the most I paid for the worse food ever. I also send an email to their 'contact us' on their website and got no reply back. It looks to me that they just don't care!

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  • Ga
    Gaminator Sep 30, 2010

    I was at the Dros in potch about 2 weeks ago and i sat there with no service for about 30 minutes. i then decided to leave and upon leaving i said to the Waiteress's that were standing by the door having a fat chat and laughing away thank you so much for not giving us any service, which they turned around and responded it is a pleasure.

    Now for a company that is surposed to take pride in its self for there staff to turn around and do this. it is disgusting, I will never go to that dros again.

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  • No
    Noose Jan 12, 2011

    The service from the waiter was really shocking. I had to ask him for everything... Sauces, fetched our own baby chair, lucky packets that the children get with their meals... The experience was just dreadful and because I know Dros standard I was really surprised. Alrich was our waiter but everything did just seem like an effort. When he bought our food, I first said the children meal looks burnt and he just laughed. He left and then I had to ask him for sauces, when he bought the sauces they were mostly peri peri. He never came to ask how our food was although I know this can be annoying but never once asked if everything was ok. I was watching the other waitresses and I could see how much care they took in their tables and I could never find this waiter when I was looking for him. When we asked him for the bill, he bought a machine that battery was dead, and then I had to ask him for the lucky packets for the children. I then got tired of waiting and went to the door and he was standing on the balcony and had to ask him again for the lucky packets. It was just not the service one expects to receive in a restaurant of any standard. Very dissapointed...

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