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Driver DetectiveWill not load

Program never worked correctly and missed needed drivers. I cannot load the program and it screws up my internet connection, states it is off line. No contact with company, no e mail, no phone, just garbage steps to follow. Case Number [protected]. No other options were made available. This is clearly a case of fraud and deception, so much for a Micro Soft Partner. How does one obtain answers from a ghost? Nothing less that a refund is mandated.

  • Ka
    karl franklin Apr 15, 2009

    The advertisement claimed that the product was $9.95. I was billed that plus an additional $29.95, explaining the the first was only for registration. This was false advertising, as far as I am concerned. I have not used the product and want my money back.

    Karl Franklin
    [email protected]

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  • Ng
    n green Apr 23, 2009

    unable to activate, registration key not accepted. have sent an email, no reply.

    attempting to cancell

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  • Ba
    bandolo Aug 16, 2009
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    Verified customer

    Driver detective is a scam plain and simple. They first tell you they will give you the driver you need but all it is is a program that tells you what driver you need (duh!) and then nothing. I paid them nearly 30 bucks for nada, zilch, nothing, niente. They are scammers who need to be in jail asap. I don;t understand why there is nothing in place to quickly detect like this and stop them at the source.

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  • Th
    Thomas Hess Aug 21, 2009

    ON about 7/15/09 I ask driver detective to give me my money back, they said would, and they give it back to safecart.and they have not give me my money back. now every time I email driver detective they tell me it is up to safecart to retrun my money to my bank.I am on( social security) and I can't aford it . and I naver used driver detective.if you can HELP I COULD SURE USE IT !!! PLEASE HELP I DO NEED THE MONEY 39.99$ THANKS tom

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  • Ye
    yenney Feb 07, 2011
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    I put in for a refund on this program and explained my reasons for the refund. the program did not fix my problem. I submitted for the refund twice and have not heard anything in response regarding my request. I submitted in the manor they want it done four times. Got Nothing back.

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  • Ar
    Army Ranger Jul 25, 2011

    I was shopping for a company with driver up dates. Driver Detective gave me an opportunity to down load for a trial evaluation. I was not pleased with this software, so I tryed to UNINSTALL this product in the Uninstall, Repair, Install, Change. My system would NOT allow me to chose Uninstall, but to Install only then followed by Register. I was FORCED to pay for this product I did not want. BE CAUSES !!!. Good Luck

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  • Da
    Darr Aug 16, 2011
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    Verified customer

    They say they will refund but make it impossibly difficult. Didn’t respond to my email. Have reported to BBB.

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  • Of
    official13 Sep 24, 2013

    The driver appears to have been downloaded but does not install. My contact information has changed but driver detective does not have space to change. There is no way to contact them by phone or internet about this matter. Appears to be a fraud.

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  • Aisha-khann Aug 19, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Great Driver Detective
    its really great

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Driver DetectiveInvasion of my Computer

Your program on the internet suckered me into letting it on my computer for a free check up, and I can't get the damned thing off my machine.
I did not have any reason to be unhappy with Driver Detective; but, now I do and will do everything I can to tell everyone that you are a fraudster, crook and a piece of unholy junk, if you don't get that off my machine. What is Microsoft doing, anyhow, letting you use it's symbol on some of your advertising, to get into people's machines and then, like a cockroach, infect the system. Just get your stuff off my machine or tell me how to do it.

  • Di
    dia3766 Mar 19, 2012

    you could try doing a system restore on your computer, try setting it for a week earlier that is what i did once when i had a unwanted program installed and it worked

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  • Bb
    bbkk Jan 23, 2013

    They are evil. i cant even get a driver these days without the detective wanting a snoop on my machine. I've never let it into my system. I dont trust the piece of junk and cant escape it either. i have to write my own drivers i guess to avoid my system being invaded. :( i remember when things were easy :P technology was supposed to be used as a tool to help speed progress but people couldnt allow that i guess.

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Driver DetectiveRefund problems

This company embroiled me in a battle for a refund for almost five whole months. I purchased their product "Driver Detective" on-line in December 2010. The software scans your computer for hardware drivers to update. In my case the results of the scan were dismaying. Some of the driver updates offered no clear description of what specific piece of hardware would be updated. Other updates were for newer models of my hardware, meaning my hardware was obsolete, and thereby rendered the update unusable. Still other drivers could be updated only upon executing a "fresh install" of an operating system. That's not what I was attempting to do, so again, the driver(s) were useless. Vital instructions for chipsets were not available until the download began, which happens even if you only right-click on the download icon. In the world of computer usage, right-clicking on anything typically is done to retrieve information, select options, and not to initiate an action. So, the company subverted the universally accepted and acknowledged function of a right-click function just so they could shove the software into my computer as fast as possible, for all-to-obvious reasons.

Immediately I e-mailed a Word document reporting the scan results to the alleged "support" arm of the company. They responded with form letter instructions on how to address problems created by other processes running on a computer that could interrupt driver installation. That wasn't the problem I was having, as I had made so clear in my report to them. I re-submitted my report and waited...and waited...and waited for a response.

During the waiting period I experienced a major problem with my computer that shut it down. I was forced to use an e-mail address on another computer. When I finally followed up after receiving the silent treatment from them, they didn't recognize the new e-mail address, so I had to explain that situation, and then I waited for a response, again. And waited some more.

I got tired of waiting. I requested a refund because the lack of a personalized response to my communications made me suspicious of their desire to help me. And that was when things got difficult.

In response to my request for a refund they e-mailed to me a note expressing their regret that I didn't "like" their product and that they would be happy to refund my money...but only if I followed a procedure that would return to them a report containing "certain information" about the driver scanning problems I encountered. The refund would possibly occur within twenty (20) days after they "reviewed" this information.

Well, I had already given them that information in written form two or three times. I sent them an e-mail in which I expressed my deep disillusionment with the way they handled my refund request. I told them that they had the information they needed from me and that there was no way I was going to wait twenty more days for my money to be returned to me.

Since the company has the nerve to display the logo for the Better Business Bureau on their website, I contacted that organization, received a polite response from a representative and went through the motions. We went round and round with these people for a couple of weeks. Once again, Drivers Headquarters made an issue out of my new, temporary e-mail address not matching the one I had used to create my account. I was stupefied! My answering e-mail reminded them that I had already explained the reason for the differing addresses and I again provided them with original address. Of course, more silence followed. The deadline for resolution of my complaint passed and the BBB rep shut the case down. They tried and I'm grateful.

After all the silences and the delaying tactics and the lack of results, I took the matter into my own hands and did an Internet search on the company. In the process I discovered that there were many complaints about slow responses to refund requests. My search ended when I found the name and e-mail address of Mike Hurd, the president of Drivers Headquarters.

The e-mail I sent to him related everything that had happened between me and the so-called “support” department and what I felt about it. His response…well, folks, it floored me, made my brain reel in stunned disbelief, because ONCE AGAIN the matter of my current e-mail address not matching my original account information came up! What in the world was going on at Drivers Headquarters? Didn’t they share information with each other? Or was this man just running down more of the same delaying tactics I had already experienced? The whole episode was beginning to feel surreal. All this subterfuge over a $39.99 on-line purchase of a product that didn’t work for my computer. Unbelievable.

In my answering e-mail I could barely restrain myself from using strong language. In precise and direct words I repeated - for the last time, as far as I was concerned – the explanation for the change in my e-mail address. I expressed also my distrust of his support team. Can you guess what followed that e-mail? Yup, you’re right! Silence. Believe it.

Two days passed. By then I was thinking that about purchasing an airline ticket to travel to Austin, Texas and visit Drivers Headquarters to have a serious discussion with Mr. Hurd. Do you blame me? Instead, I checked my bank account. I saw that a purchase credit from Drivers Headquarters had been deposited there, at last. For whatever reason, obviously Mr. Hurd didn’t think it was necessary to inform me of his decision. Whatever. It fit in with the cold, confrontational and wholly unprofessional treatment I had received from his company. I sent him a final e-mail thanking him for the action he took. He did not respond, of course.

Driver DetectiveRefund

They say they will refund but make it impossibly difficult. Didn't respond to my email. Have reported to BBB.

  • Gl
    GL92940 Oct 26, 2009

    I too had extreme trouble getting a refund of $39.90. I tried calling the company and whether I tried support, customer service or billing they were all automated messages or directed me back to the website. Over 10 days I e-mailed 6 times with no response.

    They are finally issuing ( they say they are - I hope it goes thru) a refund but it could be because:
    A. I e-mailed the president of the company directly
    B. I filed a complaint with the BBB in Texas (where the company is located)
    C. I filed a complaint with the Texas States Attorney General

    So if you are having trouble with a refund DON'T give up and let these people walk all over you. Perhaps you could try these actions not only for yourself but to protect other unsuspecting people. It just goes against me to let companies like this get away with deceptive practices. Hope you feel that way too. Be persistent!

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  • Mc
    M.C.Langill Nov 13, 2009

    The following is detail of what transpired:
    I have removed your program from my computer and don’t intend to reinstall it…as I stated, your program would not install the files it downloaded and after I got the audio file to install manually… after about five tries….I had lost my audio completely….the Raid Controller would not even install….I lost my HP printer using the file your program downloaded as well….the files downloaded are listed on my account info on your web site…I had to do a System restore and reinstall all my original audio files…I could not remove or install my Printer files because of what ever the file your program downloaded did to my computer…I spent three hours repairing the damage so that I could reinstall my Printer with the original files….so as you can see I am not prepared to reinstall any files that your program suggests…..If you look at my scan history ( time and date frames ) on your web site you will see that I spent almost three hours trying to get your program to work as it said it would….however that was not the case. The program was purchased on March 20, 2009…by credit card….I did not pay that kind of money so that I could spend hours updating your program so that it would work properly….when I purchase a program I expect it to operate properly and download the proper files….I don’t intend to spend my time talking to support on how to remove files from my computer that was downloaded by your program…….Thank You…..M.C.Langill

    Sent: Thursday, July 23, 2009 12:25 PM
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: FW: Third and final request before legal action of the refund to my visa

    We will have to mail you a check, what is your mail address?


    I did provide them with my mailing address, etc……as you can see this was back in July of this year. I checked the internet and found that I am not the only dissatisfied customer.

    Any help would be appreciated………..Milton C. Langill

    This is their email address….. Melinda Greger [mailto:[email protected]]

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  • Pa
    Paid4 Jun 15, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased this problem as well. Now I am going through the secondary problem of trying to get my refund currently with no response for 22 days after three separate emails. Steer clear.

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  • Ye
    yenney Feb 11, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    how did you email the president of the company? do you have an email address so i can do that same thing? thanks

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  • Bi
    BILL RICHARDSON Feb 24, 2011


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  • Tx
    txtreehugger Mar 17, 2011
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    Verified customer

    They say they will refund but make it impossibly difficult. Didn’t respond to my email. Have reported to BBB.

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  • Td
    TDAWG41 Apr 15, 2011

    Product appears to be easy to use, but does not live up to its promises. Refund difficult to receive. Nobody to talk to and only receive auto responses to email. Wish I had read the many complaints about Driver Detective products and services.

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  • Bo
    bompeia Apr 17, 2011

    Had the same experience but was successful getting my money back. Please see my post, "Driver Detective - Refund problems." Hope it helps you.

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Driver DetectiveFraud

Made the purchase on line for 39.9 USD, credit card was billed for €47.08 when it should have been €27! The software all but destroyed my computer and the company are absolutely uncontactable. All I get in response to my complaints are automated replies which have no connection with the problem. I am a Brit living in Spain and really shocked that this can happen in a country like America.

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Driver DetectiveNo response - No help- being ignored

I subscribed to a Drivers restoration service on June 30,
2010. The sent me a serial number cosisting of 43
numbers and characters. This I think was to identify myself in further communication with them. They were supposed to send me a series of neumbers etc. called
a KEY so that I could enter their site. This hasn't been forthcoming and all communication with them has ceased from their end. the price for this service was advertised to be $39.85. My credit card was charged $59.83. They have intially sent back answers requesting information from me and it is obvious that
they have lost me in their files and will not do me the
courtesy of a reply. I have had no use of their alledged
product and I heave requested a refund of my charges.
I have all copies of their limited reply history as well as
a copy of my credit card charge. These people are crooks,
theives and whatever else bad you want to call them.
Don't even think about doing business with them.

Driver DetectiveProgram stopped working

I purchased a software package called Driver Detective. I only used it a few times because it screwed up my machine the last time I used it but in fairness it may have been my fault in not choosing the correct driver - I don't know. Anyway I came to use it recently and it didn't work and got the error message to say it had expired.
This was a full version, not a trial version and it should not have stopped working. I have no intention of paying them any more money. They have been most unhelpful in resolving my complaint. Regards

Gerry Rigby

Driver DetectiveProduct does not work

On 1/11/10 paid $39.90 through PAYPAL (Chase Bank transfer) to SAFECART for a download of Driver Detective. The product downloaded DID NOT WORK! <br />
Additionally, the cost of the Driver Detective was supposed to be $29.95, but I was charged $39.95!<br />
<br />
<br />
John A. Alexander<br />
(225)763.6532<br />

Driver DetectiveDOES NOT WORK

this highly valued/capable product doesn't work. Using my 30-day return policy i want my money refunded today. thanks very much for your early refund.
allen muir

  • Je
    Jeff Schlip Nov 20, 2009

    These so called driver detectives are nothing more then commom criminals. There website claims that it is guaranteed to resolve your problem. I followed their instructions to the letter with no results. When I asked for a refund I received the run around. Do not trust these people. They are liars.

    Jeff Schlip
    Nehalem Oregon

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Resolved Driver Detectiveunable to register

invoice # 1019705
unable to launch driver detective.
after opening driver detective, no register key was available.
istill have 15 out of date drivers, 9 up to date drivers, and 2 system drivers.

reason for purchase: my display driver igfx is constantly shutting down my computer.

safecart receipt PCDH-UO3O409-20nfd

  • Ro
    robert miller Apr 06, 2009

    complaints have alredy been submitted

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  • Ro
    robert miller Apr 06, 2009

    see above for reason for complaint

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  • Dr
    D. Reed Apr 08, 2009

    i bought the download version of driver dectective. when i had to down load it again because i did a hard drive format all i had to to was download it again after i installed windows . i clicked on register i didnt have the key code anymore so i entered my e-mail info then sent me the key code no problem. as far as the problem your computer is showing there are still out dated drivers. thats another issue because there are other things such as hardware up grades and other capabilities your computer has the sockets for. its just those components arent installed. all its doing is showing you that the drivers are available once those components are installed. the fact is the headache is on the owner to be fully aware of everything about their computers capbilites. the bright side is anything past the basic hardware most likely you dont need to concern yourself with. i use driver dectective for my sound card, graphics card and printer other than that i dont worry about it .

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Resolved Driver DetectiveUseless product

I purchased driver detective after being directed to their site while searching for an XP driver for an old film scanner. Their website led me to believe that if I signed up I would get the driver I needed and at the same time get a current check on all my other drivers.
Having paid my money I was told that they did not have what I was looking for. I then ran a check on my drivers and was told that 21 were out of date. I then foolishly started to update my system and found that hardware that worked fine before would not work at all. This is where I began to lose it. After a day of reintsalling all my orirginal drivers and getting my system up and running again I went after the company for a refund. No reponses to numerous emails. I even went through visa to try and get my money back. My advice is to stay well away from the useless software. Clearly a fruadulent company with no ethics.

  • Ar
    arturo parra Mar 18, 2009

    Driver Detective es una burla, una manera de robarle su dinero al descaro sin que pueda defenderse. No lo compren que todo es un engano lo que me molesta es que otras companias de renombre se ofrescan para recomendar semejante estafa.

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  • Ne
    nevile stocken Jun 17, 2009

    I solved my problem with Driver Detective company's duplicity by cancelling my debit card and reissuing a new one immediately at my bank's local branch. I had ordered the utility Sunday evening and quickly discovered its uselessness. Attempts the following day to secure a refund met with the usual tech support stonewall. Tuesday morning I went to my bank and discovered that the charges had not been issued against my account. The bank officer recommended cancellation and reissue of my card as the simplest and most effective procedure and I went with that.

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Resolved Driver DetectiveLies about what it promises

I just bought Driver Detective for my old Dell Dimension 8200 in order to improve the 64MB NVIDIA GeForce2 MX rendering on a ACL flat panel display. The software pretends to find all my out of date drivers and to have the correct solution for each. I bought it after such an assertion the tool was saying. Once bought, it installed the 128MB NVIDIA GeForce2 instead, which triggered rapidly a Windows XP warning saying this driver was not passing the Window Logo. I went ahead, staying confident in the Driver Detective software. And the display went ashtray as Windows XP said!!! I had to go in safe mode, recover the old driver and do the NVIDIA driver research myself. Which I finally succeeded. But I must say this Driver Detective is a lie as far as I am concerned and sjould be avoided. I DO NOT RECOMMEND it. Beside it does not seem obvious to get a refund, despite the emails I sent to the customer support requesting so... Nobody seems willing to answer this refund request.

  • Sa
    sadandhappy Sep 16, 2009

    I too purchased Driver Detective, with many emails wanting my money back, no answer to my refund. I am unable to download anything because I have dial up and 15 hrs. into downloading and never did get program to fix my 11 outdated drivers! The BBB needs to be aware of such a scam. I even requested a disk so I could dial up easier. This is a useless product. You can't even call anyone to check on questions about program! I am very dissapointed!

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Resolved Driver Detective — Fraud and cheating

After purchase and download, my computer died, coincidence I guess. Their policy states you can get your...