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Dressbraw.comI now have an expensive dress in chocolate brown instead of black which I will never wear

I have just finished dealing with this company over a color dispute in which they stated that black was in fact chocolate brown. Never heard that before. I now have an expensive dress in chocolate brown instead of black which I will never wear. Make sure you get the color confirmed before ordering as they would not let me return this dress for the color I ordered.

Dressbraw.comMisleading pictures, incorrect measurements, crappy sewing

Misleading pictures, incorrect measurements, crappy sewing (crappy sequins fell out), excess fabric left untrimmed, my dress had a metal flower patern I got a plastic badazzeled flower patern that you'd find on a 5 year olds Barbie scooter, this websites Facebook wall is unavailable to prevent bad reviews, their phone number is fake, you'll notice that the costomer service area very sneakily avoids the promise of refunds, it just asks you what the problem is and if you can prove it, then ignores you or blames it on you and tries to milk as much money out of you as they can by offering something like 10% off (doesn't work) or for $100 more they'll glue some more sequins on for ya... THIS SITE IS BAD, WORSE THAN A LEPER BREAKOUT IN A NURSING HOME.

  • Ma
    Maigotte Apr 16, 2012

    I ordered my wedding dress two months ago, I have yet to receive it. I got an email last night saying that they are making it now! My wedding is in 3 weeks! I submitted a claim through paypal they only responded that they would send it after I did that begging me not to do the claim and that the dress was on the way! Well still no dress and I am getting the run around. I had to find another dress last minute just to be on the safe side. Your best bet is to submit the claim if you paid through Paypal! Never order from this people they are a fraud!

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  • Ha
    Haldiste May 30, 2012

    Took two weeks longer to get the dress than the website told me. I had to light a fire and open a dispute for them to even respond to anything I asked them, and they also said they would notify me when it shipped and it didnt. When i FINALLY got the dress it was the most wrinkled thing id ever seen. I can steam it but that isnt the point. It was shipped in a bag and it didnt even say fragile on it. This is an awful site Do not order anything from there. They also have a phone number that is international and doesn't even work. stay away!

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  • Pl
    Plooper Jul 03, 2012

    Ordered a dress May 1, 2017 it is July 2, 2017 no dress. After finally making contact I was given every excuse under the sign why my dress was not shipped on the May 28th date promised. Finally made a paypal claim and still getting trash emails from them stalling. I won the paypal claim and received all my money back. This site is nothing but a scam, DO NOT ORDER from this site the only thing you will get is GRIEF! It should be closed down!!!

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  • Gi
    Giffone Jul 10, 2012

    I Ordered a dress for my daughters wedding in August. I ordered the dress in May so I would not worry about it as the wedding drew closer. The dress did not arrive till the third week in June. I had to e-mail the company to track my order. I was told it would arrive in a week it was being made. When it arrived the arm holes were too tight the adornments had glue on them the dress would not zip up and it was long enough for a giraffe to wear it was supposed to be ankle length!!! I have spoke to 3 different reps for the company send pix do this do that no answers of how to return the dress or obtain a refund what a mess. B. Dianna discussed in Kansas.

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Dressbraw.comI ordered my prom dress from this website and it was a mistake

I ordered my prom dress from this website and it was a mistake!!! I paid almost $200 for a horribly made dress. First of all I ordered the dress in a bright yellow, but when I received it, it was a brown gold. I also paid an extra $15 for the dress to be tailor made. The dress does not fit me at all! The zipper completely broke the third time I tried it on! The built in bra ripped. Beads and sequins are falling off of the dress constantly! There is hot glue splotches all over the dress as well. When I received the dress I was mortified! My mother and I contacted the company and demanded a refund, but they only offered $10 saying that $10 is a good refund. They blamed the whole problem on us and will not give us the full refund we deserve! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE! IT WILL BE A MISTAKE!!!

  • Pl
    plm66 Mar 31, 2012

    They too sent us the wrong color. We ordered a light green and received a dark green! They are blaming our computer for the problem saying that their swatches are correct and our computer is wrong. I have sent pictures of dresses off of their site with the color written above to prove they are wrong. I am determined to get my daughter's refund. This is ridiculous!!!

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  • Pl
    plm66 Mar 31, 2012

    Never order prom dresses overseas. There is a list of dress sites that are phony and they are from China.

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  • Gr
    Grrrrrrrrrr... Aug 02, 2012

    I don't know where to buy this dress i love. I have looked on every site possible and this is is last one. They all say DON'T BUY FROM THIS SITE! I have no other option but to go and get another dress. I think I will just have to go to a shop. That may sound stupid, but I had my hear set on this particular dress. Does anyone know any great online stores that I can buy this from?

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  • Ra
    ramanda Sep 06, 2012

    I ordered my wedding dress from dressbraw on 12th august to be custom made. My dress arrived yesterday in perfect condition, no flaws or disasters that I was expecting from others reviews. My colour is exact shade, detail perfect and quality of material perfect not what I was expecting if I dont want to spend thousands in bridal shop but from a cheap wedding dress site. Anyway enough said, thankyou so much dressbraw you have one very happy bride to be here ;0)) and I will be ordering my bridesmaids dresses from dressbraw soon, amanda mcewan, scotland uk.

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Dressbraw.comThey lie, and lie and lie to their customers

I ordered my prom dress from this website on 2/23. The wesite, as you may have already noticed states on one page that it will take 3-15 days to process and anywhere from 2-8 days to ship your order...anothr page states that it takes 22-28 days to tailor your dress. I did not order my dress to be tailored, yet I have been given the run around with a woman named Carolyn who states that the earliest that my dress can be done is on the 28th day after the order was placed, plus the 2-8 days for shipping. She acts as if it is just no big deal and "You can just use the dress for another ocassion if it is not there in time." First of all...for what??? It is my senior prom and now I have a couple of days to try and rush around and find something else. I have sent several emails to the company only to be made to feel like I am just being inpatient and should I guess wait until the day of the prom to find out I have paid alot of money on the ticket and dress, but wont be able to go :(

Please do not order here!!! They lie, and lie and lie to their customers. Please order from David's, as my friend did and had her dress within a few days.

  • Pl
    plm66 Mar 31, 2012

    They are trying to scam us too. They sent us the wrong color dress and do not want to refund our money. They are saying that our computer is not showing the correct color on their swatches. WRONG!!! This company is a scam. BEWARE DO NOT ORDER FROM DRESSBRAW.COM!!!

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  • Jo
    joford Apr 07, 2012

    they are trying to scam me too - ordered dress for my daughter' s prom - it arrived with wrong measurements, broken zip and torn off sequins and they have so far offered a $15 refund as a good will gesture to replace the zip. don't order from them - i am trying to get refund via paypal - dress cost $206

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  • Th
    THS,Tigers012 Apr 20, 2012

    I ordered my dress a few days ago and i told them that my prom was on the 5th of May and they emailed me back saying thanks for your concern and we will let you know when your dress is on its way, so i messaged them back to let them know that i have read the reviews and i learned that they lie about when they will send the dress and they give you the run around, if i had known this i would have never bought the dress for them in the first place, it has got down to less then 15 day till prom and i may not have a dress, Ive already payed for a prom ticket and i have no money for a back up dress and i shouldn't have to buy another dress when Ive spent a arm and a leg for the dress that i wanted to wear to prom, that's crazy ! They say its going to be 12-22 days making the dress and 2-8 shipping i don't have time for that ! i want my money back maybe ill find another dress in time for prom ! DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM DRESSBRAW.COM

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  • Lo
    lovemetender Apr 22, 2012

    I would like to make a positive remark about because there are so many negative reviews. My friend ordered a dress off of and told me about the site. The night I ordered it my friend told me to read the reviews. As I read through all the horrific reviews I started to freak out and panic. Then a week later my friend's dress had arrived and it was perfect. Then a week after that, my dress came in. I ordered my prom dress April 5th and received it on April 17th. It is the correct color, the correct size, and actually very well made. I'm sure that isn't very reliable but I found my perfect dress and it was under $100. I'm not trying to promote But just in case a girl buys a dress from and doesn't read the reviews until after she won't have freak out 100%. And if you are reading this review before you buy your dress, it is made and does come from China. So I wouldn't buy a very expensive dress.

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  • Ty
    TyeNi24 Apr 30, 2012

    If you want an inexpensive dress I suggest going to New York it came in a week and was beautiful! I bought my wedding dress from there after gave me the run around, 2 months and my dress wasn't even done, I have yet to receive my refund and they are not responding to my emails anymore. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!

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  • An
    Andi's Mom May 10, 2012

    My daughter bought/ordered her prom dress from and had her prom this past weekend (5/5/12). Guess what??? NO DRESS!!! The dress never came in and we ordered it with plenty of time to spare for shipping. They are giving us the run-around on emails and will not return our money. We are still waiting on the shipment of this dress that never came. Good thing our local bridal store had a beautiful dress that fit my daughter perfect in their inventory for only $50. It's sad that my daughter's prom was a nightmare at the last minute finding a back-up dress and we already spent the money we had saved for this special occasion on a dress that never came!

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  • Li
    liska94 Sep 21, 2012

    I recently bought a dress from them and let me tell you, IT LOOKED NOTHING LIKE THE PHOTO. There were tears everywhere and there was even a PIN lodged into the dress, YES A PIN. I sent them multiple photos about all the problems and the best they could come up with was a $10 refund. What the hell would 1/20th of the cost do me?! They even claimed that the photos were not clear enough so I sent them another batch and still the same reply. Here's an example of an email they sent:
    "We just rechecked your pictures again, the dress is really very beautiful.And as what we told you before, the little sewing problems would get fixed easily, it won't effect the beauty of the dress.Please kindly understand it's really a very hard work to make such a dress in so nice price and short time, each dress is made for customer specially.So we are afraid 10 $ is the most discount we can offer, please kindly consider this again."
    I'm so close to blurting out vulgarities, PLEASE NEVER EVER BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE!!!

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  • Kr
    Kristine27 Oct 12, 2012

    I order a wedding dress in was beautiful on picture, but not what I got. I got dress with no price tag, with spots on the dress and inside the dress. First impression - how someone can send me a worn dress. I have to be the only one who will try on a wedding gown. I receive dress on August 20th and contact then day later. They decide not. To replay to me me at first. After second try they replied to me and said "dress is beautiful". If dress would be beautiful I would not fight for my refund. Every single time there is other person who replying to me and keeping my case in in loop. I will keep pressing on my customer rights! Terrible people and company who do not want to admit there mistakes and take any responsibility. Please no one use them!!! Better pay more, but get better quality dress and customer service!

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  • Ge
    Gesson Sep 01, 2016

    I ordered 2 dresses and 1 headband for my wedding on 6-3-12. I placed the order on 5-2-12 with rushed delivery after careful review of the tailor dates needed and mail time. I received the first dress on 6-1-12 with creases that could not fall out in time or be pressed in time for a Sunday wedding. That dress was not at all the style as pictured on the site. The material was wrong and it didn't lay as pictured. I did not receive the headband. 10 days before that I had told the company to not make the second dress which they said wasn't even started. I shipped the 1st dress back which cost me $100 and have not received any refund yet from Dressbraw for any of it. I have reported they to Discover card and the FTC. Do not buy from this company!

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