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Digital Craze.comWarranty for monitor Audio Speakers

I pirchased four new Monitor Audio speakers for $3200. supposed to be factory sealed. They removed my warranty and told me that they have registered with the manufacturer as a service. I found later that they did not. I asked for my warranty and now tell me that I do not get the manufacturer's warranty. It is through them. I need to send the speakers to Digital for repair. They were very rude.
I told them that I will dispute with the credit card company. He threatened me that he will call police and file criminal case against me for felony.
I will never shop and advice others not to shop.

Digital Craze.comCall the up by mistake they will break your face, so they say

I just did a Google on Digital Craze local telephone number and got hits for Nam Kim Park PC Architects.

Called them up to clear up the reason why the number shows up on Google as Nam Kim Park PC Architects. When my call was answered, I asked about PC Architects they responded you got the wrong [censored]ing number and hanged up.
Not being able to verify the number or mention about the Google hits, I called again in hope to get to speak to a friendlier person. Instead I got met with a stop calling or I will break your face, and again hanged up on.

I was looking for a Pioneer $1900 system, but not from this company. Hope this people are not trading on eBay.

I would not shop here again

Digital Craze.comWorst Online Buying Experience That I've Ever Had

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I placed an order online for a pair of speakers they currently advertise and was emailed back by Ed Brodsky stating they would have to be ordered directly from the manufacturer and that it would take approximately 2-3 weeks to arrive at my residence. Within two days of placing the order Digital Craze charged my credit card, but did not furnish me with a tracking number or any information about the shipper.

After four weeks had passed without any response I finally emailed them to inquire about the order status. I did not get an email reply, not immediate or later. I then called to ask what the problem was and a Digital Craze rep (not sure who I spoke to) said they could not get the speakers from the manufacturer and that particular model had also been discontinued. I then told them to CANCEL the order and requested a complete refund/credit on my charge card. Just in case, I also contacted my credit card company to report a fraudulant transaction.

Digital Craze made no effort whatsoever to contact me first in regards to what the reason was for the delay or unavailability of the product. They certainly made an "accelerated" effort to charge my credit card as soon as they could. STAY WAY FROM THIS BOGUS MERCHANT!! There are far better and "legitimate" online sellers out there!

Digital Craze.comDo not buy from Digital forewarned

Beware this seller... Yes, I am a whistle blower. Worked closely with them as a vendor. Well, we no longer associate with them.
Digital is a fraudulent .COM.

We were concerned with bad complaints that actually ended up on our desk. Digital Craze said they would handle things better. They are plagued with complaints by the BBB and state and locals as well as numerous credit card complaints.

And yes they did try as a response to us. But, they just flooded with false/imposter reviews to bolster their image rather than improving their service. But they are frauds..thats how they make money and they cannot do better than this. Read the positive reviews "between the lines" closely and it becomes apparent. We have one former emplyee of Digital Craze and he was instructed to spend several hours at home per night providing false POSITIVE Epinion reviews. He made some extra pay for this...what a scam. Yes, they have cheaper prices . But beware!!! This seller is just one of many bad ones out there. Have some self respect and just stay away. Better to pay a little more with a known reputable site.

I would not shop here again

  • Ma
    masanf Nov 08, 2009

    I find this complaint very dubious. Digital Craze is a participant in the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and BBBonline programs and on a scale from A+to F, Digital Craze is given an A by the BBB. The BBB indicates they have received only two complaints about Digital Craze in a three year period. The statement that they are plagued with complaints "by the BBB" is a flat-out lie.

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  • Di
    Digital-Craze-Scam May 08, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Actually it's a B currently and would be an F if everyone who ED ripped off contacted them!

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  • Sh
    shopper_texas Jun 09, 2011
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    Verified customer

    this company is one of the worst companies i have ever encountered, they don't ship the items you buy and paid for and I did call them more than 10 times and memorised thier execuses (the computer is having problems, the vendor is late in shipping the items, its here already we will ship it in a day or two ..etc).

    Somebody has to protect us (consumers) from such companies ... i'm filling another complaint with BBB and will try whatever it takes to expose this bad company .

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  • Au
    audioone Dec 18, 2011

    one does not even have to buy from digital craze to determine that they are not on the up and up. Just look at their web site and you will notice, for bookshelf speakers for instance, that if you click on most of the brands they say they carry there is no available product or they don't an image or picture of the product. This is because they are not authorized dealers for most of the stuff they sell. Log into the Monitor Audio website and too warn about buying their products from Digital Craze. This is because they are not authorized dealer for Monitor Audio and the Monitor Audio speakers you get from them are either stolen, refurbished, damaged or fakes.

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  • Sn
    Snoopy501 Aug 10, 2014

    Ordered from the. Got an empty package. Attempted contact. No luck

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Digital Craze.comToo Bad, they stole my money

I called in to purchase a home theater speaker system. The purchase wasn't an ordinary everyday purchase because of it's real high value. I intended on spending no more than $2000.00 for an in wall speaker system and opted to upgrade my speaker system by going with a higher priced version of the Definitive Technology speakers. I needed everything to arrive by a certain date (14 days) from the day I called in my order. Hesitating to pull the trigger (because, obviously you never know who is on the other end of the phone/computer) I went against my hesitation ONLY because not only did the sales rep make me feel confident but the professional level of knowledge on the merchandise in my cart. I went ahead with the deal and was not let down at all. Excellent over all performance and everything arrived ahead of time and in Brand New condition as promised. Good job Digital Craze, I will be buying a projector in the next 12 months and will be returning to your company.

Donald W.

I would shop here again

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