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DietPillSuperStore.comFraud and scam

Is a very dishonest company they obviously make more money ripping people off, by sending never before heard of products and not giving any refunds after the item is returned. I too placed an order for Lipodrene the end of Oct and received Exilis (with the same notice stating Lipodrene is no longer available). I contacted them and was told to return it for a refund of the purchase price which I did Nov 6th.

After waiting and not hearing anything from them for 2 wks I contacted them again and received an Email requesting the shipping track # for refund process which I sent Nov 18th. I've sent nunerus emails since then and have heard nothing else from them and got no refund. I thought they were a a reputable Company but how reputable are they ripping consumers off.

I will be filing a complaint with the BBB and I strongly advise others who get ripped off by Dietpillsuperstore to do the same thing. Maybe if this company gets enough complaints filed against them, they'll learn its not so bad making money honestly.

  • Em
    emphen19 Jan 26, 2009

    I, too, placed an order for Lipodrene through It has been 17 days and I have yet to receive my shipment. I have tried contacting them through email on 4 separate occasions but never even got a response. All I was asking for was the status of my shipment because the original tracking link they had sent was not working. I just sent another email so we'll see what happens now. They better ship something soon cause my card was charged the day I ordered.

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DietPillSuperStore.comUnauthorized billing

Just wanted to concur what Rick's report said. The same exact thing happened to me. Purchased two bottles of Lipodrene and got Exilis instead, claiming it is just as effective. According to whom? I didn't know dietpillsuperstore conducted their own studies on the products they sell.

We are supposed to believe in their claim regarding the fact Lipodrene doesn't contain the ingredients it claims. Like they are doing us a favor. Hmmm okay. I don't see any other customers on other sites that sell Lipodrene complaining about how it is no longer the same.

Why pay a 20% restocking fee on a product I didn't consent to receive? Now I have to pay my own S&H too for something I didn't order and they assume I would like or can even take because supposedly it's their best seller. They hide behind their Terms and Conditions to avoid accountability for poor customer care.

I like how in the rebuttal they word it as if Rick was the only victim. They probably don't have a phonenumber listed so they can avoid all their complaints and not have a way to contact their costumers. Trust the BBB will hear about this also.

  • Am
    Amil Dec 10, 2008

    I was sooooooooooo mad that i got this stupid Exilis instead of my Lipodrene that i ordered! I think this company are scammers and they make money of the returns and the people who are too lazy to return the crud sent. And the fact that they do not have a number is disturbing, also on top of that i checked my bank statement for a number and sure enough there was one, but go figure, it went straight to voicemail. It sounded like a cell phone recording and a prepaid one at that! the number was 281-217-1840. check and see for yourself! i want my full money back that i paid, including shipping and handling if i have to spend my own da*n money to send the crap back. im sooooo heated! con artists!

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  • Jr
    jrav Jan 28, 2009

    Ordered product from them on Jan. 10th. It's been nearly 3 weeks and I still haven't received anything. After repeated attempts to contact them through email (they don't have a phone listing for a reason I guess) I haven't even received a response. They took my money though! Horrible company - may try to file a class action suit against them because I've found numerous complaints just like mine.

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DietPillSuperStore.comUnauthorized charges

Searched the web for lowest price on brand name product (Lpodrene). Store had lowest price on web by 20%. Purchased 3 bottles for a charge on credit card of $80.35. Upon deliver, a substitute product had been delivered with a note indicating 'they no longer sold the product ordered and they were providing their best selling substitute manufactured by them'. They never, ever attempted to contact me regarding their supposed issue with Liprodene and my desire to either cancel the order or accept a substitute. All the ingredients of a classic product bait and switch!!

Product is not an equivalent product in that it is missing the key ingredient in brand name product (ephedra). Company is telling a story that Liprodene no longer includes ephedra and is misleading customers so it no longer is selling it to their customers. Funny how 100s of other sites continue to sell Liprodene. Funny how their website continues to have the same advertisement on it and continues to be able to order it. Wouldn't you pull it from your website or put in a disclaimer of your belief's that product is not as advertised to warn potential customers?? Of coarse you would if you were legitimate.

Site has no phone number to call and only a generic email. Upon complaining to them of my unhappiness they originally just restated they were providing an alternative per their terms and conditions and I should be happy with the higher quality product.

Upon repeated attempts refusing their substitute, they will only refund my purchase if a) I send back the product delivered at my expense and b) I except a 20% restocking fee. Given they did not deliver the product I ordered or an equivalent ephedra-based substitute I refuse to pay them more money for they. The way they have this scam worked is either they get paid in full for an inferior substitute product (no doubt which they make a huge profit on) or they cover their costs plus some by forcing a customer to pay shipping and restocking fees for a product they never ordered! Definitely not customer focused!

  • Cu
    Customer Service Nov 11, 2008

    This particular customer was caught in the middle of an internal investigation which determined that the product they ordered was no longer available from the manufacturer. According to the terms and conditions which are clearly displayed at the time of sale Dietpillsuperstore was obligated to send a subtitute product. This particular customer determined that the product shich was substituted was substandard, but the truth is that they were sent the number one selling weight loss aid with a track record of over 92% effectiveness. Further, if they were not happy with the substitution they were free to return it without being charged a restocking fee. This is not a matter of buyer beware, but rather a case of personal accountability in which the customer is not willing to play by the rules established when the product was purchased. Dietpillsuperstore has been the number one retailer for many dietary supplements for many years and is always working tirelessly in the interest of the consumer.

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  • Jo
    Joe Dec 02, 2008

    The same thing happened to me and I wanted what I paid for but no reply. I'll never buy from them again and i advise others to do so.

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  • Am
    Amil Dec 10, 2008

    Same thing happened to me !!! stupid con artists!! NOBODY SHOULD EVER BUY FROM THEM!

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  • Ch
    chilton Dec 16, 2008

    same scenario with me.
    what is with the copy/paste replies from them?
    i emailed them and just got the same BS letter that came with the package.

    you people didn't answer what i asked. what is with your return policy? you say two different things from the reciept from the email and your site?

    "working tirelessly in the interest of the consumer"
    really? you wouldn't put those damn clauses on the agreement if you people did care for our interest.

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  • Mp
    MP1 Jan 16, 2009



    They advertise the cheapest price for name brand products to suck you in, they charge you for said products then either never ship the product or they ship something you did not order. If you attempt to return it, they NEVER WILL CREDIT YOUR ACCOUNT FOR THE INITIAL PURCHASE. Multiple additional compaints found on [redacted]

    This multi-shell company is bad news and is under investigation by the authorities for fraud.

    Other websites dba:
    -watch for new

    Whois info:

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  • Ep
    ephedradiets Feb 28, 2009

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