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Dex OneLied to

DEX ONE lied to me about advertising. They (MATT BUFF) told me that I could stop all advertising with them and not pay anymore money if I shut my business down. I had to shut my company down .. Now they are telling me that I have to keep advertising until the contract is up!! Another $1000.00. Bad business practices. They will tell you anything you want to here.. Will never use these guys again.

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    rekasa28 Sep 06, 2013

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Dex OneLocked in to auto renew contract

In June 2009 I asked Dex for a small business listing online. I spoke to the salesman over the phone and he recorded our conversation. In Dec 2011 I called Dex to cancel my listing. The customer service person gave me no instructions, just said she would take care of that for me. In Jan 2012 I received a bill from Dex, I phoned customer service and stated that I cancelled in Dec. This is when I learned that I had a yearly auto renew contract. I would not be able to cancel until July and would have to pay out the contract in the meantime. I asked for a copy of that signed contract. She/he (customer service rep) said it was verbally recorded in 2009 that you understood about the contract details according to the recording. Even though that was 2 1/2 years ago. I have contacted their Claims & Disputes Dept. without resolution. Dex contacts me at least once a month trying to collect the unpaid balance. On June 14th I received a call from Dex customer service rep Ben, he was calling to cancel my listing. He then recorded that phone call, gave me a confirmation number and said that he could not help me with the contract dispute, but did make sure that the contract was cancelled as of the end of June 2012. On July 3rd, 1012 I received another phone call from Dex, trying to collect. I gave the same info that I always give, "I cancelled this service in Dec 2011". This gal tells me that it is not cancelled until I submit sometheing in writing and that I still have to pay out the contract. She also states that Dex has no obligation to correspond or communicate with it's consumers regarding auto renew contracts. And she went on to tell me that a responsible adult would keep track of things like that. It is my position that if Dex was offering a product with value, they would not have to trap their customers in to auto renew contracts. Based on my experience Dex certainly does not value their customer relationships, or conduct business with any kind of integrity. All I hear from Dex is "GOTCHA"

Dex OneListing error

When I received my advertising renewal program I noticed my rep (Michael Porter) had included my home address in my business listing. I immediately phoned him and told him not to include my home address and also crossed out my address, with other changes to my listing and faxed it back. I thought all had been taken care of until I received my Advertising Program notice in the mail. Alas- no changes had been made and my home address was still appearing on the listing. I phoned Michael Porter [protected], and left seven voicemail messages the week of May 14-May 20. I also phoned customer care center and received the phone number for his supervisor (Ryan Serna) [protected] or [protected] ryan.[protected] More voice mails and emails didn't produce anything either until the week of May 21. Ryan informs me that he "just now got my email" and gives me the number to customer dispute dept. since he can't do anything for me. I promptly called the claims dispute department and spoke to Becky. Once again I hit a dead end and no-one can do anything about the fact their incompetent representatives and supervisors are incapable of customer service. I have advertised in the Dex One Directory for over 35 years as well as some online advertising. Now my home address is going to go out to thousands of people, not to mention the online version. I have young kids at home and fear that some crazy person is going to show up at my house. I will consider Dex One Directory directly responsible if harm comes to my family because of their grievous error.

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    Jewelry Mart Jul 26, 2012

    Business as usual, DEX just doesn't care'
    After advertising with DEX and DEX ONE formerly known as R.H.Donnelly, since 1993 spending THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!
    For the last 3 years they have still not removed the WRONG ADRESS form my advertising package.
    Since 2009 I have complained about this and the new directories just came out and they STILL HAVE THE WRONG listing in the book!
    Inadequate compensation, NO apologies and they are directing MY CLIENTS to another competitor.
    They "say" they're not charging me for the ad but my bill hasn't gone down?
    Where's the compensation for the loss of revenue for ALL the people they are misdirecting to another store with the name of my business attached?
    I have nothing good to say about DEX
    After 19 YEARS of advertising I would have thought they were interested in keeping my business.
    Go figure!

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    Dex One Ex. Claims Jul 30, 2012

    Please contact the Executive Claims manager @ 800-251-7056, ask to speak with him and we will look further into the situation for you and see if there is way to get this corrected. We do appreciate your business and we are sorry for the issues.

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    Michael G. Porter Feb 13, 2013

    I would like to take a moment to respond to the comment made by this gentleman. I would first like to say that I apologize for any grief that my supposed error has caused Him. If I was at error I will admit it and do everything in my power to rectify the error. I would like to take this opportunity to ask this gentleman to call me 3037842298 and I will work to correct my mistake and address any dangerous situation that my error has caused. Unfortunately, once an error has been made it is a year before it can be changed as the listing is now published. That said, please call me and I will address the situation. It is my desire to provide the best customer service possible to all my customers.

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Dex OneStay away

The ad from Dex One that was placed had incorrect information about our company such as our phone number among numerous other problems. The graphics team was handed the ad to place in the yellow pages. There was virtually know way to make a mistake! Dex is only willing to honor a partial credit adjustment. It states on the back of their statement that if the phone number is incorrect in the ad they will honor a 100% adjustment. The customer service department is very unprofessional (rude). The graphics team has very little experience in creating ads. I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy!

Dex OneAdvertising error

I have been a loyal customer to Dex One for about 7 years now. I have always placed an ad in the yellow pages for our heating and cooling business. In 2010 I decided I would like to place a larger ad to increase our business exposure. Our company has expanded tremendously over the last couple of years due to our outstanding reputation and our knowledge in the field. Dex charged me a $160.00/mo for a dollar bill size ad to place our company in the yellow pages. The ad that was placed had incorrect information about our company such as our phone number among numerous other problems. The graphics team was handed the ad to place in the yellow pages. There was virtually know way to make a mistake! Dex is only willing to honor a partial credit adjustment. It states on the back of their statement that if the phone number is incorrect in the ad they will honor a 100% adjustment.

Do not use this company for advertisement!!!The customer service department is very unprofessional (rude).The graphics team has very little experience in creating ads. I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy! If you live in Missoula, MT or the Bitterroot Valley stick with the Yellow Book, Bitterroot Directory or Blackfoot Directory!

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    Gary youngberg Nov 28, 2011

    I, too, had numerous problems with Dex One. They uploaded a video to my web ad WITHOUT my knowledge or consent and the content of that video was so poor I was embarrassed to have it there. We own a Mom and Pop jewelry store that designs and creates fine jewelry and the video they uploaded showed a crappy piece of jewelry that WASN'T EVEN ours as we as a female that was not our employee. That would be like Dex One putting a Pizza Hut pizza in a Dominos video- totally un-professional and a good basis for a lawsuit. I cancelled ALL my advertising with them, which they acknkowledged with the exception of the time frame the video was online, about $37 which they have told me numerous times they will not credit. I told them okay, but I will NEVER pay this bill and I look forward to having them sue me so I can counter-sue for harassment as well as damaging our tremendous reputation with their TERRIBLE video. Do not EVER do business with this company, EVER!!

    Gary Youngberg- President
    Ames Silversmithing
    220 Main
    Ames, Iowa 50010

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    KE12 Jul 10, 2012

    I was in the same position. One of our employees signed us up for a contract without our knowledge and we are stuck in the contract paying over 6k a month! I am at a company that does equipment/event rental and they had equipment that we don't even carry in the video. I also noticed that if you have an online account they guarantee a certain number of "actions". (website clicks, phone calls, etc.) After looking at the "actions key" on our online account I noticed that ONE phone call equals 5 actions! Dex is so misleading! I have tried to stop the video and they will not reduce or drop our bill. Did you have any luck with your situation?

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Dex OneContinuing to bill me after I informed them in writing I was closing my account with them.

Joni Kay Rose, M.Div., CHT
415 Pecos Loop Southeast
Rio Rancho, NM [protected]
Telephone [protected]

March 2, 2010


On November 13, 2007, I made a verbal agreement with the Dex Representative from Albuquerque for Internet advertising at $40 per month and yellow page listings at $21 per month for the calendar year 2008 only. My records show no signed contract.

However Dex did not follow through on our agreement. My Internet listing never appeared and my yellow page listing was omitted from the 2008 yellow pages.

In February of 2009 I received a bill from Dex for $48.54. I could not figure out what the charge was for, as it simply said "Advertising charge, " and listed two different date ranges, 01/06/09-01/05/10, and 01/06/09-02/28/09. I wrote the enclosed note requesting an explanation, but did not receive any.

About a month later I received another bill from Dex, this one showing an advertising charge of $286.26 for the period 01/06/09-01/05/10. Inexplicably this bill also repeated the $48.54 and added it as an additional charge even though the $286.26 was shown as covering the entire year 2009. The representative I spoke with was unable to offer a satisfactory explanation for the double billing, and added that Dex raises rates any time without warning. I told the representative that I would pay the $286.26, with the understanding that 2009 would be the very last year I advertised with Dex.

When I sent the check for $286.26 for the entire year, I included the enclosed letter, ending with the sentence, "Also note that my contract with you will NOT be renewed in 2010." This is an exact copy of the letter I sent Dex along with the check for $286.26. Since the letter was mailed March 16 in the same envelope as the check, Dex definitely did receive it. I even wrote on the check itself the word "closing, " as can be seen on the enclosed photocopy of the check.

Even after I paid the $286.87 for the entire year 2009, Dex continued to demand, without explanation, an additional $52.08. Regrettably in May of 2009 I finally did pay the $52.08, with a note indicating that this payment was my last one, and that henceforth my account with Dex was closed. To make absolutely clear that I was closing my account I even wrote on the check itself the words, "Closing this Account" right next to my signature. This can be seen on the enclosed photocopy. Hence Dex cannot claim they never received word from me that I was closing my account with them. I could not have made my intentions clearer.

Still Dex continued to send me bills for several months thereafter, as always failing to include any information as to what they were billing me for. I shredded the bills, and eventually they stopped. Yet last month, almost a year after I closed my account with Dex, I again received the enclosed bill from them. I called Dex, but their representative claimed they had never received the note stating that I was closing my account with them. As noted above, they did receive repeated messages from me, in writing as well as orally, telling them I was closing my account with them.

To recap, Dex has consistently provided me with unclear and inconsistent billing, without clear explanation as to what they were billing me for and for what time period. Furthermore they have continued to send me these bills long after I have clearly indicated, in writing as well as orally, that I no longer will do business with them. And when confronted with this fact they have lied and claimed they never received from me the notes, which they most definitely did receive.

From reading the numerous complaints about Dex from small businesspeople it appears that they have been following these unscrupulous practices at least since 2007. Had I known in 2007 how many complaints there had been against Dex I would never have even considered doing business with them. However the company has recently reorganized as Dex One, so now is a good time for them to change these practices and close past accounts without litigation.

In order to resolve this issue it is necessary that Dex acknowledge that I did in fact close my account with them last spring, and that I no longer am doing business with them. It would also be helpful if they would explain the $52.08 I paid to close my account last May, in addition to the $286.26 I had already paid for the entire year 2009. Nevertheless if Dex is willing to acknowledge now that my account with them is closed, and agree to stop harassing me with illegitimate billings, I am willing to let them keep the $52.08, with the understanding that they have no further business with me nor I with them.

Should Dex fail to stop harassing me then I will need to seek a complete investigation, involving the appropriate Federal and State agencies as well as the Better Business Bureau, the Complaint Board, and the media, so that the public can be informed how Dex does business. I would much prefer to forgo all of this and I sincerely hope that Dex is willing to acknowledge that my account with them was closed last year and requires no further payment. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Continuing to bill me after I informed them in writing I was closing my account with them.
Continuing to bill me after I informed them in writing I was closing my account with them.
Continuing to bill me after I informed them in writing I was closing my account with them.

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    Frit Mar 29, 2011

    I just got off the phone with them because they started billing me after my contract was over. They said I agreed to an automatic renewal over the phone a year ago. I may have but don't remember. They know people will forget. When I received a renewal notice I just through it away because I did not want to renew. They just told me that notice was an opt out notice and I needed to call them if I did not want to renew. I have not received one shred of business from my listing with them.

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    chrisgilbert44 Mar 22, 2012

    I would neverrrrrrrrrrrr ever do any business with these peope again !

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    chrisgilbert44 Mar 22, 2012

    I'd neverrrrrrrrr everrrrr do anymore advertisement with this company again!!!

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    dexonescam Jun 30, 2013

    I had the same exact experience and then some! 95% of the calls we were getting from their efforts were scammers and telemarketers that were pulling my business information from the published information. When I brought this to their attention I was met with fierce resistance and told I wasn't taking enough action on my part and that I should have told someone about the telemarketing calls earlier. The answers to solutions from there on out were vague at best even though I was asking for specifics of what was being done. I mean come on! If someone is paying $225.00/month for service it is expected that they would have more help than this.

    My original salesperson did after several messages and hounding by me come in to address our problems. He admitted there was an issue and described putting a stop on our account until we could get to the bottom of what was going on. Nothing changed and I continued to be billed monthly and even started getting calls from their collection department who had no idea of the issue and really didn't give a damn either. They tried contacting my salesman and have notes on their screens of multiple times they've tried to reach him with no reply. I've had one response so far from the salespeople I started with when voicing concerns. An email reply stating that they admit there was a problem and that I need to speak with customer service about my bill and that it is out of his hands. He also stated on the phone that he was sorry he couldn't move on things faster as he had to get approval from his supervisor who apparently was near death in the hospital(which I do not believe).

    On another note, The Dex salespeople that came to my office made what I now view as lofty claims of having these elaborate scientifically based algorithms that will produce huge results and that their history of being side by side with Google is unmatched by many. Many companies stopped by with similar offers but these guys came off very sincere and sure of things...the mark of a good salesman. Admittedly I've been a bit naïve about the whole thing. Should have listened to my gut on it.

    People listen up! I've had so many calls from telemarketers that now I turn down our ringer and have to be able to spot the scammers and try and filter out true customers calling in from other channels and I'm still to this day being billed for it. I'm up to $2, 500.00 now and they are threatening me with Third Party Creditors. I have a near perfect credit score, pay my bills regularly, have a great reputation in my community and have never in my life had even conversation with a collections department until now.

    Please everyone BEWARE of Dex One!

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