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Destination MoversImportant information please read

IMPORTANT INFORMATION. This was sent to me via e-mail from a reliable source:

According to the FSMCA website Destination movers have had their interstate transportation authority revoked. They do not have their required insurance on file, so this could mean a couple of things. Typically, one of two things occurs when this happens. Sometimes a company's insurance just lapses, and they have to renew their bodily injury and property damage insurance. The federal regulations require that they have $750, 000 on file. Good companies never let this happen; however, clearly Destination is not a good company. The other thing that often happens in this type of instance is that the company is going to file for bankruptcy. We often see this type of company receive numerous complaints against them, file for bankruptcy, and then simply open under a new name and continue the same scheme. Its difficult to know at this time what is going on with Destination.

This person has agreed to keep me informed with what is going on as i will with you. Please contact me immediately at [protected] or at [protected]

Thank you very much and good luck to you god bless.

Andrea Carlson.

Destination Moversextortion & hostage of your belongings

Similar to everyone. They pull the bait and switch. Offer excellent friendly service and pull you in with great prices.
First mistake:
give them your deposit
2nd Mistake
THey pick up your stuff:
they now have half of your deposit, your belongings, and charge you for packing materials and additonal fees and you cant do anything because you have to move out.

Final mistake:
Either Pay them up or they dont deliver your stuff. You risk losing half your deposit and your personal belongings and you sleep on the floor for an entire month.

thats what happened to me, do let this happen to you!

  • An
    Andrea Nov 12, 2008

    wow that's terrible send me a message i have some good news for you.

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  • Me
    Melissa Jan 11, 2009

    Last year, 2008, I finally got the chance to leave the Big N.Y.C. and relocate to Florida. My fiance who resides here in Florida had arranged for a moving company, Destination Movers, to pick up all of my packed belongings in my storage room in The Bronx and also pick up the rest of my boxes in my mom"s apartment. We got the quoted rate of $1239.00 for EVERYTHING! And that was including the 15min. ride to my mom's house to pick up the remaining boxes. The date was set and the pick up time was set as well. My two small daughters were anxious and happy. I had just given my job I had for the last 11 years, my last exit interview and I was on my way to start my life with my daughters and my fiance at last. Destination Movers did not show up Wednesday as agreed but early that Thursday morning. OK!!! Max, the head boss at the company couldn't give me a reason why nor could he locate the drivers, so he gave me the drivers personal cell phone #...HUH!!!

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  • Me
    Melissa Jan 12, 2009

    Part 2---I then called the number that was given to me by the HEAD BOSS, Max, to see why HIS moving company did not make to my mother's apartment that day. Some bullcrap about too much furniture to be moved from a Manhattan business company! We then set up an appointment for the next morning to meet at the storage place in The Bronx. Yes, Destination Movers was there. I carefully instructed them that I had a Schwinn Stingray/Chopper bicycle that was not to get any scratches on it inside of my room. I showed them the boxes to be moved including my deep-red bicycle. The bike was boarded first on the truck and then my belongings. I then rode with them over to my mother's house which was basically 10min. When we got there, my mother had already moved all of my belongings in the hallway to make it easier for them to move. I lived on the 16th. floor-both elevators operable at the time, easy move since my mom helped. However, at the time of departure, (remember I said the quoted cost was $1239.00?) well, the cost jumped to $2200.00. Listed on my receipt was stairs & elevator cost, mind you that the elevator was working, no stairs were used at all. The stop to my mother's apartment was considered an "extra" stop. And I had too many boxes!!! I was then given a drop date which was 7-days from that pick up date. My things NEVER arrived. I had to wait an additional 7-days more...When my belongings was on the way, the drivers then tried to get me to pay in cash when it was already settled on credit card...they even threated me...(part 2 tomorrow).

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  • Me
    Melissa Jan 13, 2009

    They told me that if I don't pay in cash, that my belongings would be taken to their warehouse and be delivered when I did have the cash. Mind you that my fiance had an agreement with this company and it was to my understanding that everything, once again, was taken care of. My little girls were upset mainly because they had to go without their clothes and toys for 2-weeks. My fiance gave a call to the company and phoned me afterwards to let me know he was on his way home to meet this moving company who was giving us so much trouble. My fiance said that the moving company would be at the house within an hour, which was the time he was coming in. Well, between that time of an hour and after he got in, turned into 4-long hours. I have never argued with a company or let anyone piss me off so much than this Destination Moving company. I tell you, this Destination Moving company was destined to make my life hectic and you know what? It did!!! Not only was my belongings taken off of that HUGE TRUCK, but what they did not deliver was my BIKE!!! I noticed the day after all of this non-sense with this company that my bike was missing...I was so damn furious. A collector's model and it was gone. I called them back and boy was I in for the CYCLONE ride of my life...(part 3 tomorrow).

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  • Me
    Melissa Jan 14, 2009

    I was told by a young lady there that there was nothing that could be done re my missing bicycle. I tried to stay calm and I could hear on the phone that she knew I was not at all happy, she then again put her boss, Max, on the phone. I explained to him nicely that my bicycle was missing from all of the boxes and furniture that was unloaded off of the truck. His response was, "there's is absolutely nothing I can do about it. I apologize for the inconvenience, but you'll have to call the claim dept.". And I did just that!!! I called the number that Max had gave me & the man on the other end of the phone sounded like I was disturbing his "coffee & newspaper" break. So rude are the people that I am coming into contact with. I'm from New York and you're not allowed to be unhelpful at all. If so, there were consequences to pay! I worked in the hospitality industry and we had to rectify each and every situation & make sure that the customer was satisfied to the end!!! This man at the claim dept. told me they don't take information over the phone anymore and told me to go online if I needed to place a claim. Then he hung up!!! I went online, printed what had to be printed, made copies of all of my documents that needed to be sent in to this Anthem Claim Company and waited for a response. Last December I placed a call to Anthem Claim to find out the status of my case and you know what??????? A lady picked up and said "we don't handle claims anymore. You have to call the moving company back because we sent your paperwork to them". I was LIVID!!! I called Destination Movers again and spoke to the same girl from months before and she confirmed that they NOW handled all of the claims. I then proceeded to ask her my status on my paperwork that Anthem sent to her company. She said that she didn't know what I was talking about and that I would have to email her a letter stating what it was that was lost or missing from my items. I then hung up on her and called Anthem back furious as hell. The same lady answered again and as I tried to explain to her that I was being given the run around she rudely interrupted me and said "It's not our problem. Call the moving company back". I asked her who had all of my paperwork--again she rudely said "Call the moving company. They should have your paperwork because we don"t". I called stupid Destination Movers back again and tried to deal with my situation on a more civil term but I was and am very humiliated to know that a company can do this to anyone. The young lady there told me that she would work with me on the matter. She had claimed that her boss was going down to the warehouse room and she wanted me to email information on my item that was missing. I did, however, it took a week for "look" and all I got was that there was some broken furniture and items that did not match my item which was a deep-red collector's model bicycle!!! I asked her to let me come over to look since I'm located in Florida and her response was that nobody was allowed in that warehouse. Now, today, January 14, 2009, Destination Movers have changed their phone number and all I'm allowed to leave is a stinking message!!! I told them last year that I didn't want to have to get a lawyer for them upping the moving price on me and my missing Schwinn but I'm noticing that I am not the only person who was scammed and ripped off by this so-called company. In order to solve this issue, those of us that was scammed on or ripped off by this company, we have to COME TOGETHER and resolve this . Please contact me. I had a big box of Gevalia coffee and teas that was amongst my belongings that is missing and I knew that Destination Movers is sitting back and enjoying the taste and aromas of my coffee and teas, but what's important to me is my Schwinn Bicycle. If they can't pay me for it then it should be handled in court. Again contact me, Melissa.

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Destination MoversTHIEVES, SCAMS, and LIARS

My name is Kathryn Sullivan and I have been lied too, stolen from and lost itmes I can never replace.
It all started of course like all the stories I have read, they tell you this price and it ends up another. You have no choice but to pay it since it is your belongings.
I knew I was in trouble when the truck finally arrived, they opened the door and my things fell out of the truck onto the ground. Max had called and told me they (movers) had to use $475.00 worth of packing supplies. Yet, when truck arrived the only thing that was used was a small piece of bubble wrap and one long piece of tape. I have asked over and over again, for paper work to prove to me what they used.
Then of course along the way the price went up from $1035, to $2375. and then an extra $75.00 to move upstairs.
Missing was a grandfather clock, my tv, clothes, dishes, pots and pans, but most important a pedestal to an 5 generation oak antique table. They called for I was highly upset and was told for the movers to go to home depot and buy some 2 x 4's.
I have sent my letter to the BBB, and to the Attorney Generals office and just received a letter today from The Division of Consumer Services, Bureau of Mediation and Enforcement, most positive letter yet. Her name is Sheryl Ann Fountain, her phone number is [protected] and her fax number is [protected]. She seems to really care, she states that she is sending complaint to MAX and we all know how he lies, steals, and hides. So, I am ready for his letter and I will fight.
No one should have to deal with this. The items I have lost I know in heart of hearts I will never see again, my clothes, my tv can be relaced but the lose of the grandfather clock is something I can not replace. I want to some how stop MAX, and all the other crooks that work there. I have filed a claim with their so called insurance company and guess what to no surprise I have not heard from them. I will not stop until MAX makes it right with all the people he has stolen from.
I was treated worse than anyone human being should of been treated. MAX stand up and make this right. And get this, my boxes had been opened. My daughter personally packed, labeled and taped all boxes, but yet when they got here, they had been gone through. Guess they take want they want and leave you with what they dont want. PLEASE LETS STOP THIS COMPANY FROM EVER BEING ABLE TO DO THIS TO ANOTHER FAMILY.

  • An
    Andrea Oct 27, 2008

    Omg i feel for you and it also happened to me too Hun and your right no one should have to go through what we have. please have that lady you are talking about send me an e-mail i would like to file a complaint with her as well.

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  • Ya
    Yan Nov 06, 2008

    I have similar and even worse experience with Destination Movers Inc -- a company composed of some robbers. I am in the process of filing my complaint.

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  • Li
    Lindsay Bowen Jun 03, 2016

    This has been the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. When they arrived to move my things, they were hours late and very rude. At the end of the move, they ended up charging me for tape rolls and blankets they didn't use, which in turn, caused my quote of $500 to increase to $800. I notified Max and Rueben that I would need 6 months of storage and I would notify them once I found a home in NC. I was quoted at $60 per month.

    At the end of the 6 months, I called to obtain my things, and was told the following: My storage would now be $121 (vs. 60), they would be able to deliver my things within 21 days, although a date could not be provided and that I would received a 72 hours notice of when my stuff was available. I called them after a week to inquire if my stuff was on it's way and was told that someone would call me. Two days later, I called them to let them know that I had to work that weekend and wanted to make sure that the delivery would not come. Arna, a woman employed there, noted our conversation and said she would tell Max and the driver that Monday worked best.

    I received a phone call from that driver on Saturday stating he was at my house (and I was at-work...hours away). I told him that Arna said Monday would be fine and he replied "Ok. I will come back Monday" I called Monday morning to get an idea of when he would come and he told me to call the office. I called the office and was told that I owed an additional $500 for a redelivery fee and that if I didn't send them a check for $2, 110 (including my "new"storage fee) within 7 business days, they would put my furniture on the auction block. I refused to send them any money until I see my things. I requested to see them and they told me "I wasn't allowed to go to their storage and view my things".

    Today is day one of the seven days. I am currently in the process of involving not only a lawyer and attornal general of the state on NC...but I am soon to call the police as they are now committing a federal offense. Hopefully I will be able to obtain my things (in their originial condition) without having to go to litigation.

    I am not going down without a fight!


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  • An
    Andrea Jun 03, 2016

    I as well had been raped and scammed by this moving company its a terrible thing and something needs to be done about it but what? What can be done besides suing and complaining yes it makes you feel better but it doesn't get your stuff back. I as well and continuing to fight them till my dieing breath if i have to but they have taken from you stuff u may never get back especially your pride and dignity. there horrible manipulative people and karma will bite them in the ### just you wait and see they will get theres.

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  • Mi
    Michelle Berk Jun 03, 2016

    I too, as well as many many, have had the same if not worse with Max and Reuben and still not over the shock of being raped of your personal belongings and money!!! I'm so very sorry and hang in there and fight! I turned the whole fight over to Travelers Insurance because I could no longer deal with these people emotionally and move to a new state ect ect. I am missing my most prized piece of art, furniture and receveied damaged pieces that were beyond repair (literally laying in the driveway in broken pieces!!!) :( :( :( My move cost me what was supposed to be 1800 for a complete move ended up costing me a little over 5, 000 which 1/2 had to be FED EX Postal Money Order to Reuben ASAP before they would start traveling down to Fla! Needless to say they promised my things in a week which turned out to be three weeks (everyday they said it would be "tomorrow") while myself and two small children slept on one air matress in an empty house! I can't even go on because it only gets worse; the police had to come and watch the delivery...Bless you and so sorry! Hang in there and get police to help you and have other there when they deliver to witness the move with a camera and document everything!!! Good luck! Michelle

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  • Fr
    Frank Djonbalaj Jun 03, 2016

    I don’t even know where to begin! My wife and I moved from NY to CO on May 15, 2008. We looked for a moving company that would move us cross-country while we drove across. Unfortunately, we found Destination Movers. They were scheduled to arrive on Wednesday the 14th to pick our stuff up, but they encountered delay after delay, and although I was promised two to three times that they would be there “no later than” 5:30pm on Wed., they showed up at our house at 10:30pm! They were not finished packing us up until 2am, knowing very well that we were leaving to start out cross-country drive at 4am!! Then the fun REALLY started! What started out as a “good deal” priced at $2, 500 quickly DOUBLED at 2am, once all our stuff was on the truck and we were all exhausted, the bill was now $4, 900!!! We had no choice but to say ok. Well fast forward 5 months, our stuff was just destroyed! My wife had antique dresser and vanity that was just ruined!! My dresser is still missing but the mirror somehow made it! My wife’s clothes are still missing! They stole all my Paintball gear! OUR MATTRESS AND BOXSPRING ARE STILL MISSING!! Get this, they delivered a brand new mattress to us that did not belong to us and the driver Ron said to my wife “just keep it and don’t say anything”, CAN YOU BELIEVE THESE PEOPLE!?!?!?!?!!? We wrote on all of our boxes FRAGILE in big letters on every side and they still came smashed with holes in them! These people have avoided us like the plague and have just simply said we don’t care we have your money and tough luck! PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM UNLESS YOU WANT A SIMILAR FATE! Max, Anna, Erika, and Mike Moore all just seemed so disinterested and cared very little that we have not had our mattress for over a month and 5 days! If any one has any suggestions please email me [email protected]

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Destination MoversHolding furniture & belongings

Destination Movers picked up our furniture and belongings from Tobyhanna, Pa. on Aug.17, 2008. We agreed to have our belongings delivered to our new apartment in Bellport, NY September 6. That date was cancelled by us due to inclement weather. It was agreed that our things would be delivered on Wednesday 9/10 and no one came. We called the company and was told they didn't have a driver and would deliver our things the next day Thursday 9/11. Again no one showed. Sunday morning (14th), our day of worship, the driver of the truck called while we were in church to say they were on the way to deliver and needed directions to our place. We had no idea they were coming. The drivers, Johnny and Issac promised to bring our things on Monday (15th) morning since we didn't know of the arrangements to deliver. Monday came, no one showed so we called the company again and was told no one would be delivering our things that day. They said they would call us on Wednesday 9/17 to deliver. Of course no one showed and we called back again. When we complained of the way they were doing business they threaten to hold our things another 30 days. I called again on Thursday 9/18 to tell them we were willing to pick up our own things just tell us where they were and was informed we had to pay over $2000 first then they would tell us where our belongings were being held. We agreed at the beginning of the contract to a month of free storage. I was already told that if I reached out to get help to get our belongings they would hold our things another 30 days and now they want to charge extra for storage. The total for pick up and delivery was over $4000. We paid half and we're willing to pay the other half but not all the other trumped up fees for storage. We have found out the owner of the company is a Bruce Kidd [protected]-249-2172). We've also found out that Destination Movers have had numerous complaints against them. Every time we call we're given a wide range of excuses, for instances, "no truck available, truck is being inspected, we'll be there in the next 2 to 3 days". Throughout the process we have asked for a minimum advance notice of 24 hours so we accommodate their schedule. They refuse to comply. All we want are our belongings
intact without all the other fees. Please help us. Before leaving our location in Pa., we asked the drivers where will our belongings be held? They responded a warehouse in New Jersey.

  • Mi
    Michelle Berk Sep 20, 2008

    I went through one of the most horrific moves in my life with them! I still have a hard time thinking about it and am financially still in a hole because of it!!! They will keep charging you till you call the police and get your contract out to show extortion! I'm so sorry you have to go through this!!! I had to call a lawyer and file a claim with my homeowners! I lost priceless art, custom furniture ect!! This was everything I had and was brand new after a recent divorce! CALL THE POLICE AND GET THE TRUCKS LICENSE NUMBER ! Find out where the warehouse is and take the police!! THEY HAVE STOLEN YOUR STUFF!!! Also make sure you get everything!! I'm missing BOXES of stuff!!!

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  • Ya
    Yan Oct 09, 2008

    I have exactly the same experience -- the only difference is the pick up time/location and destination. It has already been two months since they picked up my items. So far we have not seen our items yet. There are too many similar complaints about this company and I think the law enforcement should get involved in. We also need to file something to the FL goverment. We cannot tolerate these bad apples and we should kick them out of the country.

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  • Gr
    grandparents advocates Nov 03, 2008

    We have filed similar complaints on /link removed/ and you should read some of those. All the exact same reports. We waited over 2 months for our stuff only to have it come back half broken and the other half completely water logged from a hole in the trailer. We also are filing a lawsuit and hopefully these scammers will be out of business soon. Did we mention that they charged us over double what the contract stated and had the nerve to ask for a tip at the end!!! This was after dropping five boxes!!! DUH!!!

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  • An
    Andrea Nov 13, 2008

    Yeah this is completely wrong and i do see a pattern with these people because i too had a similar experience different day different city/state. There needs to be something done about this company for good they cant keep doing this to people. But karma will come and bite them on the butt sooner then u think.

    Please contact me asap i know of someone who can help us get justice.


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Destination MoversAwful company

Shmueli insists his company did nothing wrong. "I'm a very honest person, " he says. This industry is so fraught with deceptive practices that the state and federal agencies in charge of stopping them are scrambling just to keep up. "People are definitely being taken advantage of by destination movers. This company is obviously very skilled at ripping consumers off, "

Ruben thinks that he is so tricky, nice website, pleasant people to reel you in... check out this website:

DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY!!! They are crooked!!! They will steal from you lie and treat you like a piece of dirt. I don't know how they can sleep at night. They are all bad people. Even those young girls like yvonne, ana, erika, michelle etc.

  • Valerie Aug 30, 2008

    As described in previous complaints I have also suffered from the business practices of Destination Movers. I moved from Philadelphia on July 3rd to Denver. Starting a new job and moving across country is hard enough... but being lied to and thinking you will never receive your property is anxiety provoking. 21 business days would have been August 1st. After numerous phone calls, waiting on hold, numerous lies/excuse, unanswered emails (supposedly the best way to reach the managers/ dispatchers Max and Reuben) and threats to have my property delivered back to Philadelphia, I finally received it on August 23rd.

    To start, pick-up was scheduled b/t 9-11. Only by me calling was I informed that they would be late, and eventually showed up around 5pm. Then I was told my property took up over 100 cubic feet more than estimated and was to be charged $2100 instead of the initial $1400. Needless to say I threw some stuff away... it was only a 1 bdrm apartment and does not take up that much space. And of course, I was in a rush to move because I had to drive out west and start my new job.

    On delivery to my sister's new house, they claimed they could not get the couch in (a larger sofa bed had already been moved inside without a problem), offered to bring it in through the window (who does that??) but instead tore it shoving it through the door. My brand new living room set was chaffed open on all sides. My 'fragile' labeled box had a hole in it and all of my picture frames were shattered. A wheel was missing off a container, my bike and several other items never made it onto the truck.

    I received someone else's XXX Yankee outfit and a kids' toys wrapped in my belongings. I have someone else's step stool, oh and a stack of blank CD's was stolen and the box rewrapped. And FYI, the truck driver mentioned that she had to yell at the Destination Moving guy to stop throwing furniture off the truck the day before.

    They have no respect for peoples' hard earned property. They were rude, unprofessional, and irrational. It has been a horrible experience and I would only recommend U-haul in the future. I hope there is a way to spread the word and get these people out of business.

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  • An
    Andrea Oct 27, 2008

    I totally agree with you and if i had known how manipulative and crooked they were i would have never hired them.

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Destination MoversWORST MOVERS

Please don't use this company.
I reserved my July move one month in advance. I was told I was going to get a call from the driver a day in advance to set a time of pick up. I got none, so I call the office. Max (suppose to be manager), told me that he'd call me back with the time. Basically, after playing phone tags, he game me a wrong time of pick up anyway, and he gave me the driver's phone number. By 9pm, I thought I was going to be stood up, and I had to vacate the property so someone else could move in the next day! They didn't show up until 9:45pm! After he loaded my stuff, he informed me that the price had gone up (triple of what I was quoted!), including $500 in packing??? So, being in an impossible position, and being afraid (there were 5 of them and it was after 10pm), I agreed.

I had been promised by Becky (since then she left) that my items were going to be delivered 5 days later in DC (I was moving from Atlanta). Instead, the driver calls me 3 days before the earliest available day I was prepared to received the stuff, and the day I had agreed with Becky, and tried to deliver my stuff. Interestingly enough, he was very interested in whether I had cash, or whether I had put "destination movers" on the money orders. Well, I wasn't prepared to receive the items, so said no, that he would have to deliver when I had agreed with Becky. Then, without advising me, he proceeded to place my items in a undisclosed location storage, and started to ignore my calls. I called that Monday, when I was supposed to get the stuff, and I repeatedly got the run around by Max, Anna, the driver (I think his name is Reuven), and everyone in the office. Anna (the dispatcher) told me several times that my stuff was on its way (for sure) in a couple of days, but nothing happen. I was told that my stuff was placed in storage because the "truck got rerouted", but I got no explanation why the original set up date was not honored.

I kept getting the run around for weeks. I had to start my new job with a couple of outfits that I just happen to bring with me, nothing at all, not a chair to sit on, nothing, and they didn't care at all. They continued to tell me how they had 21 days, but never mind they never told me that in advance.

Eventually, one day Anna and Max tell me that I'll get my stuff within the next 7 days. After the 7 days passed and I got nothing, I called the driver who supposedly "just happen" to be in the vicinity of the storage unit, went to check it out, and found my stuff still in there. (remember Anna told me it was on its way, a week ago). Anyway... so the driver said he loaded the stuff and asked me again if I had "cash". When I told him I did, he agreed to load my stuff and deliver it the next day.

When they arrived, (I had to lose a day of a very important training week that my employer paid thousands for me to take, making me look like a jerk) the first item they delivered wasn't even mine. The rest of the stuff was ok, but I just can't believe how much they overcharged me and how clueless and careless they are with customers.

I have reported these people to Federal authorities, and I would encourage all of you guys who fell victims of these people to do so. Write to the Department of Transportation office of the Attorney General, the FBI, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration [protected]), the American Moving and Storage Association [protected]), and the better business bureau (I found that they've had over 60 complaints in the last 36 months!)

Please don't let these people get away with these kind of behavior! take action!

  • An
    Andrea Oct 27, 2008

    My situation was quite similar to yours and I was working with Anna as well, who kept telling me the exact same thing she had told you that it was on its way. She kept telling me that she could not tell me where my stuff was exactly so I was mostly left in the dark. the movers who were delivering my belongings did sort of the same thing wanted cash only and they also told me it was not there problem anymore and that i had to tell Anna to fly my stuff personally to my house. I later found out my stuff was in a storage unit in phoenix had i known that i would have used that money to go and rent a u haul and pick it up. the driver told me he wanted an extra $200 because he claimed he had tried to stop by but i told him that was a lie because i am home 247 so they dropped the $200. I did not receive all my belongings either. I had only received some and 2 items that were not mine, but the driver insisted i take it because it had my sticker on it. I saw the back end of his truck and the thing was packed all the way to the door full of stuff. Things were looking misplaced all over and my boxes looked like they had been run over about 20 times. luckily nothing was broken. I had contacted the BBB and later come to find out they closed me case due to a lack of response from Destination movers but it was placed on public record. I agree something needs to be done and i just cant figure out how to do it.
    e-mail me with some ideas if you have any.

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Destination Movers — Our Move

Like Ashley, we also had a great experience with Destination Movers. We have to admit we were really...

Destination Movers — Extortion and Load Hostaging

Attention everyone that has had any problems with Destination Movers- please contact me immediately. A group...

Destination MoversAwful experience

I moved from Savannah GA to Oceanside CA this month of June. I had a quoted itinerary of less than $1, 000 for my stuff to be shipped door to door. Destination Movers were two days late picking my stuff up on a scheduled day, and did not submit any paperwork to me whatsoever upon taking my stuff. A few days later I get a call from a man that can hardly speak english (unlike the receptionist Erika) saying that I owe them $1500 instead of the original quote because of extra packing...

Upon Moving, I had agreed to the one month free storage, being informed that at any time, when i was ready - to call them and schedule a delivery... It took me many 20 minute waiting sessions being on hold to speak with Erika, Yureem, Max, among others to get to the bottom of where and when my belongings would be delivered. I had asked to speak to a supervisor on many occasions, coming to find out that all employees claim to be that person on any given day... I scheduled my delivery 3 weeks in advance... I actually had to upgrade my phone plan just because of the hassle of being put on hold with these same people... getting the same runaround about 'the truck broke down' but 'we don't know exactly where it broke down at'...

When they finally arrived at my home, a day late from their 21 day max limit... many of my belongings were missing and the ones i received were broken. Before they would even unload anything, the man demanded &75 hard cash before he would unload anything - according to their over 75 feet rule... My contract specifically stated that the first 75 feet, and first flight of stairs come at no charge... I was forced to pay it on the spot by him even though i showed him my contract...

I saw inside of their truck - people's possessions were scrambled on top of each other broken just like mine. I was nice enough to tell the Russian non speaking delivery man, that half of the stuff pulled out of the trailer was not mine... they were very disgruntled people and i can say it was a very unpleasant experience for anyone to go through. I myself like the people who filed before me, will be calling the Florida Attorney General Tomorrow. These people, Destination Movers are a rip off - scam artist company. I feel the need to pass along the word and report it so that others don't have to go what i have been through. They took hard earned money from me, and half of my possessions aren't even worth keeping now. Among the things that weren't delivered - I'm fighting against this company so that others won't have to deal with the misfortunes I and others have had to bare...

  • Mi
    Michael Rosenbloom Aug 03, 2008

    Misleading Consumer About Moving Costs
    Destination Movers were deceptive in their presentation of moving costs. On 6/17/08, I had spoken with the customer representative, Becky, about the total square footage of items to be moved. Although she had been professional up to this point, I was forced to call her repeatedly as she had made errors in the estimates. After an exchange of 4 emails, Becky had sent me a final price of $1236.90 for 248 sq feet of furniture. This was considered “a binding estimate.” I agreed to this total and signed the computerized contract.

    The movers came to my family’s house on 6/21. I had already left for California at that time so that I would be present 5 days after the movers picked up the furniture. The movers told my brother (who was present at the house) that the total square footage was 350 rather than 248 feet after the items were already packed. The estimate did not seem accurate as the apartment in San Francisco was only 650 sq feet in size. The total ended up being $2129. This total included $384 for “new packing” for a total of 32 items. Only a mirror, 4 pictures, and a sofa had been “repacked.” Due to the fact that the furniture had already been loaded on the truck, my brother had little choice, but agree to the sum of $2129.

    Our moving items were finally delivered on 7/26/08. While discussing the charges for delivery to San Francisco, Becky had told me during the initial booking that the first flight of stairs is free. Here is an excerpt from the electronic contract:
    Stairs: The first flight of stairs will not be charged. Each additional flight will be charged at $75 per flight.

    Upon delivery of the items in San Francisco, one of the movers, Renee asked for $225 to bring the items up from the first floor to our second floor apartment. When I objected, he agreed to carry our articles up for a “discounted” $150. He stated that “a flight of stairs” was considered to be 7 stairs. The apartment was considered to have four flights (the three steps leading into the apartment=1 flight; 14 steps=2 flights; flat landing=1 flight). I agreed to pay the $150 as Renee would not bring the items up to the apartment without this sum.

    Misleading the Consumer About Time of Pickup and Delivery
    Destination Movers told me that the delivery time would be 1-14 days during the month of June (a “busy month” per Becky). The contract sent by email and signed by me said1-21 business days. Here is the section of the contract for delivery cut and pasted into this letter:

    1. Delivery schedule for the same regions are 1-14 business days.
    2. Delivery schedule from the East Coast (from or to) the west coast are 1-21 Business Days.
    3. Delivery schedule for all other regions are 1-14 business days.
    All delivery times are from the earliest date that you are able to receive delivery.

    On the day of pick-up in North Wales, PA, we were told that the movers would come by 10 am. They showed up at 730 pm. Our items were stored then placed in a storehouse, and Destination Movers failed to address any of consumer’s concerns from the period from when the furniture was picked up to when it was delivered. We were placed on hold for periods ranging from 10-45 minutes after calling the company about a date of delivery. Upon being asked for a supervisor, the consumer was again put on hold. The supervisors, Max or Ruben, would have different excuses such as “the truck is broken, ” “trust me, you’ll get your stuff, ” and “you will get your stuff in 21 business days.”

    Destination Movers delivered our items five days past the 21-day delivery promise stated on our moving contract (picked up on 6/21 and delivered 7/26). The movers were scheduled to arrive at our apartment at 2:00 in the afternoon, but did not arrive until 8:00 p.m. The moving truck in which our items arrived was packed in a haphazard manner, with furniture and boxes thrown on top of each other (See attached photos).

    Negligent and Unprofessional Care of Household Goods
    Upon picking up the furniture items from the house in North Wales, PA, the movers failed to establish an inventory system. All boxes had my original labels, which I had provided myself. Some items were repacked and no labels were applied to the outside of these boxes. Consequently, the delivering movers on 7/26 spent 2 ½ hours locating the items. One of the items, a framed picture that had been a family heirloom, was completely lost. I was called down to help them located my items buried within their truck of other peoples’ belongings piled haphazardly upon each other (please see attached photo). In their search for our furniture, the movers also caused significant damage to items belonging to other customers. At one point, one of the movers stepped upon and damaged the air conditioner belonging to another customer.

    During the process of unloading and delivering our furniture to the San Francisco apartment, the movers damaged our front door and scratched our wood floor (please see attached pictures). In addition, they caused significant damage to our items and promised us that “this was how we found it at the warehouse.” These items were all in perfect condition when loaded into the moving van from our home in North Wales, PA . The following items were damaged:
    1. Toshiba 19 inch television set—this item was dented caught fire when it was plugged in.
    2. Antique mirror—cracked at top (please see attached photo)
    3. Walnut chested drawers—large chunk of wood chipped off from back (please see attached photo)
    4. Cherry wood dresser—bottom foundation cracked and ruptured—delivered upside down (please see attached photograph).

    There was one lost item, a picture frame. The promised to call us the next day, after they located the picture in their moving truck, but they have yet to contact us or return our missing picture.

    The majority of movers with whom I have interacted have been Israeli. The movers have taken it upon themselves to make inappropriate comments to the consumer regarding the religion they have in common. Upon picking up items, they asked my brother whether he had been to Israel. When he said no, they replied, “How come? You’re rich and this should be no problem with you.” Upon delivery of the furniture, one of the movers, Renee asked me whether my fiancé was Jewish or not. Please see above for unprofessional practices when calling about delivery times.

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  • Ry
    Ryan Aug 07, 2008

    It's so nice to know there are people out there, especially Israelis, giving Jews a bad name. Of course this could happen with any ethnic group, but still...

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  • Pr
    private Aug 08, 2008

    Wow! The same exact story as my friend. However, it should be brought to the attention that this Israeli thing is such a big story that they always want to tell...hmmm? This is vital information that has to be told to the Police/Investigators ect...

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  • Ra
    Rachel Sep 13, 2008

    Same story...different city and state. This company needs to be stopped from doing busines and prosecuted, and I need my furniture (after 42 days from NC to Florida ).

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  • El
    elaine Sep 15, 2008

    hi, i am in a similar situation with a company called schumacher cargo household furniture has been sitting in nyc shipyard being held for ransom until i pay fees$1295.00 which occured because schumacher let the container sit for 9 days after customs released it.they are at fault but want me to pay because they seem to have forgotten about it.i am so anoyed after paying $8000.00 to get my furniture here in the first place and i now sleep on the floor, without any help from the shipping company i paid in ireland. is there any help out there.

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  • An
    Andrea Oct 27, 2008

    I had a similar experience as you did. I too was scammed with a $1000.03 moving estimate from Maryland to Arizona and ended up paying them $1500.00 for half of my belongings. Luckily nothing that was delivered was broken but minor damage was done to a tv stand. Almost all my boxes looked like it had been tossed around and a few had been opened. My laundry basket was filthy had some sort of nasty gunk on the bottom of it and i had received two items that were not mine but the driver insisted it was just because it had my sticker on it. the items I'm missing are
    13 inch tv (tube not LCD)
    Computer (cables, monitor, mouse&keyboard along with tower)
    a single 4 drawer dresser
    comcast cable box (We had agreed with comcast that we were to send it back once we had gotten to Arizona)
    1 cordless telephone
    A foreman grill
    electric can opener
    electric 4 cup coffee maker
    A box full of shoes and 2 umbrellas, scarves, mittens etc.. (Another person who had been scammed by them actually called me about this and said they were sending it to me)
    1 or 2 boxes of books.
    A box full of dishes (cups, plates, bowels etc..)
    1 chair
    1 love seat
    1 twin mattress and box spring.
    the love seat and twin mattress is not a big deal we were going to get rid of them anyway but still was missing.

    Had we not been getting evicted from our apartment we probably would have done more homework on Destination movers. Something interesting I found out about them was they originally were licensed under a different name but by 2017 they closed for some reason and reopened in 2017 under destination movers. I had contacted the attorney general about them and the BBB and many other organizations about this and they either refer me to someone else or like the BBB close my case put it under public file and that's it. I'm so sorry that you were scammed just like me and i hope things work out for you.

    Andrea Carlson

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  • An
    Andrea Oct 27, 2008

    To the comment above me Hun i believe it is time to call it a loss with this company. There asking way to much of you money wise and that is not right. what you can try and do is file a lawsuit against this company even try calling the police to see what they can do for you. e-mail a gentleman names Justin Wilson at [email protected] and see what he can do for you.

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