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Designs in Mica and WoodNever received our furniture, our deposit as well!

This firm was recommended highly to us by a friend who used them in his condominium.

We had discussions with their furniture designer , Mr Eduardo Martell in connecton with designing a bedroom dresser for our condominium. Workmen came to our flat and did the necesary measurements.

We entered into a contract with the company to manufacture and deliver the dresser as outlined in the design. The contract became effective on Apr.7 2006 and promised delivery within 14 to 16 weeks. I.e. by early August at latest. This was allright with us since we go away for the 3 summer months and wanted it on or return to Florida Oct 12. We were assured this would present no problem.

We made a deposit of 2/3 of the price $2,248.

We donated our old dresser to charity with pick up when we returned.

The new furntiure did not arrive and we had no information from the company.. I called at the office of Designs in Mica & Wood. I was told the furniture would be coming in 10 to 15 weeks. Since 26 weeks had passed since we were told a maximum of 16 weeks, this was obviously unacceptable and I asked to speak to Mr Martel the designer . I was told that Mr Martel no longer worked for the company. I asked that the deposit be refunded. The receptionist could not do this. I asked to speak to David the man recommended to us by our friend. He was no longer with the company. I asked for a supervisor or manager and was told there was no manager, only the owner who was not available. It appeared that the receptionist was the only employee in the office.She agreed to set up an appointment with the owner and it was set for 2.00 pm Oct 23.

We went to the office at 101 Glades Rd at 2.00 . The door was locked and had a sign saying the office was closed until Nov 15. No one had phoned to cancel or reschedule the appointment.

We saw the receptionist entering a back door and went to speak to her. She had no explanation for the failure to keep the appointment. When pressed she said the company was relocating to a new location where taxes would be less onerous.She said they were expecting 2 containers of goods to arrive soon. She said the owners were Nick and Paul but declined to provide a last name saying it was too difficult to spell. She also declined to set up another appointment.

Of course we do not know just what the circumstances are with this company. I fear they may be in serious financial difficulties and are carefully avoiding creditors. We are concerned that, not only may we never see our furniture, but our deposit as well.

Our initial interest was to get a nicely designed piece of furniture, but now would settle for a prompt return of our deposit, so we may seek another dresser for the empty space in our bedroom.

If the owners have an answer to this situation we would like to hear it.

Designs in Mica and Wood, 101 Glades Road, Boca Raton, Florida

Designs in Mica and WoodThe boss is never honest and can't be trusted at his word

Designs in Mica and Wood owner Paul keeps telling me that they do great work and can make all their defects go away but after dealing with them for over a year now it has not happened. Their employees come to our home with shoddy tools at best and are several young boys in there early 20's without training. The owner calls and blames his problems on the workers and the workers say the boss is never honest and can't be trusted at his word.

My wife and I spent about 30k with this Company and can't get file holders for the desk unit they call customer built. When the draws are empty they work great when we put our files in them they don't close. The owners comments " I'll fix that my guys screwed up" he makes the appt. and misses it. We call him back he says " that's a lot of ### I told my guys to keep that appt." still no file draws. Frankly it's so bad our guests say go to Harry and Phyllis's house and you can see what not to buy.

The shelf unit on our 3rd floor is also a comedy of errors. Self ends that don't meet or match meeting parts. Large gaps near walls filled with cheap pcs. of quarter round wood. Their own employees said you are very nice people and I can't understand why they didn't measure this right or correct it when the owner of the Company saw the condition it was in.

He is not doing anything, he will not return our calls and I think it is a good idea to see if you folks can do anything for us. We threatened Lawyers and at this point have decided to : 1st complaints .com ( a good friend referred us) 2nd ask for your help with the TV Stations (they should be out of business before they hurt anyone else) 3rd State of FL Attorney General this has happened enough that it might be a reasonable consumer fraud case.

I am reaching out for Jeff Weller an e-mail address would be helpful


Company details:

Designs in Mica and Wood
101 glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33432
Contact Person Paul (owner)