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2:03 pm EST

Dermajuve credit card charges

I recently wrote a complaint on Dermajuve and their charges on "free samples of their product" I recently recognized I got charged twice for $89.95 for the product that was a free sample. I am at a loss and do not know what to do since I recently became unemployed and every dime counts. I will assure you since I have plenty of time on my hands that I will be explore every avenue to ensure everyone is made aware of Dermajuve's scam.

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Carla kincaid
Petersburg, US
Aug 04, 2014 10:33 am EDT

Dernajuve said I can buy a trail size for just shipping .i look at my credit card account and they TOOK my money without my permission .help I am on a serious income. I can NOT lose not one Pennie.

Paragould, US
Apr 22, 2015 2:57 pm EDT

I also ordered the free product and paid $4.95 for shipping. Three weeks later I was charged $89.95. Since it is on my credit card I will receive my money back. This is a scam. It's a shame because the product Dermajuve is a great product. I would have rebought it if they had not been crooks

1:41 pm EST

Dermajuve Charges on credit card for free item

My husband and I have been scammed by Dermajuve cosmetics. I was provided a free sample to try of Dermajuve cosmetics and was informed I would have to pay for shipping. I received my credit card bill which charged me $89.85. This was part of the freebies program to try products and then make a decision if I want to continue getting the product. I have barely had time to open and try item which is free and found I was charged an outrageous amount. I will make it my job to find out how to get out of this and let the public know what a scam this has been. Bewar DermaJuve, I will ensure you and your product do not continue to scam others.

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1:34 pm EST

Dermajuve Charged credit card a tidy sum without my o.k.

I came across an ad on the internet for Dermajuve - their wrinkle cream which the ad said would vanish wrinkles in 61 seconds!
I fell for it when I read I could try a sample of this miraculous cream for only $4.95 to pay for shipping it to me. Well - I checked my bank this morning and found they had charged $89.95 on my Visa, which they were certainly without my permission to do. I have not yet received a package from them, but I intend to mark it "Refused" and send it back. I refuse to aid this kind of advertising and feel that something should be done to remove the likes of Dermanjuve from the internet.

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Tampa, US
Feb 22, 2015 5:35 pm EST
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Back in November last year I sent for a free (by no means free) sample of Dermajuve at the cost only for S&H of $4.95. I ordered only the free sample & no more. Otherwords, not interested in additional products or any other charges than $4.95. I am retired & on a fixed income. I do not have a computer & until February 2015 had not seen my bank statements but called my bank wondering why my statement balance on my credit card kept going up. That is when I found put this company charged me for the free sample & 2 additional products. I used my free sample & received one other that I have unopened. The company wanted to give ne 15% back for the last product, after discussion they offered 35%, then after more unhappiness he offered 50%. I demanded an address to send product back & he gave me an Auth# to send back for full refund but only on last order. I am disputing the rest with my bank. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM! These type of companies need to be closed down.

10:05 am EST
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I saw an ad and it said to try for free and pay shipping now im being charged 74.95 for what i dont know. i am being ran aroun in circles trying to get my money back. the website doesnt exist and the name of the company was changed from my digging and trying to find someone to fix this horrible mistake. I am disabled and live on a fixed income and the add said nothing about any further charges. I want my money back.

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