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Resolved Delta CameraDishonest Business

I order a camera and they sent a camera and charge a diferent price. when we complain it is and indian talking guy who start yelling at us that it was not his problem.
Be careful, they don't respect the price or your product.

Hice una orden de una camara a delta camera y al mandarnos el producto nos cobraron de mas. Al hablar a la compania nos contesto un indu o arabe gritandonos que ellos no podian hacer nada. Diciendo que cuando compre la camara costaba un precio y ahora otro cuando no es cierto. Cuidado Roban.

Resolved Delta CameraUnapologetic Crooks!

If you have problems with Delta Camera, notify the NY BBB, and the manufacturer of the product they are misrepresenting (these companies don't like it when retailers make their products look bad.) Don't let Delta Camera get away with ripping you off!

Better Business Bureau Serving Metropolitan New York, Inc. 257 Park Avenue South, 4th Floor New York, NY [protected] Phone- 212.533.6200

Sony Customer Service: [protected]

Canon Customer Service: [protected]

Nikon Customer Service: [protected]

-just tell the customer service rep to connect you with someone to report a retailer who is misrepresenting their product, and ripping off their customers, and possibly selling gray market goods.

My Story: Saw what I thought was a good deal on a sony hx1 digital camera on the delta camera website, so I placed the order online. John C. from Delta Camera called me the next day and asked me if I wanted a '2 hour or 5 hour' battery with that order. Thinking it was included in the price I had already paid, I opted for the 5 hour battery. He used a phone with a lot of static, so it was difficult to understand anything he was saying (others have reported a similar tactic with this company). It wasn't until he was about to hang up that I tried to confirm that there will be no additional charges. At this time he told me that the battery is an additional charge, and that the 5 hour battery is $70. I figured I would have to pay this no matter where I bought the camera, and agreed. I immediately looked the camera up on the Sony website and found that it comes with a battery lasting about 200 minutes. I called John C. back within 5 minutes and requested to cancel the order. He refused to cancel the order and said that it had already shipped (literally within 5 minutes!). When I double checked the charges on my credit card, I found that he charged me an additional $30 than he said he would.

Today I refused the shipment, and I plan to chargeback with my credit card company. I'm just hoping they won't accept any restocking fees because these worthless scoundrels don't deserve a dime!

Resolved Delta CameraBait and Switch Backorder Scam

Very troubling business practices. I called them to see if they had the desired camera being advertised on their site in stock. They were showing a Canon EOS 7D for $1299 which is a good price; sure enough, their phone salesperson says that the have it "IN STOCK", so I placed my order. I will note that at this time, I also received the same high pressure sales tactics that they other complaints on this site are reporting for Delta Cameras ("battery is only good for 20 minutes - I should get a better one", "memory stick has slow 7 second delay between photos - I should upgrade", etc). I turned those down, but I did pay extra for fast 3 day shipping (big mistake).

I called back a couple of days later, and now they say "the camera is backordered - 1 to 3 weeks". I asked how that happened, since their having it in stock was a pre-condition of my purchase. They said "maybe our computer system wasn't updated yet from the warehouse". Hmm, things are starting to sound suspicious.

So I waited a week and called them back to see if my camera had shipped. But rather than giving them my order number, I simply asked "Do you have the EOS 7D in stock?", they said YES. I said, "GOOD - then have you shipped mine out yet?" (gave them my order number). The sales guy then says "OH! I thought you asked 'Do you have a Nikon Seventy in stock', no we don't have any EOS 7D's in stock yet". Honest mistake, or did I bust them in another bait and switch? You be the judge of whether "EOS 7D" sounds like "Nikon 70" and decide for yourself whether they are being honest or not.

All of this made me very suspicious, so I called back to cancel my order. I just hope they will give me the full credit back, after reading the other complaints here about Delta Camera and the way they charge a restocking fee for any kind of cancellations. Since it never even shipped, I better not see a charge on my credit card or I will escalate with the BBB and Attorney General for their Brooklyn New York area.

I can certainly see what the other customers of Delta Cameras are saying in their complaints about "Bait and Switch Backordering" practices. I would also note that their sales people came across as rude; no 'please' or 'thank you' and in the 5 or so phone calls to them - I never once got a 'good bye' - I just got a 'click' denoting that they had hung-up their phone. I run a web based business myself and would NEVER treat customers like that, and I would have had serious issues if any of my phone support people treated customers the way Delta Cameras talks to their customers.

NOTE: The Whois Record for the web address shows-up under the Registrant of "Chama Sarweh" (I'm assuming that he is the owner of the company):

Also, this page shows more problems for Delta Camera and has them also doing business as a bunch of other assumed business names and identities. Also shows photo of a possible false store front for them:

See large number of complaints here:

Resolved Delta Cameradishonest/disinterested

TERRIBLE! Ordered camera on internet. i called next day to confirm. Was given incorrect information about what was shipped with camera (batteries/charger). They then tried to sell me upgrade batteries/charger for a ridiculous price. The salesman and then the manager were totally uninterested in the resulting concern I voiced to them. BAD VIBES!! Does not surprise me they rate 2.5 out of 10. I'm glad I canceled before any other problems.

  • Ca
    camjar1 Nov 03, 2009

    I totally agree. I ordered a camera from Delta 3 days before my son's wedding, expediting it with 2-day shipping. However, they use the dishonest sales tactic of sending an email that you need to confirm, which I didn't get to check until after they closed for the day. They called the following day to my house and I had to call them back later in the day when we were done decorating for the reception. When I called they tried to sell me batteries, sd cards, etc., and I was shocked they had not sent the order. I said just take off the 2-day shipping and send it regular free 7-day postage, and my son will use it. We waited 10 days and then I called because we hadn't received it. They said the order was cancelled - I was shocked. They kept asking me if I was sure I hadn't called and cancelled it - finally after the 4th time, I said I did not like being called a liar, can they just put my order back in. They sent me to the sales dept, where they did the same thing, and then told me that the item was on back order, IN EVERY COLOR, and THEY HAD SOLD THEM ALL OUT 2 DAYS AGO. What a bunch of liars!!! Never trust them!!! As stated above, they are totally disinterested in any resulting concern over having the order placed.

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  • Kl
    klef Dec 21, 2009

    I bought a Canon Power Shot SD 880 IS camera, two Zeikos ZE-NB5L rechargeable batteries, and two 2GB memory cards from Delta on 10-15-09. The salesman (Chris) told me that the camera was brand new and not refurbished and that the battery would only last a short bit and said that I need a longer lasting battery.
    After I got the camera, I contacted canon to get the one-year warranty and that's when I was told that the camera was in someone else’s name. I called Delta and they credited my credit card $30 if I would keep it. I accepted it.
    After using the camera with the original battery I soon realized that the canon battery last a long time. I called and talked to Delta (Wallace) and I got RMA number to return the 2 batteries that I was told I needed. They said that I would get an email on how to return the batteries. After over a week waiting on the email I called them on 12-2-09 and they said that they changed their minds and they weren't going to let me return the batteries.
    Of course after all of this, I see on the Internet after looking up Delta scams that others have had trouble with this company. I did let the BBB know but for obvious reasons they are not part of the BBB! I've thought about sending an email to the New York attorney general.

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Resolved Delta CameraBait and Switch

Buyer beware! I ordered a Mitsubishi HC6800 projector for just under $2, 100, and a Elite R120wh1 screen for $350. When I called to "confirm" the order, I was told that the projector came with a "50 hour" bulb, and that if I wanted the "4, 000 hour" bulb, it would be more. In the end, I paid $2, 650 for that projector. Thinking that as a package, I was at least no worse than with other dealers, I kept with the order. The projector came, but no screen. When I called about the screen, it was no longer available, but that they had a different one for $150 more. As for the bulb, I called Mitsubishi directly, and was told that the OEM bulb (VLT-HC6800LP) was the only bulb made for that projector, and it was rated for 4.000 hours. These people are dishonest.

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Resolved Delta CameraDishonest Business Practices

Do NOT do business with Delta Camera!
Ordered a camera for $160, and got an invoice for $292. They called before it shipped to suggest an upgraded battery and memory card - together the 2 items are worth at the most $40. There was no extra battery in the box, the battery that was there was the same one that's supposed to come with the camera, and the wrist strap that normally comes in the box was missing.

Customer service told us they charged $29. for shipping insurance (apparently it's in the fine print when you place your order), and that we had ordered the "whole sale" version of the camera, not Retail - so the box didn't come with a battery or wrist strap. They gave us a huge run-around. I would send the whole thing back, but I understand it's very hard to get a refund from this company. I repeat, DO NOT DO BUSINESS with

Resolved Delta CameraOver Priced Items

Sep 12, 2009 I purchased a Canon camera from Delta Camera online. It was a great price and beat all others. I received an email stating I needed to call them to confirm my order. When I called the salesman asked if I wanted to add a memory card and charger, I stated yes and he confirmed my order quickly and hung up. I didn't think much about it until I received the order and the invoice. It was $250 above the camera cost, and everything on it was not itemized out with the charges. It said "bundled package". I then looked the items up on amazon and found that Delta Camera was charging $100 for a $10 item and $150 for a $25 item. I quickly called them and stated I wanted to send back the charger and memory card, and just keep the camera. The manager "John" would not let me. He said all the items must be returned and there was a 15% restocking fee (or more) for the entire order. I got so scammed! I called my credit card company and they said since Delta Camera has stated on their website (you have to search for this, it's under their Privacy Policy) that all bundled packages must be returned in full, and since they had sent the invoice as a bundled package, there was no way to do a dispute claim. So even though the other items were added to the order on the phone, Delta Camera adds them onto your order as a package. That way you can't send back the overpriced items without sending back the underpriced camera. Don't buy from them and make the mistake I did!

  • Ca
    CA1 Oct 06, 2009

    Totally agree.
    I got the same type of runaround but, my camera did not ship yet..they stated it was NOW on backorder, this was my email back to the company (not like it is going to help anything) but, at least might prevent others from ordering ANYTHING from them:
    "Do NOT charge my Credit Card for this item...
    I want this order cancelled.
    ALL of your company reps are VERY rude and should not be in 'Customer Service'.
    I received a call from Robert today saying my order had not been filled yet and said he needed the the 3 digit code from my card.
    When I asked him why it did not ship he said because I did not call...I have never heard of having to call after placing an internet order. I conceded and gave him the number to process the order.
    He (Robert) also tried to tell me that I placed this order on Friday, and started to argue with me about the date I ordered...This Confirmation email plainly states that the order was confirmed on THURSDAY October 1 @ 9:58am. I paid the extra 2 Day service fee to have the camera expedited.
    After telling him to ship the order, and him stating that it would be delivered by this Friday, I called back to talk to 'Customer Service'
    I had the misfortune of getting another RUDE person from your company (Jonathan) who asked me "what do you think you are going to do about it"? After I was upset when he told me the camera was not only not going to show up by Friday but, it is now BACK ORDERED.
    Not sure what kind of company you are trying to run but, I want no part of it, and I'll be sure that anyone thinking of ordering from you knows the same."

    Very displeased and very bad service.


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  • Ju
    Julie Garner Oct 09, 2009

    On Wednesday, Oct 7th at about 1:30 CDT I ordered a couple of lenses for a Nikon L100. The lenses had to be magnetic mount inorder to fit this particular camera, as it is fully automatic and does not have treads to mount a lens. So their website advertised these magnetic lenses on the same page with the camera. I placed the order, gave them my credited card information, and paid additional $46. for Next day overnight delivery for a total of $186., as we are leaving on vacation Saturday morning.

    When I got home Wednesday night I have a message to call Chris from Delta Camera. When I get Chris on the phone he say he is just verifying my order. I was kinda confused that he should needed to verify an order, but Ok. And he is speaking as fast as he can and there is a lot of background noise. So I confirm I ordered two lenses for a Nikon L100 then he tells me with the insurance it will be $220. and I was like No, no, no I don't want insurance I just want what I ordered on line. Then he starts trying to sell me some additional filters for $197. and I say No again and by now I am getting upset and I tell him to just cancel the order. And he say they can't cancel the order it has already gone out to shipping. I'm thinking you call to verify the order and it has already gone out to shipping?!?! So my husband gets on the phone asked to speak to his boss and that is when John gets on the phone and my husband says just cancel the order and I tell John to just cancel the order John says, "We are just trying to confirm your order to make sure you get the lenses for the right camera, you wouldn't want to receive the wrong thing and have to send it back would you?" So he ask what type of camera I am ordering the lenses for? Again, I tell them the Nikon L100, John says, "Ok that is the right one."

    Well, GUESSWHAT??? They sent the WRONG lenses. After all their crap about verifying the order!

    Now it is Friday and I tried calling their number at 3:30 CDT and their voice mail said to call back during normal business hours Mon - Thur 9:00 am - 8:00 pm, Fri 9:00 am - 6:00 pm.

    Very very displeased with this company!

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  • Al
    ALYSSAA Nov 27, 2009



    I realize there are many websites online for crooks to hide behind, but do these companies do anything RIGHT ??? or is it just a front to thieves ???

    I can't believe that they NEVER really sell a camera !!!
    There have to be laws that force these websites to sell the EXACT camera advertised, at the EXACT price as listed and NOT force us to buy products we don't want or need.

    I have a photography business and wanted the Canon 50Dw/ the new 100 mm lens, Closeout Island said they did have it in stock, but when I didn't want the expensive battery or compact flash media, my camera disappeared into thin air !! I was truly hoping that they were honest, since Closeout Island said the camera was in stock, I booked Christmas Parties and now I will have to depend on my older digital camera.

    Please give me some info.


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  • Jo
    johnyyy May 29, 2015

    thanks guys i was almost placed the order.Thanks God i see yours comment and change my mind.

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  • Ke
    Kevin Norton Jun 17, 2015

    I just ordered a Nikon D3200 online and got a similar email saying to call them, which I did and they wanted to sell me the memory card and battery and I declined because I saw their prices. I bought them off amazon for something around $15. Good deal. Today the camera is due to come in for my vacation two days from now. I called them wondering where it was and the said that it is on back order and won't come in for another month!!! WHAT!!! It's absolutely ridiculous. Had they have contacted me before it would have been a different story. I strongly advice not ordering through Delta Closeouts it's a big mistake.

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  • Ph
    PhotoGal Jul 10, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Do not, I repeat, DO NOT DO NOT BUY ANYTHING EVER from!!! They are pathological liars and their customer service is beyond rude, bordering on abusive if you question them in any way. They will sell you refurbished items and staunchly defend them as new and charge you as such. I recently bought a Nikon S9700 for my workplace and received a non-Nikon box that did not include serial number, nor did it say anywhere that it was refurbished. Upon calling them and asking if they sent me a refurb accidentally, they informed me quite sternly that they do not sell anything except new. The boxes look like they do because "we're a wholesaler." Sure. I told them the LCD was scratched and was rudely informed that that was not possible. Oh, I guess I imagined it (so did my other camera which took several nice shots of the damage.) They agreed "this one time" to replace the camera, but of course I had to pay shipping. Replacement camera, when it finally arrived, was even worse than the first. I contacted Nikon and it was confirmed that they both were indeed refurbs and even told me who the refurbished items were sold to. I called Delta back, listed the many facts (no sticker on camera, menu already set up, images started at #223, no documentation or warranty card...) proving that they were refurbs and not new as described and was emphatically told that I was wrong and those facts didn't mean anything. I told them I had contacted Nikon for confirmation, and he sarcastically replied "well, good for you." I then informed them that I am a semi-pro photographer who has opened a great many cameras and know what a new unit should look like and was told by the "manager" that "well, I've opened thousands and you don't know what you're talking about!" Really?! He finally said I could return it for a refund (I paid shipping AGAIN) but there would be an additional 15% restocking fee. I basically said oh, hell, no. I already paid shipping TWICE plus the invoice came with a hidden charge of $20 that they claimed was "plainly visible" on their website. (It is not. I checked. I had other people check. And we were specifically LOOKING for this "plainly visible" charge. Nowhere to be found. Didn't even show up once I hit "Place Order") He hung up on me and then I called VISA to tell them under no circumstances to pay these frauds.

    Believe it or not, this tale is the short version and I won't even list the NUMEROUS other "inadvertent" mistakes as well as outright lies that went on and on with these creeps. Oh, and their website states they have three "state-of-the-art" warehouses in different locations. For fun, I Google-Earthed the address I returned the items to. Check it out for yourself and see if this looks anywhere near "state-of-the-art" to you. 1002 Quentin Rd, Ste 2009, Brooklyn NY. May I just say... O. M. G.

    I cannot stress to you enough--DO NOT BUY FROM THESE CREEPS ! ! ! ! ! !

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  • An
    Anatoliy7 Jul 30, 2015

    Thanks for the feedback! I was trying to buy from them. They indeed sent email to call them back. Nikon 750 which they listed on the site was $400 cheaper. I called them back. They said that it is an import model which has many limitations besides missing warranty. They cancelled the order which was good and said that they have US model for $1800 which is still cheaper that what you find on amazon. After reading these reviews, I am not going to use them. It's a wonder how such companies legally operate.

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  • Ca
    Cathy Yahn Saliga Jul 31, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am furious with the company DeltaCloseouts. They are a scam to say the least. I agree with all complaints and were told the same. I am upset with myself for falling for this after taking such pride in being cautious about such things. I was also contacted the following day after placing my order to state that I didn't order a battery and he needed my three digits on the back of my card to process. I was on another line and was in a hurry and gave him my code wondering about what I had done! I thought he was asking me to order an additional battery and had no idea it didn't come with one. When the order came (surprisingly on time) I read the invoice and was shocked it was $100 more than I expected. The rude man said it was right because it was $50 for the charger (what it doesn't come with it) and $50 for the battery. I stated "What it didn't come with that!" He remarked "No, and all cameras are like that." I proceeded to say that "You mean anywhere I would buy this exact camera they, these items would be and addition cost?" His response was, "Yes no matter where you buy it!" I said I was disappointed and before I could finish my sentence, he hung up on me. I want to know why I didn't receive any paperwork for the camera and without directions I don't now how to use it. It is refurbished and not new as I was told by him. I will call on Monday since they are closed now and over the weekend. I don't know what options I have so if anyone can give ideas, please do so. I suggest that NO ONE PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS ...COMPANY!!! THEY ARE A POOR EXCUSE FOR A SO CALLED "FAMILY" COMPANY! Cathy in NC

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  • Li
    Linda Courville Aug 19, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Totally agree with all your comments. I also fell for their scam and ended up paying more than I would if I had gone to Best Buy. Everyone I spoke to were disrespectful and one guy almost hung up on me. How are they still in business. I suppose they make all their money from the return charge.

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Resolved Delta Camera — Not shipping product

**********************************DO NOT BUY FROM DELTA CAMERA************************************ I placed...