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Kenneth Hargrove will steal your money!!! We hired him to pour a concrete patio along with a covered living area. After six months and paying him $30, 000 he never finished the job. He left the yard in a mess and only completed $20, 000 worth of work. After almost a year now we still never received any of our money back.

Decked Out by KennethBeware...unless you want drama along with your patio

This guy has numersou complaints with the BB we found out AFTER we interviews him for an estimate to resurface our patio. It was a small job around 1500.00 which he said was OK. We told him we wanted him to do the job, okayed it, but would like a reference or two. HE agreed saying he would email them to us NEXT DAY...days go by and nothing. We are waiting form something before we hire someone else...then finally call him. We leave a message but no response. So, we left a short review on Yahoo reviews just stating these facts. Kenneth bombards our email inbox with personal attacks about how much he dislikes us, never wanted to do the job anyway...etc. I believe this to be because he does not have good references and was on the spot. He has since tried to bring his ratings up by posing as customers and having his wife shill for him.We know this because he edited one of the reviews and forgot to use the fake name!! LOL. He's a pathetic excuse for a contractor with 3 unresolved complaints at the BBB.

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    Kubota owner Sep 10, 2012

    Decked out by Kenneth built a large deck for us in 2011. I believe he is capable of building a good deck but the support structure failed after 6 months.
    I made repeated calls to him to come look at it without a response. I finally called from a different phone number and got him to answer. He said he would be out the next day to check out the deck and possibly fix it. There was no visit and no further response to my many phone calls. The problems did not go away and had to be fixed. I called 5 companies to get estimates and apparently, Decked out by Kenneth has a reputation because 3 of them were not interested in “fixing his mistakes”.
    I sent Kenneth a certified, return requested letter asking that he reimburse me for the lowest estimate I received, within 30 days, or I would be forced to take legal action in small claims court. Still no response. A Constable tried to serve him but was unable to connect so he left the letter taped to the front door of his residence. Still no response. I got a favorable judgement for the entire repair costs but now I have to hire an attorney to try and get payment. You might be one of the customers that gets a good deck, we were not.

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