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Dead Sea Beauty KitScam trial kit

I replied to an ad on the Boots page on Facebook, thinking I was getting a good deal! What a mistake! I am so annoyed with myself for falling for this scam. A charge of £97.95 has been made on my credit card, following the charge of £3.95 for post & packing.
I haven't even opened the products! I have spoken to my bank who can't refund the money if the terms and conditions mention a future charge - on much reading of the hard to find document, I have found that the charge can be made, so the bank can;t refund my money. I have spoken to a Customer Satisfaction Specialist and have emailed six other Customer Satisfaction Specialists, saying that I am not a satisfied customer until I receive a full refund. I have been offered a goodwill gesture of £25. I'm holding out for a full refund! I have been researching this company on the net tonight, and will be cancelling my credit card with the bank, to prevent any further money being taken. I have learnt a very hard lesson!

Dead Sea Beauty KitUN ordered goods

In November 2012 I ordered a kit from you which in the end you had to give me a 50% refund due to a major ### up at your end. I informed you at the end of November 2012 that I did not wish to purchase any other good from you and put a stop on all payments to you through my banks Visa Debit Disputes department, which will stay in place until I leave that bank.
As I stated to you at the time I used my Lancashire address as you do not deliver in Scotland. Today a parcel arrived in Preston containing the same basic kit but no identifying invoice. I DID NOT order this item nor have I any intention of paying for the item or its return.
IF you telephone me on [protected] you can arrange for the item to be picked up at your own expense.
Please do not send me further unsolicited goods.
Yours sincerely
Ann Farrell (Mrs)

  • Brenda* Mar 05, 2013

    Due to a major ### up their end???

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  • Brenda* Mar 05, 2013

    Maybe she meant due to a major one up her end.

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  • An
    Ann Farrell Mar 06, 2013

    The ### up made was that they took double the money due! Dealing with US as this was the route I had to take four months ago, as it was the only address given!.
    Can anyone advise me what I should do now - there is no return or contact details with this package. Have checked with Bank the STOP is still in place and they have had numerous complaints about this company!

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Dead Sea Beauty KitUnauthorised removal of money from my Bank Account

This Company took unauthorised £119 from my Bank Account. The Nationwide are doing their best to recover this money. I very much wish I had known of The Complaints Board website before purchasing. I always check with Trip Advisor before booking hotels/holidays and will now use your website before purchasing anything on-line which is not from a known/trusted company such as Amazon. I will be spreading the word amongst my friends to use your website so that they are not 'conned' by companies such as the Dead Sea Beauty Kit.

Dead Sea Beauty KitMoney taken from debit card - not authorised

I only asked for a sample but was sent a full kit - did try it but found it burnt my skin badly and I have just found out that this company has taken a further £57.95 from my account without my authority can anybody tell me how I can stop this happening again or even getting money back as I cannot find a contact number for them

  • Ki
    Kimbubb Aug 05, 2012

    I wish to cancel any further shipment of Dead Sea Beauty Kit lotions to my address of 6508 S. Roxbury Mill Rd. Spotsylvania, Va. 22551. This order was accidently ordered from the beginning, so being unneeded, nor do I wish any more shipped. I'm not sure if this letter will be sufficient enough, and if not please respond. I will be informing my bank to any possible deletions from my account from this product.
    Thanking You I am,
    Kimberly Ackerman

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  • El
    elie badia Dec 15, 2012

    I ordered a trial kit and just been charged £ 87.95, I do not know what to do to get my mkoney back this is a rip off.
    Elie Badia
    Manchester United Kingdom

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