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DB InternetI am complaining about refund

Hello. My name is inacio or [protected] user of a credit card associated with this email. I have just looked to my credit card statement and realised that I was billed or I made any payment to db internet and I don't recognise it. I am writing this complain to ask a refund and cancel a possible membership with this unknown company. Send me an email for further explanation.
I have also gone to the bank and I got no help. I am not rich and I wonder why this is happening to me. If things keep in this way, I will cancel my credit card because I am tired of paying for something that I did not use.

DB InternetI was charged for 155.94

I was charged 155.94 on my card on October 7th I couldn't find the place you go to cancel this [censored] because the only way I've found to stop it is to go to the place on the card statement but I can't find any and it's pissing me off and I want my money back. I am frustrated about all of this it's bull I go check my card balance to see if I should order skip the dishes and low and behold a charge for 155.94

I was charged for 155.94

DB Internetfraud charges

I am not sure what or who this company is or belongs to but I just received three charges on my card from db internet/transportation that my card alerted me for. No idea who these people are and how they even have my card information? I called my card and locked it and filed fraud but just can't believe it. My card is with me so how on earth did they get my card number?

  • Ca
    CA Gaurav Jain 1990 Nov 28, 2019

    Same happen with me yesterday. Charged with 2 transaction of Euro 32 on my RBL Card

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  • Se
    Seema Gore Dec 16, 2019

    @CA Gaurav Jain 1990 Same thing happened with me today. charged with 2 transactions of 34 & 26 Euros on my RBL Credit card without any OTP. Please do let me know if anyone has received back the money so that i can hope for the same.

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  • 邱超銘 Jan 20, 2020

    @Seema Gore Do u get your money back?

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  • In
    Inacio Dec 04, 2019

    The same i am suffering for!! How to get our money back!!

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  • Ni
    Niteshchowhan Dec 21, 2019

    Same happen with me on RBL credit card.4 transaction today 90.4, 72.4, 26, 19.38 Euro. I am surprised all the fraud are happening in RBL card. All the transaction is from db internet.

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  • Br
    brownyuchi Mar 22, 2020

    Today, my credit card co. contacted me with 2 trans. 1 approved and 1 declined. Asking if i made this trans., which i didn't. Had to call their fraud dept. to clear it up. Thanks to 0 fraud liability.!! Bunch of BS. Now i'm cancelling the card totally, so i won't have to worry about it happening again, cause i'm sure it will, eventually.

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