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Resolved Dallas County Auto SalvageTheft of property

This company is a complete scam.I took my car there to get a motor put in, I asked to speak to the owner or manager to confirm the service I was getting up front. I spoke with Chris who assured me, the quality and commitment he had to my car. We agreed on ten days to do the job and even wrote it on the contract.On the tenth day I go to get my car to find out my car has been vandalized and all my radio equipment and belongings were stolen out of the car.He told me they did not lock my car up, if I would have told him that I had a nice radio in it he would have protected my car better so in so many words its my fault! He then said a radio thats mounted in the is personal property and he doesn't cover personal property(he said that I should have removed the property from the car before bringing it to him, which is totally ludacris). I disagreed that something installed in a car is personal property, my laptop is personal property in which if I left it in my car at a shop is not covered thats reasonable assumption but my radio thats installed is not. So in summary I came to Dallas Auto to get a motor, I left 20 days later with a motor, but without audio equipment that was valued at just as much as the motor, Chris acted as if he did me a favor by taking $100 dollars off the job to cover the loses I incurred by doing business with him .He did not protect my property, and he did not have a police report which makes me belive that he stole my equipment hisself.I have then researched and heard of lots more people who have been scammed by this family.These people have no integrity in business they only are here to make money at anyones expense, I would advise anyone not to trust Chris, Jackie or anyone associated with Dallas County Auto Salvage.

Resolved Dallas County Auto SalvageEngine RIPOFF

Good Morning,

We are having similar issues with this company and I was wondering what other steps you took to report his BAD business? I'm thinking of filling a lawsuit and trying to determine if anyone else has done the same? We purchased a motor for a (Chrysler 300 M) from Chris for $1200 and had a mechanic put the motor in as soon the car was started the motor started knocking "bad motor" paid the mechanic $580 for this process. Then had the motor taken out and delivered back to Chris that claims he rebuilt a new motor with new parts took back to mechanic to put in rebuilt motor this time paid mechanic $730 my daughter drove the car one day maybe 50 miles and once again motor went out "Motor knocking" Went back to Chris to refund money, stated he would only guarantee the motor and we would have to pay someone to once again take back out and return to him to review. Chris would NOT and stated he wasn't going to provide us with a current receipt and called the Irving police to remove us from his property. Same type of issues I have read with other complaints. Chris will lie to you tell you one thing then say he didn't say it. He will continuously put you on hold and not return to phone, he will disconnect the call, he will answer the phone and say it's not him, he will say he will return your call never returns calls, they will give you the complete run around very rude. I hate I didn't do my research before I did business with Chris this has been a horrible experience any advise anyone can give me on what I can do would be greatly appreciated.

Terria Briggans

Resolved Dallas County Auto SalvageScammed

A few days ago, sometime in September of 08 I was in need of a battery for my truck so I bought a used battery at Dallas County Auto Salvage. I know... should know better, but they offered a 30 day guarantee not worth the paper it's written on. I returned 2 dead batteries to them (exchanged) then finally had enough and bought a new battery at Walfart then tried to return the used dead battery and was told no refunds on batteries. There was nothing in writing, nothing on the wall, but when I tried to get a refund the owner of that slop hole threatened me. Go figure.

That is what I call a real sleaze and will NEVER do business there again no matter what. I don't care if my car breaks down directly in front of the place I will never give that sleezewad another penny. I suggest nobody else do business there either.

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    tbriggi12 Jun 17, 2009

    I agree and hope that people will review the comments about this business before throwing away thier money like I did, such a horrble experience with Chris at Dallas County auto salvage. With enough complaints you would think this business would be shut down

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    CaptZigg Jun 19, 2009

    Yep I agree...Chris is a jerk and a scammer..I have been waitng five days for a transmission he said on the phone they had in stock.

    Today I demanded my money back...he just looked at me and said "NO" it was an exchange...it appears that since I had brougt back the wrong one he gave me the first day, it was an exchange with no refund...they could not show me where that was written in the sale reciept.

    I was just short of going postal on his a--...But being 51, I have learned that type of action solves nothing...I will never ever do business with them again and will tell all I see to BEWARE!

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