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Need Drama? buy dlink products. U B amazed

Been buying dlink products for two decads. This June, I bought a defective DNS-327L, abd had to ge through the CEO to get a RMA.

After tech guy and I exhusted and wasted hours of trobulshooting on phone, he send am email to call a number and get an RMA.

I did. For calls later and talking oblivious staff needed up with tech services again over abd over again.

Then I was directed to a website that will charge you ahead of time for $219 for the exchange of a product bought about 30 days earlier.

The unit was found to be defective and now I have to pay return the kick that I paid $150 for already.

Not only that, if the cat 5 cable or the charger was not sent back, they would charge $15 and $25 respectively.

Awsome product, customer service, and response time.

I wrote to the CEO. What were the chances to get a respond from him? Why would he better than the staff I wonder.

I decided to buy elsewhere in the future.

D-LinkCan't access my account

We have had our d-link cameras for about 3 months now and every week we have problems. We use these cameras to keep an eye on our daughter when we can't be right there, but we can hardly ever get connected to them via our iphone, itouch or mac. There customer service is non existent and usually when I'm having a problem they're closed. I hate their products!!!

  • Mo
    moisha Apr 14, 2009

    Purchased a hub mfg. by D-Link, 2 weeks ago. Malfunctioned, I was on hold with their service dpt for 25 minutes, being rerouted from one dept to another.Tried again later, on hold again for 20 minutes. Not worth it. Better to buy from a better company.

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  • Ir
    IrvJ10 Aug 21, 2009

    I do not receive the check by September 2, as promised, I can speak with manager directly without having to be put on hold for 5 months.

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  • Jw
    jwasser Sep 06, 2009

    I sent in my rebate information twice. 1st note said I ommitted one requirement which was not accurate but I returned a photocopy of it. 2nd time stated the time expired which was not accurate. Also the router did not work. It was tied to a Comcast offer via Bridgevine.

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  • Fr
    Frank Gagliano Mar 02, 2012

    I bought two cameras and I have had nothing, bit problems. I have not gotten an email notification so that I can view my camera's online like advertised. I have called every night for 3 nights and have spent 3 hours a night trying to get them to work. I have to use an Ipad to get them setup with 9 hours of support and they still don't work. I purchased 5 camera's and countless hours of my time and get terrible customer service. I think a class action law suite should be brought against the company for false advertising.

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D-LinkGving wrong information to Customer

I bought one wireless adapter "D-Link Wireless 108G DWA-120" from InforCom Technologies, Funan DigitaLife Mall. When I installed the driver on Windows 2008 R2 64bits, I got problem. The installation has been succeed but I got the following error in Event Viewer.

Faulting application name: AirPlusCFG.exe, version

So, I mailed to them and got the reply after I ping-ed them second time.

Case ID: DRS150386

Dear Customer,

The DWA-120 is not compatible with your Windows 2008 R2 64 Bits Operating System since we don't have drivers for it. The only compatible Operating System for the DWA-120 are Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98 & Windows Vista 32 Bits.


{name here}

D-Link Technical Support

I can't believe that D-Link "Official" support is giving very wrong information to the Customers. Just say they don't know if they don't really know. I'm fine but now, they are giving me wrong information.

1. The DWA-120 is compatible with Windows 2008 R2. It's just that you need to install Wireless Service from the Features Wizard of Server Manager.

2. It supports Vista 64 bits.

D-LinkD-Link and their employees are terrorists!

I bought a D Link Xtreme N PCI Express Desktop Adapter card and had a difficult time installing the PCI card, so I called their tech support and was advised to break off a piece of the PCI card to fit correctly. After having done so, I tried again and found out the PCI card would not fit. I called tech support again and this time the tech support person told me that I had bought the incorrect type of card for my computer. How was I suppose to know the difference between a PCI Express and a PCI card... The next day, I contacted what they called "level 3" tech help and Blake the rep who answered the call was rude and talked down to me for not knowing the difference between an Express from an non Express card. I'm not a technical guy, so how was I suppose to know... I work in the investment field and I wouldn't expect him to know the Black Scholes option pricing model or asset allocation. Anyways, it gets only worse from here... Blake tells me that this is no longer his problem and I would need to talk to a customer service representative. I get some guy named Darren who is even worse than Blake. He doesn't provide me with any sort of resolution to my problem or the fact that one of their tech support person in India gave me bad advice. I asked to speak with his supervisor at least 10 times, but he would not transfer me. I finally got off the phone and contacted their corporate office and the operator puts me back in touch with another customer service rep who works with Darren. She like Darren was non-responsive to my frustration that one of their tech support reps provided me with bogus advice and thereby voiding my warranty. I asked her if anyone there was accountable and she said no. I could not believe she just said it like it was no issue at all to her. All I can say is D Link is the worst of the WORST companies I have ever dealt with in my life. I will never buy another product from them again and will tell all my friends, family, co-workers and even strangers of my experience with this company. Just today alone, I told my office of 50 individuals of my experience and trust me I will continue to spread the word about this company whose hold message says, it is their "imperative to provide the highest level of customer service"... They should change that to what is the reality which is, it is their imperative to sell as much as they can and provide absolutely no service... No change that to absolutely terrible, horrific, nightmarish service!...

D-LinkVery inefficient and poor customer service

I am a computer repair technician who runs my own small business. One of the things I pride myself on is the extra attention and help that I give to my clients. D-Link is refusing to be even half as helpful.

In February of 2006, I recommended to a client that they buy a D-Link Wireless Router and PCMCIA card to make their two home computers able to be used on the Internet at the same time. They took my advice and purchased the two units. A couple of weeks ago, the client called me to troubleshoot a problem they were having after being told by their ISP that it appeared as though the router was bad. After my troubleshooting the unit for them, I informed them the unit was bad and needed replaced under warranty. They decided to find the original paperwork to return the unit.

The client could not find information on where to send the unit for warranty repair, so I decided to check the warranty replacement procedures on the D-Link site for them. On the site, owners needing warranty tech support are instructed to call "or" email. So, I sent D-Link an email on behalf of the client informing D-Link that the unit needed returned for repair as the lights continued to just blink after a factory reset and that the unit never initializes properly.

On 7/18, tech support responded, giving me a case ID and telling me "the unit may be defective" based on my description and that I need to **call** tech support because they can't handle the problem via email.

Ok.... now they are wasting my time by telling me the warranty support can be handled via email when it can't. So, I call the phone number which has a voice prompt for RMA's if you have a Case ID. If you have a Case ID, you should go to the website address given and get your RMA. So, now I've had my time wasted twice. I hang up, go to the url given, only to be told that my number is no good, and that I need to call tech support for an RMA. So, I call to get an RMA **again** only to be told by the woman who answered that my Case ID number isn't valid because it comes from an email and email case IDs are not valid for RMAs, that I need to troubleshoot the unit with tech support.

Do we see a pattern here? Multiple redirects to dead ends that result in nothing more than time wasting. The first sign of problems is when they falsely direct you to email to handle a problem that they can't handle via email. If they can't handle something via email, don't tell the user to email in the first place. Just put the phone number there and tell the user to call.

At that point, I tell the woman on the phone that I need to file a complaint about the very inefficient and poor handling of something so simple as giving someone an RMA on an obviously malfunctioning unit which I have already done the troubleshooting on. So, I file a complaint by phone. In the meantime, I had already complained to the email tech support rep concerning this matter. I got a response back that, "....you need to talk to someone in Tech support Live to get help on this because it is Broken and it is going to have to be RMA'd and it cant be done by email."

So, I call D-Link again to talk to tech support. I tell the person who answers that I need an RMA on a dead unit. I give him the case number, which he reads and I tell him that when power is supplied, the unit either flashes all the lights or all of the lights stay on, even after a factory reset; which is obviously a defective unit. To this, he responds that I need to troubleshoot the unit. I informed him that I am a computer technician making my living doing just this sort of thing, that I had already done the troubleshooting, and that it is a dead unit. He informs me that he can't help me unless I troubleshoot the unit. I tell him that I am not going back to the client's location to hook up and troubleshoot the unit, as it is a waste of time and of my client's money if they have to pay me another service call to do something that is a waste of time for an obviously dead unit that their email tech support has already acknowledged is dead.

He asks if I want to be connected to customer service to file a complaint. I instruct him to connect me again, as I have no problem complaining again.

I never got connected to customer service again despite repeated attempts to call and having sent email to customer service complaining about the handling of this situation. As of late evening of 7/20, D-Link still has not replied nor given me an RMA number to return this dead unit.

I intend to file complaints with the BBB, the Attorney Generals of the involved states and with the Federal Consumer Protection Agency.
Weirton, WV [protected]

  • Dh
    dhfw80d Sep 22, 2007

    I purchase a wireless internet accessible camera from frys, good price, except its junk. No wonder it was on sale. After configuring the camera, which could only be done in a wired mode, it worked fine, then i tried to remove it and the camera could not be accessed. I finally gave up with 10 phone calls to all parts of the world, telephone systems that transfered me always to the wrong place and staff that said, "don't worry, i'll get you to the right person." he didn't and i just said if d-link can't sell a product that works then i will just return it. No wonder linksys is so much better, products and diffently customer service (unless it has changed lately) i will surely avoid buying any d-link product again, and will just wait for a less expensive linksys if i can't afford what i want. Good bye and good riddens d-link. You give the industry a bad name and are in the same league with dell.

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  • Valerie Nov 22, 2007

    I purchased 2 D-Link routers through Tiger Direct. One was a DI-784 Tri-Mode Dualband Wireless 108MBps router with all the accessories and the other was a DI-624_revC router, again with all the accessories. The DI-624 was for use in my business. The DI-784 was purchased for use on a new home computer, however I never got to install it.

    I installed the DI-624 on my store computer. It worked perfectly for a few months and then it started to disconnect and reconnect from the internet intermittently. I use Verizon DSL as my service provider. After multiple, and I mean multiple calls to D-Link tech support and Verizon tech support, D-Lin acknowledged it was a faulty unit. I was issued an RA number and sent the unit back for replacement.

    While waiting for the DI-624 replacement to come, I installed the DI-784. It worked fine for about 3 weeks and then the same disconnect, reconnect issue started happening. I went through the same agonizing D-Link tech support process and was finally issued an RA number for the DI-784 and it was shipped back fore replacement.

    The replacement DI-624 arrived and worked fine for about one month, then the same problem re-occurred.

    Then came the clincher.

    I received an email from D-Link regarding the DI-784. They were out of stock on the DI-784 and asked if I would accept a DI-684 in its place. I said yes, as I needed a working unit as quickly as possible.

    The sent me a replacement DI-684. In a plain white box with no markings. The installation disk was dirty and scratched. The unit was obviously used or reconditioned.

    I emailed them saying I was completely dissatisfied with the replacement and I would file this complaint. The email was sent to Juan Tejeda at D-Links RMA department on October 31, 2007. They have chosen not to respond.

    At this point I intend to write the whole episode off as a bad experience. The time costs for my staff members and myself dealing with this issue far exceeds the value of any further dealing with D-Link.

    I hope relating my experience will prevent others from purchasing D-Link products and having to deal with poor quality, poor service, tech support people with attitudes, and a large amount of wasted time.

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  • Ji
    Jim Jan 19, 2009




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  • Dl
    dlink unhappy Oct 21, 2011

    First instruction on the new dlink router was to insert the CD and click "install Router"
    No such menu comes up. No such choice. FUBARed before I even start.

    Then of course there is the online support number..."we are experiencing a large volume of calls..."

    My experience with dlink was terrible. Now I am going back to the store to return. What a waste for a manufacturer to not even be able to produce something that concurs with the install manual.

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