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Crescent ProcessingLying salesman & excessive fees

In July of this year a sales rep for Crescent Processing stopped at my shop and sold the owner a new credit card machine. He promised over and over that it would be cheaper than our previous company. It is not cheaper! He lied and now we are stuck with a 3 year contract with this company. He has deceived us and violated the law as stated under Ohio Revised Code 1345.01 in that he misrepresented the product he was selling.

Crescent ProcessingI really hate this company

I would like to see Crescent Processing roll over and die. I wish I had never heard of them.
I have three stores with three terminals that weren't set up properly in the first place--one was set up with my corporate name instead of my "doing business as" name, and customers questioned the charges for months as a result! I had to respond in writing to the credit card companies and banks due to an error on Crescent's part.
Their terminals don't work consistently right. I often can't "batch out" for the day even after five or six tries. The terminals fail as often as they succeed.
When I'm on the phone with a customer service rep, I'm often talked down to and treated like I'm the source of their problem, instead of the other way around. Some of their people are downright unprofessional. They will not transfer me to a supervisor or even give me the name of their department head so I can file a formal complaint.
If you have a choice of merchant services provider, choose someone other than Crescent Processing.

Crescent ProcessingScammed in florida

After reviewing several complaints, I need to add to the list of victims! Who are the sales managers, and just what is their relationship to Crescent? My wife and I have two small businesses that are hanging on by a thread during this economic turn down and oil spill. A gentleman came into our store and says he can save us some money with our credit processing equipment and services by fifty percent. I read everything in the Crescent contract before I signed it. I was not ready for the bold lies that were told to us by this district manager. A.Crescent would credit us with any cancellation fees that our current vendor might have and that our return equipment shipping would be covered by Crescent. I obtained a copy of the cost involved in canceling both businesses was in excess of three thousand dollars for the remaining two year contract. Mr Crescent rep. conveniently backs out of the scenario and puts me to the task of communicating with Crescent in Dallas TX to resolve the problem of them not wanting to reimburse any more than a hundred and fifty dollars for the whole deal.The ordeal of calling the customer service number is a joke, the person I first spoke with told me there would be no problem canceling the contract since no more than a week had transpired for these events to occur, than a financial supervisor tells me there is no way Crescent would do this, they will charge me $495.00 cancellation fee + 24.09 processing fee for a two week period.I have two options, and I am taking both, charging the salesman and Crescent with fraud and deceptive business practices and embezzlmentof a corporations funds.The icing on the cake is I sent both machines back to crescent and they continue to remove funds from the second business witout their equipment(HELP THEFTH)even though for the past month we have tried to cancel our account which is incorporated with my wife and step daughter. Again I contacted this same District manager for Crescent and he was puzzled that I am pursuing him to be the go between. I looked at the charges I was being debited and they are above my original charges. Think this is the biggest and nastiest fraud that could happen to small business.

Crescent ProcessingCunning scam artists would steal from starving children

Watch out for the fine print! Their ### shyster lawyer decided that "Corporate Fee" should mean annual fee and "De-conversion Fee" should mean cancellation fee. There is also a fee if you do not process more than $1200/month

The software that integrates with Quickbooks is crap.

The officers of this "company" will definitely burn in hell.

Crescent ProcessingWon't stop charging my checking account

I recently terminated my contract by telephone with Crescent Processing in May 2011. I waited for some type of confirmation and instruction about returning their credit card machine which was never received. Later in the month, I received overdraft notices from my bank relating Crescent has been attempting to charge my checking account for 3 daily transactions of $233.34. My bank has now attempted to charge me $30.00 for each separate transactions.

I contacted Crescent, and they related the reason for the charges was because they did not receive their equipment. I then received the information about returning the equipment. They apologized, and sent me an e mail confirming my account was terminated as of May 3rd. Since then I have received information from my bank showing Crescent has attempted to debit my account three separate dates for 3 separate transactions of $233.34. They also have tried to debit my account 4 separate times for $25.14. And this is as of 06/03/2011!

I called Crescent to advise them of the problem 4 times in the past 7 days. All reps related they had no idea why this was happening because (they confirmed) they had their equipment returned. In the mean time I keep incurring "hits" on my checking account from Crescent. Finally, one of the reps on my last call related I had to call the "Settlement" Department. When I asked to be connected, I was told they were closed. As to why I was never informed to call the Settlement Department before, the rep of course had no idea.

I called the Settlement Department the following day and explained the situation. They informed me to Fax the information from my bank about the overdraft fees. I was contacted by my bank and was informed Crescent has again attempted to debit my account.

The bank in turn will not allow me to close my account because I have fees owed!

I urge everyone who has a complaint with Crescent Processing to file an on-line complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, as I have. There web address is:
Maybe something LEGAL can be done about their practies.

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Crescent ProcessingJust another processing company

I read these complaints and I just want to apologize for this company, I can understand your pain and frustration. I took an outside sales job for about 6 months because I wanted to break into this industry. If I was a business owner, I would not necessarily be opposed to another hard working sales person stopping by to meet me and show me what they have to offer.

The bottom line is they are your average credit card processing company. The free equipment is a great idea and you can rest assured that you could go to another processing company and pay $100/month on a lease for 5 years for a $300 piece of equipment and still not own it in the end. Their rates and fees are surprisingly normal for the industry or some may say they are higher but with the free equipment it evens out. After all, nothing is 100% free and I will go into further detail about this at the end.

99.9% of their failure lies in how they respect and train their contractors. There was about an hour of them flipping thru the general info on the laptops they give out. In other words, what you see on the laptop is about all they tell us. They require you to set up as an independent contractor and be available 9-5, Monday thru Friday to drive to their pre-set appointments. You will get anything from bare land where a business is supposed to be, to someone telling you they didn't make an appointment.

SO LET ME RECAP, normal people trying to make a living and take care of the family and you have to quit your job and be available prime time 9-5, M-F to drive your car and pay for your maintenance and gas, sometimes hundreds of miles a day for a hope that you may get a good lead and all you have to go on is telemarketers trying to make a buck and business owners that are as naive as you are. Not a good start.

What you see is all we know. They train their contractors to be robots and show the video and just take an application, they do not train you to answer questions about rates and fees. You are required to "report" to "Corporate Managers" every morning and at every appointment and verify your presence by once again requiring the owner to get on the phone or it may mean your "job". JOB???!

SO LET ME RECAP AGAIN, never do you see a dime for time, gas, cell phone or even a thank you for being part of the team, but now you have to be micro-managed by this immature, unprofessional, grossly overpaid ($50-$60 salary) useless yik-yak that sits in an air-conditioned office in Texas when the heat is 115 degrees across the US and all they need is the sale so he can go pay the mortgage on his house or his new truck. These dysfunctional orangutans take the cake. They just don't get it. All you do is apply for a job and all you get back is an offer to get beat into submission.

Trust me, you are feeling this way because we feel this way. If they don't shut this company down then they need to gut it out and start over by fixing what they screwed up with customers. It is not your imagination and your experience only makes it more painful for ethical, honest, hardworking salespeople and especially those new to the industry, just think if it was your friend or relative that was treated this way.

If this post has given you some comfort then give me a shout out!!!

The good news is there is no equipment lease which means you could get charged $1000's of dollars for leaving this company. Either pay the early cancellation fee or find another company that will pay it for you and get out of there! Whenever considering a new vendor for your processing, read a copy of the terms and conditions before you are officially liable for a contract (some companies have grace periods) or ask alot of questions with a rep you can trust. Some examples might be:

What is the pricing structure, tier pricing or interchange?
What are the rates on each tier and how are they charged?
What is the length of the contract?
What is the early termination fee?
What are the monthly minimums?
What is the set up fee?
What is the annual fee?
etc, etc.

Hope this helps and again I am so sorry, I understand!

Crescent ProcessingFraudulent Business Practices

My story from dealing with this company is too long to get into because I have been trying to get them out of my life for three years now.

I filed a complaint yesterday with the FTC, right before I had to close my bank account (thanks to Crescent Processing).

I suggest that if you have had dealings with this company that you file a complaint with the FTC as well. They do not handle individual complaints, instead put the company in a database and investigate if there are numerous complaints about them. Please file a complaint so that we can get this lying scamming company shut down.

Copied from the FTC website:

Your complaint, comment, or inquiry may help us spot a pattern of law violations requiring law enforcement action. It also may help us recognize and tell people about bigger trends affecting consumers. We do not resolve individual consumer disputes.
About a Company, an Organization, or a Business Practice

* Online: Use our secure complaint form.
* Phone: Call our toll-free helpline: 1-877-FTC-HELP [protected]);
TTY: [protected]
* Mail: Write to:
Federal Trade Commission
Consumer Response Center
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20580

  • Na
    Nas1234 Oct 28, 2010

    Just the biggest fraudulent company I have ever come across. I'm definitely going to complain FTC as soon as my contract is over. thankfully only 2 more months are left on this 2 year ordeal!

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  • Ai
    aivon Aug 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you have had dealings with this company, please file a complaint with the FTC so that we can get this lying scamming stealing company shut down. Federal Trade Commission * Phone: 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357); TTY: 1-866-653-4261 * Mail: Write to: Federal Trade Commission Consumer Response Center 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20580

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Crescent ProcessingTricky

I worked for the company for a while as a sales rep.first time i ever worked in that field.when i started i thought it was a good job but as i went along things really changed.they told us we got paid that day for every sale we made.this turned out not to be true.yoou only get paid when the machine is activated.i lost out on 3 sales after i had done my job.thats a lot when you work strictly on far as the customers go crescent didnt want them looking at their paperwork until after the sale was made.maybe all companies are like that i dont know but i do know usually there are lots of hidden charges which the customers or sales reps dont know about unless they read the 22 pages of print and really who has time to do that.

  • Gr
    Graciegoodall Apr 17, 2010

    Obviously a disgruntled employee who didn't do well in his field. What are you doing now? Mowing lawns?

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Crescent Processing — Scam

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. Do not talk to their reps, do not fill out any...

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