Courtesy Auto Sales Complaints & Reviews

Courtesy Auto SalesI think I got scammed

I purchashed a car from this company when i checked my bill at home, it did not makesense. I called to talk about it.And the sales man says to me well didnt I hold the umbrella for you when it was raining.I asked for the vice pres, who ever. and I got the same thing.Whats that. I returned with a friend who had been with me from the first transaction, I asked to see his bill. It appeard they altered the bill therefore taking me. I then did not trust their safety and had it checked, and found they had given me a safety cert, when in fact the car did not pass the safety.right now omvic is looking into this.can you help.

Courtesy Auto SalesScam and cheating

My husband went to Courtesy Auto Sales on December 15, 2006 to purchase a truck. We went in, filled out the application, paid 800 down for the vehicle, signed the papers, and left with the vehicle. Three days later, we noticed that the truck was overheating. My husband took a look under the hood, it did not have a temperature gauge. He then went and purchased one, and put it on the truck, thinking this would fix the problem. The next day, it was still overheating, so he took the truck to an auto mechanic, who hooked it up to a machine to test the truck to try and find what was wrong. He could find nothing from the tests, but upon visual inspection, noted that the water pump would need replacing in the very near future. So we replaced the water pump, hoping that this would fix the problem. It did not. By this time, we had made a payment on the truck and talked to the company several times to try and see what they could do in regards to getting whatever was wrong fixed, since we were still in the 30 day period after buying the truck. Finally after 3 conversations with my husband and one with me, they agreed to fix the truck at their expense, since we had driven it three times since purchasing the truck. Their mechanic came and picked up the truck on January 3, 2007.

Since then, we have been constantly put off by the mechanic, who will tell us that the truck will be ready on a certain day, only on that day, he will call and tell us something else has gone wrong with the engine. At first it was the head gaskets, then the heads, then the intake, then the manifold, then a crack in the block. He told us that he has replaced the motor twice now with rebuilt motors, only to find that there are problems with these motors. Everytime we would go by to check on the truck, no one would be there, and the 'Closed' sign would be up over the gates.

Today (February 9, 2007) my husband went up there, He asked to see the motor that the mechanic had put in. Upon inspection of the motor, it is the same motor that was originally in the truck! It had not been taken out or replaced like we were told. When we talked to the company that we bought the truck from they did not even know that the mechanic still had the truck!

We are still waiting to get the truck back and hope to resolve this without legal action. I just wanted to let other people know in our town how shady this company can be.