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Copeland Marketing CorporationTook fee to rent our timeshare and is unable to contact them!

In March of 06 Copeland Marketing agent Carol Fitzwatwater Contacted us about our time share we have in Orlando for rent . we were not using it at that time and she and her company went in contract with us andPROMISE THAT THEY WOULD BE ABLE TO RENT IT FOR US YEARLY OR WHEN WE NOT USING IT. They charged us a fee of $899.00 a one time fee . The last time I call the office some one told me they have some looking for November of this year 2007 and they will contact us as soon as the business is settled. I called last week and all phones are disconnected. I would an investigation in this matter.

Joan Liggon.

  • Ki
    Kimberly Lade May 05, 2007

    I have been trying to find out information on the selling of my time share. I have not been able to contact them at all. I paid $599 back in sep 2005.

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  • Jo
    Joe Stolz Jun 18, 2007

    (866) 458-3874 or (386) 523-3900 . They will answer as world wide vacation marketing but are the same. come to the yahoo users group for Copeland for more information that connects these two together.

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  • Be
    Bernice Henry Jul 30, 2007

    This company is also know as Elite. The company promise to sell our time share in 90 days or rent it out in two week's for 2,500. Cant reach the the person who contacted me whom we gave our money too. His name is Alex Wasco my brother and I Mr Melvin Emmitt paid him a sum or $899.00. Everytime we call whoever answers says it's a bad time or things are moving slow, or give then a couple of more weeks. It will be a year this coming September 6, 2007. There is always some sob story, why it is not selling!!!


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  • Co
    CONNIE WIDEMAN Oct 03, 2007


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  • Ed
    Eddy Umberger Nov 12, 2007

    I have filed a complaint with Florida Agriculture and Attorney General but I have run out of options.Does anyone have a number for Copeland Marketing? They may be out of business now. If they are still in business I may have a chance to get my money back.


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  • Te
    Teresia Garrett Dec 21, 2007

    Hello, Contact your Credit Card Co and let them know you were a victim of a Fraud and want your money put back on your CC. You will have to complete some forms, but if they return your money that's a good thing.

    Try it all, we are.

    Good Luck,

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  • Je
    jeannie sterling Feb 19, 2008

    i also am a customer of copeland mkt. and i told my credit card company immediately that i couldnt get a hold of them and they did not get my money back it is probably too late but i am going to keep trying.

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Copeland Marketing CorporationLet's put this scammers out of business!

The Attorney General's office is conducting an investigation against Copeland Marketing. If you live outside Florida, call [protected] and they will explain how to file a complaint. Let's recoup our money and put these scammers out of business for good.

  • Valerie Dec 28, 2006

    June 2006, I fell for the scam that Copeland Marketing would sell my time share in as little as six months. At first, I pushed and said I did not want to give them $700 up front. The caller then put their manager on and he proceed to con me in to signing. He said that as a special incentive and as his personal guarantee he would offer, if it is not sold in 180 days he would give me a $2000 vacation package.

    Well, guess what... time is up and I don't have the vacation package nor is my timeshare sold. I have placed several calls, left messages, and even emailed without any response back.

    I actually got a hold of someone today and they answered the phone Elite Vacations. I asked when did the name change. She responded who are you trying to reach. I said Copeland, she said this is Copeland and asked me if I was an existing client.
    I said yes and immediately she said she would have her manager call me back when she gets in at 10:00am.

    Apparently, no body works before 10:00 at Copeland. Good Marketing power. Gotta love it.

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  • Jo
    Joe Stolz May 06, 2007

    The timeshare marketing practices of Copeland Marketing (aka Elite Vacation Marketing, now Worldwide Vacation Realty or International Travel Corp. in Daytona Beach) were under investigation as of May, 2006 by Florida's Attorney General, Economic Crimes Division. On January 11, 2007 the Florida AG announced a voluntary agreement with Jason and Andrea Lunt, CMC's owners, exposing all of their deceptive marketing practices! Find the details at

    A key whistleblower is a former CMC telemarketer but person of conscience who exercised great courage at personal cost. The groundswell of complaints resulting from Vicky's efforts precipitated this investigation by the AG!

    I contracted with CMC in the fall of '05 to market two timeshares, with zero results, then began to strategize with V. After conversations with other principal parties including legal authorities and Copeland leaders themselves to help drill down to the truth, appropriate "pressure" was applied and they refunded me in August, 2006 - the first to obtain that result, but the hard way! I then agreed with "Vicky" to start this advocacy group. Our members' collective efforts sustain the advocacy effort and information flow.

    Join us now to learn how (and how many) other customers trying to sell or rent their timeshares in the past via Copeland are filing verifiable, documented complaints - and working on getting their money refunded! (Some had their credit cards tapped by CMC, even before signing their so-called "contract!") This group will empower those wishing to discuss situations privately, instead of publicly at places such as [redacted]s. Messages sent require "clearance" from one of our three group moderators, but aren't edited if approved.

    Upon applying give us brief but clear evidence of the AMOUNT of funds involved, WHEN and through WHOM you "contracted" with CMC, and enough detail about your IDENTITY so we know you are "legitimate!"

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  • Je
    Jerry Dayhoff May 07, 2007

    Joe Stolz,

    I fell for the scam in March 2006. The story is about the same, Copeland Marketing said they would sell my time share in as little as six months. They also agreed to market the property for rent.

    I have a copy of the invoice with a contract date of 3/1/06, order #23880, rep.was Rick Berman (he called many times before I signed but I never was able to speak to him after they had my money).

    Amount paid was $700 with credit card ending in 006. Listing price was $15,000 negotiable and the property listed was Bluegreen Mountain Loft in Tenn.

    I read over the document at

    To my understanding I may have an opportunity to recover my $700 if I file before May 31,2007

    Thank you for any help you can give me in recovering my money.

    Thank you again,

    Jerry Dayhoff

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  • Br
    Brenda Lee Rochelle Jun 15, 2007

    They told a credit reporting agency that they foreclosed on our home mortgage. We can't buy a new home now. Bluegreen won't speak to us.

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  • Ed
    Ed Faulkner Jul 15, 2007

    They contacted me about selling my Time share and told me they could do it in six weeks. I paid them a little over 800 dollars and this has been about a year now. They have never contacted me about a possible sale. I have tried to contact them several times and can never get anyone.

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  • Na
    Nancy McCord Nov 11, 2008

    I have filed a report at as well as contacted the FLAG and BBB in October 07. Ours is the same complaint. Copeland offered to rent our timeshare and of course never did. We gave them $439.00. I have written comunications fom them that goes back to April of 06. We have never heard from them.

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