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Consumer ServicesCredit card

I receive several calls from Consumer Services mentioning that if I'd like to consolidate credit card debt to stay on the line that this would be the last time they'll call me to take advantage of this office but they call me every day. Once the call is connected I ask to placed on the do not call list and they hang up on me. How to I report this company? I am registered to the National Do Not Call registry but they appear to be from the middle east based on their accents when they answer the phone. This is an obvious violation of FDCPA but I don't think they care nor do they abide by the US laws. How can I go after Consumer Service and get them to stop?

Consumer ServicesDaily robo calls

I get a call every day from a 345 area code (Cayman Islands?) claiming to be a company called Consumer Services and calling about lowering credit rates. Usually it is my 'final notice' but of course it isn't. It is a recorded message so there is no one to ask to cease and desist. There are many complaints about this so called company - investigate why they are wasting everyone's time.

Consumer ServicesOngoing Harassment

I continue to get unauthorized calls multiple times a week. I have never contacted this company and have no intention of doing busy with them in the future. My phone number has been on the "Do Not Call" list for years and even has a prompt that states to the caller that if this is a telemarketing call that they are to hang up as this number does not accept telemarketing calls. Apparently "Consumer Services" feels they don't need to follow rules or respect consumers wishes...they are allowing their calls to proceed against a consumers request. I have blocked the specific numbers that have called me and continue to call me and a few days later a different number shows up on caller ID from "Consumer Services". Clearly they aren't getting the hint that I have no interest in their company. I am beyond "annoyed" as they have gone way too far...clearly no respect for me or my household!

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    Debby Hobbs Jan 10, 2019
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    Verified customer

    I receive robocalls about working for Retail Ritches many times a day. One day they called me 23 times. Often they call - my phone blocks it, but it goes to voicemail anyway - they hang up and call again. I tried going on suggested website to get my number off the list, but was unsuccessful. All it did was increase the calls.
    The 440-266-4155 number comes up as a landline from Mentor, OH. Jim Heinmiller. Other numbers used are 216-936-6843, 567-203-5063, 440-266-4099. This is only since I began tracking it. It's been going on a long time, so I'm sure there are other numbers.
    I consider this harassment, especially since the calls go after midnight.

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Consumer ServicesSevere harassment

Calling several times a day for over a 6 - 12 month period now. There's never anybody on the line, just a computerized voice that says thank you after about 15, seconds and the phone hangs up on their end. I put them on my caller reject list and i've called the # that they changet it every time and when i call back that number, the computerized voice says "push#1 if you'd like to be placed on a no call list", i push#1 and they call with another phone #. I'm on the federal no call list for home and mobile and you even have to push #1 on my phone to avoid these things from happening, they bypass it somehow. They will not leave me alone and i've never spoken to a human being. I have no idea, who they are, what they want and why there's no reason for their calls other than to drive me crazy. I'm extremely ill and need my rest. I don't sleep well at night so i try and catch up during the day. I have my landline transferred to my cell phone now and have had a lot of problems with my phone and can't help but wonder if perhaps due to these people. It's obviously a scam. Please help stop these people from this disruptive, intrusive and illegal activity. It's happening to many other's as well.

Consumer ServicesBad Bad Bad

On 30 November 2010, we had phoned LG to come and fetch a faulty television to be repaired. On 1 December 2010, they had come to collect. On 7 December 2010, Sandy had been contacted. She said that she was waiting for the go ahead to do the repairs. Nobody has notified us in connection with this, however we did give the go ahead for the repairs. On 20 December 2010, the call centre was contacted. They informed us that they were still waiting for a go ahead. Sandy was then contacted and to end all her excuses she asked in a very sarcastic manner if she herself should go overseas to fetch the necessary part. The manager, David Sparrow was then contacted. He explained that it was all the systems fault. And the person that operates the system was on leave. We asked him to give a date for when the television will be fixed and he said only February 2011. He was then asked to send back the television and he refused. We are not prepared to deal with incompetent people who don’t do their work, neither are we prepared to leave our television there over the festive season. The reference number on the receipt is: RNE101130089512. If it is possible for someone to contact us in connection with this major headache, please do so. +[protected].

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Resolved Consumer ServicesConstant Calls

I currently live in the United States and keep getting a call from Consumer Services out of Canada. I am on the US do not call list and tried to get on the Canadian do not call list but was told that US numbers are not allowed on their list. This allows companies in Canada the ability to call US numbers without penality. This company is very rude and I have requested numerous times to be removed by speaking with them, pressing a number to have my number removed, etc. Please get with anyone needed to get it so that US numbers can be put on a Canadian do not call list or we need to do something to get it so that they can not call into the US.

Consumer ServicesAbusive Call

I received a call from "Consumer Services." I pressed the number to speak to a representative and told him we are on the "Do Not Call" list. He said that they can call whoever they want as much as they want because they are not technically selling anything. I asked for the name of the company, and he told me. Then I asked for the 800 number, and he said, "1-800-kiss my butt" and hung up on me. I consider this abusive and offensive. Do I have any rights here?

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    Kitty Fox Jan 18, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Consumer Services is a SCAM! The man on the phone became frustrated with me when I would not give him my card expiration date. When I told him that I do not provide the information that he was requesting over the phone he told me to "keep paying higher rates, get off the phone and stop wasting his time."

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Consumer Services — Unsolicited telephone calls several times a week

For over a year this "company calls" and says this is my last chance to take advantage of. . . (I can't...