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Complete Garciniaunauthorised credit card debits

Good Morning,
I responded to a Facebook ad early August for a free trial of Complete Garcinia weight loss tablets. I paid for the postage and packaging only. I received the tablets approximately 1 month later. A few days later there was another charge for $NZ 156, then 3 weeks later another bottle of tablets arrived. I have seen another charge on my credit card for the same amount, so presume I will receive another bottle of tablets in due course.
I did not sign up for this. There was no packaging slip with either of the orders received so far, so I can't see where I have a customer number or account. This is the only contact address that I can find.
Once this 3rd bottle of tablets arrives, I will package up the un-opened 2nd order with the 3rd and will send them back to Fulfillment House for a full refund. I have also instructed my bank not to allow any more debits from your company in future.

Yours Sincerely,
Sue Colley

41 Scotland St,
Mall borough 7220,
New Zealand.

  • So
    Sonja Egli Jan 04, 2019

    Same for me. I want to stopp. Whats do do?

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  • La
    Laraine Wiles Jan 19, 2019

    I have noticed a transaction on my credit card for €90.46 for tablets which I didn’t order. How can I get my money back and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

    Laraine Wiles

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Complete Garciniaunauthorized credit card charges

Deborah Hood - Australia supposedly Order Number [protected] from PO Box 1229 Salt Lake City UT 84110 .
12/10/2017 this product has arrived no invoice and no way of contacting them except this site - ordered a free trial with no authorization to continue and now keep receiving this product at great expense have tried to stop payments on my credit card twice now with no joy .I want this to stop coming and also receive a refund now for three bottles which I have never wanted and have my credit card details erased from this company.
Will never order or trust any of these sites again.
I am unable to send emails to the company providing this product as they are giving no contact details except this website.
I hope you can help me with this matter, have given you all the details I have

Complete Garciniacomplete garcina

I Order a sample of complete Garcinia, as soon as i recevied I went on line and cancel my orders.

Since then I my credit card has been debit €103.95 and €99, and yet received no products for the payments

27/08 €4.95 for a sample i received. On Visa GRSERUMCSHELP.Com
09/09 €99 have not received anything yet on visa GRSERUNCSHELP.COM
27/09 €103.95 on visa I have not received anything yet.

I would like confirmation that my account is cancel and I would like a refund for €99 and €103.95

  • An
    Ann O'Shaughnessy May 29, 2018

    I too purchased a sample for the amount of €4.95 postage, once they had my credit card details they went on to take two more payments out of my credit card on the 21st April 2018 of €103.95 & also on the 7th of May 2018. I think this is a disgrace & and an aful con. I would like them to put it back on my credit card.
    I would like a refund put back on my credit card the two payments of €103.95.
    Ann O'Shaughnessy

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  • El
    Elsa 34 Jul 09, 2018

    @Ann O'Shaughnessy Did u receved ur money??

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  • El
    Elsa 34 Jul 09, 2018

    Heyyyyyyy put bak my money to bank what the fuck is this i gaibe all this information to police i didnt order anything and i didnt receved any thing .
    Munir ahmad khesraw

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  • El
    Elsa 34 Jul 09, 2018

    Put back 103.95€

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Complete Garciniacomplete garcinia

Purchased CG on the 17 AUG 17, was charged for the postage, recevied item.
Have since recvied second bottle (wasnt ordered) and charged full amount on my credit card.
Please cancel any further orders, I DON NOT want any more products.
Please provide correct return address as I wish to return the second bottle and get a refund.
There are two address, one on the bottle and one on the post bag, they dont match.
Please get in touch with me to clear this up.
Cheers Jo

Hamilton New Zealand

Complete Garciniafood supplement

I applied for a trial bottle of this supplement with no obligation to purchase and Ive now been charged $131.00 to my account. I would like this amount to be refunded immediately. I have been having trouble locating your e-mail address. If this is how you conduct your business I'm not impressed. Please remove me from your billing cycle. Susanne Thomas. Order id [protected].

Complete Garciniaunauthorised charges

I purchased a bottle of Complete Garcina on Aug 15, this purchase was without obligation, I did not sign anything or agree to any further purchases.
On Aug 28, an unauthorised charge of Euro 99.00 was made to my account.
I did not order any further items nor have I received any.

This is either a scam or very sharp practice. There should be some means of preventing this sort of think happening.

I would like my money back and no further charges made to my account
Antoinette Rickard

  • Va
    Vanda Weatherstone Nov 04, 2018

    order ID 505377859 12 April 2017
    Sent from Fufilment House PO Box 2810
    If undeliverable return to ASENDIA SIN
    This product is costing me money I can not afford. They are charging me $51.75 each time .
    Please stop sending this to me I do not want any more.

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