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Clear Choice USAWindow warranty

I contracted with Clear Choice USA to have 18 windows replaced in my house. I was impressed with the installation and they had a "great" warranty...Lifetime! One of the windows springs broke so I called the local office...Closed! Called another in St Augustine...No response. Tried corporate headquarters in Marietta GA, no luck by phone and no luck via email. so much for their "lifetime" warranty, I didn't realize it was their life it was based on.

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    RoadiJeff Apr 21, 2013

    I have had a similar experience with Clear Choice in St. Louis. I had 27 windows replaced about 3 years ago. I am having trouble with 3 of them and I have tried contacting the local Clear Choice office that is listed on the Clear Choice headquarters website. The local office is no longer in business. I have sent emails to the company headquarters. No reply in over a month. I have contacted the BBB where the Clear Choice headquarters is located and filed a complaint. The BBB sent a copy of my complaint to Clear Choice twice now and no response from the company in over 3 weeks. A lifetime warranty is worthless if the company will not respond to a customer after they have your money, which is obviously what Clear Choice is doing. My next step will involve legal action.

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Resolved Clear Choice USAUnprofessional work

I contracted with this company owned by Frank Venezia to install energy-saver windows. He came out on9-12-07 to measure for the windows. About three weeks later, the installers came out with the windows for installation, and, encountered problems immediately. Mr. VENEZIA had under-measured all of the windows-12 total. He informed his installers to do the job any way. They left and came back with lots of lumber which they put around the windows to make them fit, without asking me if it would be okay. I called Mr. VENEZIA several times, asking him to come out so I could show him why I was not satisfied, but he never would come. HE sent his workers back to cap and caulk some of the windows. The boards are still visible on the outside of the other windows. Iwould not advise ANYONE to contract with Mr. FRANK VENEZIA, of CLEAR CHOICE USA, FOR REPLACEMENT WINDOWS, he is very inconsiderate after he makes his SALE.

  • Jo
    johndg Feb 22, 2010

    I have gone thru a nightmare with the Winston Salem, NC division of Clear Choice which was a company store that they have apparently now closed leaving us stranded for service. My nightmare started with missed appointments and ended up with all the glass doors that were installed being damaged with scratches or fogged glass.
    The nightmare continued with arguments over getting these doors replaced and then again missed appointments till they were replaced. The day of what I thought was the end of this, one door panel delivered was wrong, they did not deliver my screen for the patio door and the first time I unlocked one of the doors the lock broke. Now no one from the corporate headquarters in Georgia is answering my phone calls or emails and I have filed complaints with the BBB. I cannot tell you how many times I have emailed or called them at this point with no response and personally I will not use them or recommend them to anyone.

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