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Be careful when deciding whether or not to use CityGrid Media!!! Their sales rep pushed very hard to sell me a bill of goods (Which I have since found out was absolutely false), and then would not return any of my calls. After various attempts to reach out to my account rep, and customer service; I was informed today that they have not had any account reps for almost 6 months!!! No contact was made by anyone in the company to inform me of this major change, and they have been billing us for nearly 6 months with ZERO ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT.

When I called customer service to address this issue, I was hung up on by two different reps and told that I was simply out of luck. There was nothing they would do to correct the situation. They were very happy taking my advertising dollars and literally doing nothing for it.

The entire experience would be too long to list here, but if you'd like to hear more, feel free to contact Sinful Customs @ [protected]. Just want to prevent anyone from making the same mistake we did in deciding to use this company for ads & promotion!!!

CityGrid MediaUnlawful charge on credit card

CityGrid Media charged my credit card without my knowledge. They charge you by how many clicks your site receives. I have access to see how may views my website gets and the charges exceed that. This is a total scam and cannot prove the views to me on their end. What kind of business is this? I'm contacting the Attorney General and Better Business Bureau.

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    I want justice! May 30, 2011

    I am being harassed by CityGrid Media due to cancellation of (SCAM)service. I also contacted my credit card company due to fraudulent charges. My credit card company contacted them about the fraudulent charges and I have received letters from them stating that CityGrid Media are not responding on their part. Meanwhile, I'm receiving harassing emails wanting payment! I'm contacting the Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau. This is a nightmare! I did receive an email about a class action lawsuit against CityGrid Media. I haven't responded.

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    AZappia Jun 03, 2011

    I bet these are the same cutomers that didn't take the welcome call to optimize the page and have no idea what they bought. Additionally an email was swent to the email you put on file for contact stating the your bill was ready to be viewed. This company has been in the internet business longer than google and wouldn't have lasted as long as it has if was a "scam". Oh well can't please everyone I guess.

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    I want justice! Jun 04, 2011

    Interesting to hear that you as a "so called business" would even have a rebuttal such as this. Why can't you provide how many clicks a website receives? Y

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    Mskat Mar 01, 2012

    All you have to do is google them and pages of complaints about them come up. Reputable businesses don't have this many complaints. I too, was ripped off by them. Signed up for a basic listing at $19.95 and was charged $318.00 one month later. For one picture and an address - give me a break! I will make sure this company is shut down. Shame on CityGrid for praying on small business owners!

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    watchdog57 Nov 23, 2012

    I am chiming in concert with most other posts on this site...CityGrid (aka CitySearch) is absolutely dishonest and deceptive in its business practices. I strongly discourage businesses, especially new start-ups, from engaging in business with this despicable company. As a new business owner, I was drawn-in by CityGrid's very convincing pitch to provide a higher level of online visibility for my business at a reasonable rate. Well, CityGrid's pitch was misleading and in some instances what it promised was a straight-out lie. A CityGrid account manager told me that after paying $500 for my initial campaign, I could lower my monthly expenditure for follow-on campaigns to whatever amount I chose. I attempted to do just that after four months of no visible advantage by using CityGrid. At that time, the same account manager told me, that I could not place my monthly expenditure below $299. To add insult to injury, over the past six months since I've started using CityGrid, there was only one customer that stated he was patronizing my business because he say it on CitySearch (we query all new customers on how they heard about us). I find this to be, not only odd, but extremely disturbing considering CityGrid's claim that I was receiving well over 500 clicks a month and exhausting my $500 budget. Everyone should read the "exemployee" post on this site, it is absolutely accurate. I would monitor my account and see very little activity for most of the month, then it would spike near the end of the month. I also had to contact CityGrid several times regarding posting of the wrong business phone number on the website. In closing, I will sum up my experience with CityGrid by stating an old, but very fitting, adage “BUYER BEWARE!” For the amount of money wasted on doing business with this SCAM (you could interchange the "A" with "U" and be just as accurate) company, you would be better served by launching an advertising campaign with a reputable/popular local radio station; which is exactly what I am going to do.

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    Ingon Woody Dec 12, 2012

    They were so bad. They did the same thing to me. They charged me for $900. And I never ever got any phone call from that website.

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