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Cheapostaycancellation fees

$25 cancellation fee when you use the option that allows cancellation. Your credit card is charged immediately but refund may take up to 12 weeks. What a bogus operation. Took 15 minutes on the phone to cancel and be put through the nth degree by some person who I could hardly understand. Will never use this service again.


I should have known better. I "found" a room in a city where every hotel room was already booked due to a large event. My credit card was immediately charged, only to receive an e-mail that my reservation was UNCONFIRMED. I tried calling the customer service number at cheapostay several times, only to get a busy signal or simply cut off. When I finally did get a rep on the phone, I was again cut off. Upon reaching another rep, I was told, that they were TRYING to get me a refund on my credit card and I should get it within 48 hours. Hello????? I never even had a confirmation requiring a cancellation. This is the single WORST company I have ever dealt with. I am kicking myself for being so stupid. Who knows if I'll ever see that credit, and it was no small amount. This is absolutely being reported the the Attorney General.

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    catlady2 Sep 04, 2011

    Sounds like the name is sort of indicative of the company... you unfortunately only find that out in hindsight, but 'Cheapostay', come on!!!??:-( Give me a break!:->

    I'm sorry I don't mean to sound unsympathetic because I really am, I've been in the same position in the past. But as a result of that experience I'm very leery of dealing with any company online or just in general without checking then out. But it sure sucks to have to find out the hard way and especially if you're working within a limited time frame such as with travel plans, etc.

    I just almost had to laugh when I saw the name of the company, Cheapostay, it just strikes me as something I would have a really hard time taking seriously much less trusting them with my credit card info...:_<
    As the old saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure", and that holds true now more than ever, unfortunately.

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    susanbeth Oct 27, 2011

    Hey - I'm a "cheap-o" myself and I had much the same awful experience. And their customer service is the WORST I've experienced. BUT - you should be able to settle up through your credit card company. I've had AMEX for a looooong time and the very few times I've had an issue, they reversed the charge nd went after the vendor themselves. I'm just getting ready to do that...

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  • Dr
    DRua Aug 06, 2012

    I had to cancel my reservation 54 days in advance and I was charged a $25 cancellation fee as well as a $37.50 service fee. Essentially, I was charged $58 for a hotel I never stayed at ????

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