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Castaway PoolsCHEATED, LIED and POOR WORK!

WOW! This isn't a surprise, the only thing is I am so happy I am not the only one that was screwed my JOHN, aka ( Mr. Full of Excuses.) I swear everytime I called this guy on his cell, one I was lucky if he picked up, his mailbox was always full and I was unable to leave messages probably r/t all the other 40 other compliants leaving messages.
So my story begins when my husband came up with the Awesome idea to have pool, I was against it. However in marriage you compromise. He saw John's advertisement one day on rt 301. He called and John came out and did his sales pitch in which I was impressed, since we previously met with others. We trusted this guy on my first impression. He seemed like a trust worthy family type guy. Boy! was I mistaken. First we placed our order back in March 2008. He told us he can have the pool in and working in one weekend. April came no pool, May came no pool again, and then June came. After several calls to JOhn and his father John SR and several excuses made on why the pool was not deleivered, it has been 2 months and we gave a check and everything! John Sr, was so RUDE to me, as a woman calling a buisness man, he used the F-word and several other irrgnorant words towards me, told me that "My husband should be man enough to tell me what is going on." Thats when I lost it!! See, my husband and I were both contacting the company and wanting answers. They gave this excuse, stating that the pools were made in Indiana, and there has been severe storms there delaying transportation of the pools to NJ. Finally the end of June, work began on the home. the pool was deleivered and we gave the remaining amt to John, however the pool was not in the ground when we gave him the remaining amt. owed. My husband and I started to have seconds thoughts on the other references he used for electric, concrete, etc so we found our own contractors to do that part of the work. John came late every day to the house to start the work, and he ended around 7pm. He also had some Big-wig guy from Indiana, come and help place the pool. Things delveloped even more when I overheard some of the conversations John and this Chris guy were having. My husband and I were given a "bigger pool" than we asked for, rather than the orginal size ordered because John told me that the pool company in Indiana, made us the wrong size and they were giving us the pool for the same $. Just a white lie John told, in fact the pool sitting in my yard right now was the pool of a previous person however the finiancing fell through according to Chris. Just small whites lies that slowly built up. Finally the 3rd day came and the pool was in the ground. During the work, we told John several times about our irrigation system in the ground, but his guys working seemed not to pay attention to the work plans and broke the line, now I am stuck paying a total $1400 dollar water bill because everytime we turn on the sprinkler system we found out recently there is damage in other places. The pool was in ground and days and even a week went by and no one showed up to complete the work. The gravel was in mounds around the pool, large dirt piles built up. Contaractors that John used in the local area for their equipment and truck to carry away dirt were comign to the home, saying John had not paid them and wanted contact info for him. Finally after several calls and FINALLY a return call with, guess what... an excuse on why they didnt came back, oh it was the weather, well we live in Maryland, not NJ! weather is a little different. The work was half-### compelted, now we need the concrete and the fence placed in which JOhn gave us his concrete guy he uses. this man did do an AWESOME JOB! So then we called John, we have been calling him since July to place this fence in and it was in the contract to be done. Along with other things that were not delivered in the Contract: list as follows, as to what John owes us:
Winter pool cover, reimbursement of starter chemicals, ladder and fence.
My husband and I went on vacation just recently, to find that the States Attorney's office contacted my parents. We didnt know what was going on. So My Husband contacted him back, and there was the writing on the wall. JOHN WAS AN ###! We knew he wasnt going to call back our 100 phone calls placed between his cell and the office wanting the fence placed that was in the contract and provide us with the remaining equipment that was needed. In a nut shell he basically took money from us. Now we have pay againn for a pool cover and a fence. He never showed us how to operate the pool, how to clean the pool...NOTHING! thanks to Aqua-Sun in our town they helped us and provided us with guidance. So now we have decided to come on board with the many 40 other complaints and file against this no good man and his buisness. Terrible service, they lie, cheat, never return your calls. I am so Happy!! that he is finally caught! I hope he loses this buisness and he is unable to open up any other buisness out there in the US. I cant wait to see his face in court once the determine factor/punishment should be for him and his partners!!! At this time, we still have no fence, since we only took out a loan in the amt that John told us everything was going to cost. Now we have to suffer the consequences. We are currently looking for some reasonable fences, however our HOA only regulates black split rail. Any suggestions on companies out there, please WB.

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    Ritu Sep 11, 2008

    We signed the contart with John from Castaway pool to have our pool build 2 yrs and made the deposit of $13000. Till today nothing has been done. We made numerous calls to the owner. We got $7000 back but he still owes us $6000...Now their phone # is not working either...

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    GregW Oct 26, 2008

    AMHALL01 - email me off the board.

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Castaway PoolsDo not finish work /don't return calls!

John JR is a used car sales man... he made promises to us and has yet to follow threw. We have a pool in our yard now with no concrete, it is leaking, pump is leaking, tanning shelf and spa are tilted. Pool is wrong color, we were promised up and running by June 22nd still to date not usable. He thinks of excuse after excuse... does not ever return phone calls, I have left msgs for John at office, on his cell phone, with Midge, with Bernie, with Willy from Kalai Excavating (who is partners in the business) etc etc etc and to no avail...

They have our money that we saved up to have this put in for kids... how do they sleep at night... I feel sorry for them @@@@!!!

  • We had the same problem with castaway pools they put the pool in and never came back to finish the job. Check out my complaint board under the category pool and bath, there are more people with the same problems. Don't waste your time going to any of their stores to complain, it is a waste of your time. They will hide and lie more. It is funny that kara asked "how do they sleep at night", because today I called john's cell phone and of course it went right to voice mail. I asked him how he sleeps at night. I was surprised that he called back around 10 am but my ringer was off. I tried to call back but it went right to voice mail again. I guess it was the start of another day of hiding, lining and putting in pools that will not get finished. JOHN if you are reading this you told me that you taught just about everybody in the south jersey area how to put fiberglass pools in and that you are the best. John you are the worst contractor I have ever worked with, I have worked in construction for 18 years and I have never saw an act like yours. The day that you installed my pool you told me that your past customers call you to thank you and you could stop by their house anytime and have a beer with them, please stop by john, or are you too scared? By the way bring your dad too. He and i have some issuses to discuss as well. Tell him I am the ungrateful customer, he will remember me. DENNY you are another lier for john, go home to west virgina we do not need you in our state or can't you go home? MIDGE you are a terrible minority owner you are a disgrace to other women trying to be good company owners, go back to nursing or are you not a good nurse either? WILLE when I met you, I thought you were stupid you are, you may have screwed me but carma will come back to you. Anyway good luck in bankruptcy I will look for your new company name next year. Here are some new company names I will give you RUNAWAY POOLS, PINOCHIO POOLS or how about HIDEAWAY POOLS.

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  • Do
    Donna Aug 12, 2008

    I just have a question: Is Castaway Pools the same comapany as Water World Pools?

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    AMHALL01 Sep 30, 2008

    I am totally in agree with everything you say, he ALWAYS had an EXCUSE. I am nurse and if I came up with excuses like that to patients, my boss or doctors I would be fired! My husband and I just recently saw all this posted in the paper. we live in MD and had no idea that all this was going on. I pray that you get back a FULL refund and I also pray that we get compensated for his work also. We have no fence, no pool cover, no ladder we had to pay for all the start up chemicals in which John promised us and is in the contract. We are hopign that County does come by and see us w/o a fence and we get fine, we gave John our money and like u said to no avail...

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