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Card ServicesPhone calls promising to lower interest rate

Answered a call from a company called "card services" offering to lower my credit card rate with a one time fee of $996. Spoke to Bill Baker and Ashley at [protected]. Was told to give them my last 4 numbers on my check act routing number. Was told if I didn't agree to do this that they would call bank of america and then the fee would be charged to my credit card and I would be sent to collections. I was then transferred to Rose Gray at [protected] x-612. She put me three way on the phone with another female who answered the phone as being from Bank of America. When I asked the person supposedly from B of A why they were using a third party service to revue my act. she hung up. I told them I was going to call B of A and ask if I wan under revue. He became angry and said, "How do you think we got all your information"? I said I don't know, and asked how did you. I hung up and they have kept calling me leaving threatening messages saying I will be reported to collections. I would like to add that these people had American names but were from East India. This happened on 3/21/2016 at 8:55 a.m. from Dale City, VA [protected]. Another one from Collins Creek, SC [protected].

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    Nichole Booton Apr 18, 2016
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    Did you find anything out? We just got the same call and situation!!

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    Beau Richardson May 11, 2016
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    This exact same thing is happening to me. The person I spoke with is named "Sami Richards" his direct number is 1-855-563-4431 ext: 611. They were telling me it was a 1 time fee of like $14XX and said they had all my information. They 3 way called bank of America and continued to be shut down for trying to lower my rate. Eventually we got transfered to the head of bank of America and she asked him who he worked for what was his company name and he lie claiming to be my "personal assistant " she then tried to ask me a direct question (he was talking to her the whole time on "my behalf") and he cut her off and hung up on her. This place is a scam. Has to be. He kept telling me he was going to say things to the bank that weren't true to try to get them to lower my rates. I keep getting phone calls all day long.

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    Saletta Coleman May 18, 2016
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    This is happening to me RIGHT NOW1 I have been on a call for the last 2+ hours with someone promising to LOWER my rates down to 6.9% and at the ONE TIME cost $894. I can't believe I fell for this. After several disconnects, hard pressing them for answers ...I started searching for reviews like these above. DON'T GIVE ANYONE you don't deal with this kind of information. Stupid, stupid of me to go through this process. If it seems too good to be know the saying. They got me by promising to send it all in writing at the end of the card. I got alerted to the BS when he said there would be a "soft pull" of my credit and then I got an ALERT from transunion that my credit report had been pulled by this company. Hang up and BLOCK them right away!!!

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I just re-registered @ prior to this complaint.
I did so because you have to renew annually!!! I think it should stay in place until you ask to be removed...INSTEAD!

I digress...Card services is a scam looking for info...and they have auto dialing from pa. and Florida...etc...

I've been on donotcall registry for a while.
The two numbers that jump out from my optimum account are :

[protected] & [protected]

I get half a dozen calls or more a day.

Shut them down...or at least fine the Hell out of them!!!

THAT they understand.!


Card ServicesExcessive phone calls

This company has called repeatedly from this number - [protected] - over the past year with a recorded message about reducing our credit card interest. We pay no interest since we pay up our bill every month. About 2 weeks ago I waited out the very long message and got to talk to a real human rep. When I told him I wasn't interested he hung up on me. I had no opportunity to ask to be removed from their phone list. The calls from the same number have continued, the last one at 9:55 AM on September 19, 2009.
I want these calls stopped completely!
Thank you for your time.

Card ServicesHarasing Phone Calls

I continue to receive phone calls at my job which is a Federal Company. I've told them numerous times not to call my number again because it is a business number. Today when they called again, I repeated the request and told them if they called again I would file a legal complaint. The person laughed at me and said "Go ahead and file a legal complaint." My work number is not public so I don't know how they continue to get my number or my boss' number.

There has got to be something that can be done to stop these people.

Card ServicesPhising Company

I recieved a call from a company called DCPS Financial, this company is a phising scam. I work for a Identity theft company, and know when to tell if it is a legit company or not! I called the company back to investigate, and they were very short, when asked questions, switched stories numerous times, please be aware of this company, and do not give them any information. They will ask for your credit card numbers and say they are going to get you a lower interest rate. There is no need to ever provide your information to a company, if they say they are a company who works with your financial institution, if that were true, then they should already have your information!!

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    SICKANDTIRED89 Jul 03, 2009

    I have been harassed by these people for months now. 5 times a day on average. After having been hung up on when hitting "1" to talk to a real person, I decided to do some research and found this website. I called the 407-409-7024 number and a woman answered the phone with a "hello" while a child was crying in the background. I have no doubt this number is in a home. I asked if it was dynamic consulting solutions and she said no that it was dynamic services. Whatever...

    I told her that I was getting ridicules amounts of phone calls and had traced it to that number. She then pretended to look it up and told me she didn't see my number on the list, but would look into it further and delete my number. The funny thing was I called anonymously. When I brought this up she hung up on me.


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  • Ch
    Cheryl Wyatt Jul 22, 2009

    I've repeatedly choosen the option #1 to stop recieving calls from them soliciting better c/c rates. They still call at least twice a day! When I use the option to speak to a rep. as soon as I ask to be removed from their list they HANG UP ON ME. Likewise if I ask to speak to a supervisor they also hang up on me!

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  • Do
    Donnie Campbell Aug 07, 2010

    When I sent in my bill with a change of address they did not
    change it I have called them since Aug 2 they say it will come in
    the mail I talked to them and told them I could pay with my bothers
    dept card that I dont have a checking account any more they said
    I would have to do it on line I couldnt get online I asked them to sent
    me a new bill and it mite be late they more unless told me that even
    that thy messed up I still would be charged a late fee

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Card ServicesCard services creeps

This "company" called me today, using an automated calling service that then transferred me to a live agent. Supposedly the call was in regard to my interest rates. I asked them what financial institution they were affiliated with -- I have only one credit card which is with a local bank. They said Visa and Mastercard. It smelled bad, so I asked them for their phone number. They told me it was [protected]. When I called the number back to verify the company name, the number belonged to a porn site.

What foul creeps.

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    Britni May 07, 2008
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    This company is very bad! I investigated this company, and they are fraudulant!!!

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