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Resolved Caralluma ExtremeI never authorized this payment

I recieved 4 bottles of Caralluma Extreme weight loss pills that I never authorized of ever asked for and have been charged for them. I have 2 transactions on 2/27/09 and 3/12/09 for Caralluma and 1 transaction on 2/3/09 for Adipose all in the amount of $34.84 a total of $104.52. I would like a full refund please and the bottles will be returned.

Resolved Caralluma Extremewas charged, but did not purchase


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    Miska1967 Nov 11, 2016
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    Verified customer

    same problem here, only it came through as my account, $92.97, as "Strictly Caralluma" with a phone number. I had never heard of it before today, I called the phone number associated with the charge on my account and spent time with a woman with an India accent who, of course, couldn't find me anywhere in the system, and suggested that it came form one of their competitors. I said if it was from a competitor then WHY is her company phone number attached to the charge on my's NOT a competitor, it's your company. She is going to research it and "call back". We shall see.

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Resolved Caralluma ExtremeUnauthorized charge

I was alerted by my bank about a charge to Caralluma Extreme for $34.84 on my account. I immediately called the bank because I had never heard of this country or product, whatever it is. I looked it up on the internet since when I called their phone number all I got was a busy signal and found many many complaints against them for fraudulent charges. This is another complaint to add to the others.

  • Ma
    madashell Mar 10, 2009

    I started recieving weight loss product in the mail, no packing information, I thought it was an advertising thing, so I never persued. Then the next month another came, so I checked the internet, and found so many complaints about this. The complaints included the fact that peoples credit cards were charged unauthorized. I checked my card, sure enough both months under two different names, Caralluma Extreme and Adipose RX.

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  • Ml
    mlaps2kate Apr 13, 2009

    I received a charge for $34.84 on my MC today. I never ordered from or even heard of this company. I looked up the name on Google and found all of these complaints. Thank you for posting.

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  • La
    Lawrence N Riff Apr 14, 2009

    I received a $34.84 charge on my credit card and did not authorize it. I have filed a complaint with my credit card and expect immediate credit.

    I can be reached at 502-641-8262

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Resolved Caralluma Extremeunauthorized charges

I saw a charge on my bank acct to a debit card I never use from "caralluma extreme." I called the 800# ("Loose Weight Systems") & they told me the diet pills were a cross promotion (in small print) that was from an online purchase on a certain day. I knew I was not online that day and she agreed to credit the acct. She had my address and home number, but could not give me the website visited saying there were several. I started to research and am really mad now!!! What can we do to stop these people? I really want to know! this is rediculous! If they get away with it, there WILL be others.

  • Cu
    curtster777 Mar 05, 2009

    This company has sent us weight loss supplements that we never ordered and has charged our credit card twice (two months) for $34.84. We are not alone, as it seems many others have recorded complaints on this website. I called the 800 number on the bottle and spoke to someone in Provo, UT who said they would reverse the charges on my credit card (fat chance!). Visa is already looking into the disputed charges. I would be curious to know whether anyone has contacted the attorney general for either UT or NV.

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  • Lc
    Lchristina May 23, 2009

    I too was charged for this product and not only never ordered it but never received any product either

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  • Lc
    Lchristina May 23, 2009

    I received a charge on my credit card for Caralluma Extreme. Called the phone number and the recorded message said "Thank you for calling Weight Loss Systems", but couldn't get a live person. I not only never ordered this product, but never received it either. I checked online and found hundreds of complaints against this company for unauthorized credit card charges. The card they charged is a card on which I had suspended activity and I was under agreement with Bank of America not to use the card in order to keep the interest rate I had originally been given. They had tried to raise our rate, even though we had never been late on a payment, but when I called them they said they would put it back to the normal rate as long as I agreed not to use the card. Now that these charges have posted to my account, we are being charged 24% instead of 14%. I called Bank of America and they said I had to call the online merchant. Since it is a weekend, I will have to try again, since there is no one there to speak to now. I have found that the company is located in Nevada and am going to file a complaint with the Nevada Attorney General. I have read some complaints that say that their bank accounts are being charged. That is scary!

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Resolved Caralluma ExtremeUnauthorized Debit Card Charge

I checked my checking account balance and noticed a charge of $34.84 from a company called Caralluma Extreme which I found out has to do with diet pills. I never ordered or authorized this charge. I called the number listed [protected]. The recording stated leave your name and number and the call will be returned. Needless to say, the call has not been returned. Now it seems that the number is not working. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! NOW!!!

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Resolved Caralluma ExtremeFraudulent Credit Card Use

BEWARE!!! This product will come to you in the mail and the company will fraudulently charge your credit card $34.00!!! We had to cancel our major credit card due to this fraud. Before you discard the product and it's packaging, call your credit card company and give them all the information on the bottle and packaging so they can do a thorough investigation. My credit card company did not charge my card because they were informed this was FRAUD. BEWARE!!!

  • Jr
    jrprusak Mar 22, 2009

    4 times for me ($34.84) CARALLUMMA EXTREME or sometimes CARALLUMA EXTREME ...card company has reversed charges every time and fined them $500 to $1000 each time for fraud...but they keep tryng it... are they dumb-### or what

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  • Ch
    Char Mar 23, 2009

    MOST RECENT VICTIM!!! Never even heard of this company. How did they obtain my credit card information? I am in the process of filing a complaint with the BBB, and Consumer Reports. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks.

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  • Dh
    dhendrickson Mar 31, 2009

    I received a charge to my MC account on March 23, 2009 for a product I never ordered or heard of . CARALLUMMA EXTREME. i
    I do not know how they got my card #. I was charged $34.84 plus $1.03 foreign transaction fee. I never received any products from them because I never ordered any. Their 800-518-9164 Tel # is constantly busy.
    The email to loseweightsyste[email protected] is not answered. This is a fraud.

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  • Mi
    mitch Apr 16, 2009

    I was charged for this product 3 times and I never ordered it, I would like my money refunded for the non-purchased item. I don't know how they were able to charge it on my credit card.

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  • Ro
    Robin L Hicks Apr 20, 2009

    I agree with the above comment, the same thing happen to me March 26, 2009.

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  • Je
    jekantner Apr 27, 2009

    I agree with Robin Hicks - same thing happened to me on March 27, 2009. This is quite disconcerning...obtaining cc numbers with no authorization...jek

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  • Ed
    ed shandrew Apr 28, 2009

    We have had several charges for this same product, same phone number and same amount. We were able to get one reversed by calling the 800 5189164 number but only after waiting on line for a very long time. We never ordered this product and are continually getting charges.

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  • Ks
    ksmith Jun 08, 2009

    I agree w/all of the above. The same thing happened to me (didn't order, didn't authorize. never received anything for this charge. never even heard of this so-called company.) I have been able to reach someone on the phone on three different occasions beginning March 27 with the promise that, on all three occasions, the amount would be credited back to my account. As of this date, June 8th, my account has not been credited. I am in the process of working with my banking institution and law enforcement. This is definitely fraud! ksmith

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Resolved Caralluma Extremeunauthorized diet pills and charge

I received authorized diet pills. It didnt come in with any papers, just a bottle of diet pills in a plastic bag. I called my credit card and bank. they are issueing new cards. I called Lose Weight Systems. they said I ordered them. I know I didn't order them, I can't take pills like that with my health. and no one else has access to my credit card. Lose Weight systems charged me on a card that hasn't been used over year. I spoke with a Joseph, saying I ordered it, but he is closing my account and reversing the charges.

Resolved Caralluma ExtremeUnauthorized Credit Card Charges

SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!! I don't know how they got my Discover card number, but they have made two charges of $34.84 to my account. I didn't order this junk. I don't want this junk! I have filed a complaint with Discover, but the card will not decline any further charges made from this fraud, and I have to file a new complaint for each new charge to my account. I am really steamed!!! What else can be done??? Can anyone help???

  • Je
    jennifer May 25, 2009

    i work for a credit card company myself, and i was poking around online tonight, trying to figure out where this charge originates. i work in the disputes dept. many many people call up saying that this is a unauth charge. i am just trying to figure out how this company is getting card numbers!! alot of times, once i start to ask questions, you do find out that people were messing around on their web site, and did put their card # in etc etc. but not in this caralluma case. it just came out of no where! and unfortunately, there is not way to stop them from billing. but do feel reassured, sooner or later, they wil stop, if you dispute the charges. and they merchant does have to pay, and they do get a negative mark against their company. eveuntally visa, am ex. MC, disc wont do business any more.

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Resolved Caralluma Extremeunauthorized charges on my MC

I have received a lose weight product I did not order and do not want. I was charged $34.84 for this on my Mastercard. Today I received a second bottle of pills. I called the [protected] number on my credit card. They do not answer or return calls. I am calling my credit card number to report this is a fraudulent charge. I am also returning the two bottles of unopened pills.

Resolved Caralluma Extremecaralluma extreme

Unauthorized charges in my credit card bill in amount of $34.84 on 1/31/2009 by "ADIPOSE RX [protected] KNA" and in the same amount $34.84 on 2/27/2009 by "Caralluma extreme [protected] KNA". Read a couple of consume complains on line and immediately disputed these two charges and closed the credit card account. Otherwise, they will keep sending me bottles and charging me. Filing a complain in Federal Trade Commission on-line.

  • Ge
    Gene Mar 03, 2009

    I had the same thing occur today, and I looked at my checking account for the past several months and see they also used the name Adipose on a charge. I called the 800 number and talked to a rep. She told me that it was probably a tie in with some other purchase I made online, but I don't know what that could have been. She agreed to refund the money for both tranactions and to stop the account. Time will tell. I'm giving them 10 days.

    The product is a weight loss pill. I did get -1- bottle in the mail in a plastic bag, not invoice and no adverts. I thought it was a free sample, so I tossed it.


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  • Ch
    Cheryl Apr 01, 2009

    Same thing happened to me. I recieved a bottle of 'weight loss' pills in the mail that I did not order. Never even heard of them. I also threw them away. Who knows what they REALLY are. Luckily our credit card company caught the 'Adipose' charge, blocked my card, and refunded me the money.

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Resolved Caralluma Extreme — unauthorized credit card charge

this company sent me a product I did not order and never heard of, and charged my American Express card...